Oh, well. Hello there! We've kept our little bundle of joy alive for 9 months (that shouldn't be an achievement, it should be a norm but I kind of wanted to start this with a joke). It's ridiculous how fast the time seems to fly. This month, we have been walking supported and been curious about why our apartment is filling up with cardboard boxes and where do all our things disappear?

Early next year, I'm going to talk about things such as buying an apartment, renovating the apartment with a baby in that equation, what is it like moving with a baby and how does it feel to be a homeowner. Things like that! Though, now it's time for D's 9-month update and holy crap I cannot believe my sweet little baby has turned into this pre-toddler (yes I'm calling him a pre-toddler as I don't want to jump on the bandwagon with my mum, grandma and mother-in-law who are already calling my baby as a toddler).

D talks a lot. I mean, a lot. We've already tried to reduce using the dummy but it's hard when you tell about it to your husband a million times and still, he put's dummy in that baby's mouth whenever he starts to moan about something. We're getting there, but D isn't using a dummy unless he's taking his nap, going to bed in the evening (sometimes he falls asleep even without it!) and whenever he has climbed up to somewhere he doesn't know how to come down and ends up falling to his face. So it's a comfort dummy, not all-time-dummy. Which is good and I intend to keep it that way because I don't want him to go to preschool a dummy in his mouth. But yeah, we're not at the point where we could lose it completely but we're at a point where we can reduce using it. He surely is not ready to give it up yet and I don't want to take it away from him. For F's sake, he's a baby.

Back to the chatting. His baby language has evolved so so much! Before we were able to tell "Joo" (=yeah, yes) and "älä" (=dont), when he was screaming. And now, there begin to be words like "kukkuu" (=peek-a-boo) and "vauva" (=baby). Not mummy yet haha! Otherwise, I can hear him using multiple letter combos whilst chatting in his own baby language and it's so much fun. Gosh, whenever he's full-speed crawling to the guinea pig cage, I tell him "ei" (=no), and he replies with a laugh, "ei" and keeps going. It's like a fun game he likes to play.

In D's 8-month-update I told you guys how he's started to stand up against things and kind of walks from the other side of the sofa to another and same with the TV-stand. Yeah well, my mum bought this buggy for him that he can push around and he's been walking supported ever since. We have to be careful that he won't start to step on his toes when he walks around but so far, he's full feet on the ground. This must be the biggest development from the last month.

And the cutest development of them all... D learned to wave! How cute is that?

Otherwise, he's been that lovely little charmer. I mean, we have tough days too. It's not like we don't have them. If days feel tough it's more about me than the baby. Baby sleeps through the night or wakes up once, I'm the one who can't sleep for some reason. Usually, it's me who's having a tough day for personal reasons but sometimes it's the baby who's having a tough day. Usually, it's me.

Can't wait to see what this month brings!
By the way, in case you didn't get it - we're moving to our very own bought apartment so things might get a bit quiet here but I'm trying to make sure to have some kind of consistency here for the rest of the year. So I won't be turning this blog off for the rest of the month, I might not get all the posts up that I've planned - that's all. 



  1. OMG....how time flies very quick. Happy 9 month baby Dino, so happy to hear that he has so much evolved. I'm sure very cute to hear when he can scream with some words. Great to hear that you'll be moving in to a new own apartment. Good luck with the moving babe.

    Kintan XO,

  2. He is a big boy now, and can not wait to see photos of interior design from your new place. Have a lovely day!


    1. He is, oh my goodness! Why do they grow up so fast?

  3. Time flies and he is a big cute boy now! Love this photo!

  4. So adorable that he is starting to talk!! Can't wait to see what he is like at his first Christmas!


    1. Can't believe Christmas is less than month away!

  5. sounds very exciting! and love your instagram account - very cute!


  6. What a cutie! 9 months is such a fun age!

  7. Tällaset päivitys/kehitys postaukset on ihania <3


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