So, if I was telling you in the 7-month update, how I felt it was the month the most of the things happened I was wrong. Which most of you probably already knew based on their experiences as a mum. Though, this is all so new to me.

Damn this time has flown fast by. Thank goodness I write these blog posts because I wouldn't be able to tell you if and when anything happened when he was two months old. I couldn't remember. This month D has learned to crawl on all his fours, he stands up against things and he talks a lot. I mean, so freaking much. Not words, that freaking baby blabla they do.

His seventh month went by learning a handful of new skills. He learned to sit. He started crawling on his stomach, then quickly switched to crawling on all his fours. And oh my, he's going fast. He's going to places, he crawls around the apartment like there wasn't a yesterday.
He stands up against everything. Literally, anything that can be stable enough (not really but in his mind), he tries to stand up against. He's also moving from the other end of the TV-stand to another, so basically that's almost walking supported, isn't it? DUDE, STOP GROWING.

Everyone has started to call him a toddler, but I'm having a hard time accepting him to grow up and be a toddler.  He's a pre-toddler to me.

He is chatting a lot. All the time. The first thing he does he wakes up & the last thing he does when he falls asleep. I always know where he is as he's keeping this "HÄ" noise all the time (hä=what? in English.)

I stopped for a minute to think if I've forgotten something, but I'm pretty sure I've told you everything from his motoric skill development.

Porridge goes down without a problem. We started out tasting a few months ago by purees and it was a freak show. Now, D eats 5 times a day (food, milk 8 times 120ml/bottle).
Porridge in the morning.
Puree for lunch.
Finger food for dinner.
Toast bread or something else bread for a snack.
Porridge in the evening.
This has been working out so well for us and during that lunch, we can give him the meat he needs a day. Also, he's had a minced meat as a finger food but he doesn't get a grab on it that well yet.
I'm glad we're combining, he learnt super quickly finger foods because he already knew how to swallow. Now he can bite and swallow so it's a win-win situation and holy crap his spoon strikes had ended, thanks to this finger food thing.

He still doesn't have any teeth. He keeps rubbing one part of his mouth with his tongue so we've tried to look from there but nah, a tooth has disappeared. Nothing has grown yet. Maybe by the time he's 1-year-old we'll get the first one haha!

Why do they grow up so fast? Can't wait to see what he'll have in storage for the next month! Walking? With this speed, I can put him in the skates and on the ice by Christmas haha!



  1. Awww, yes, I’ve heard that the baby to toddler transition can be hard for mums. I know that even when he is 18, he’ll still be your baby! Heeheee


  2. Awww, what a sweetie. This is a great way to pause time and remember the little things as time passes.

    1. It is, if I didn't write these down somewhere I couldn't remember what happened :D

  3. Lovely post! My niece is 13 months now and shes still not walking! Hoping she will soon.

  4. adorable and gorgeous pictures!


  5. Those pictures are adorable. These blog posts are going to be cherished when he's older! I'm 22 and my brother is 8 years old, I was 13 when he was born. I can't believe he's already 8, the time really flies. Enjoy it :)

    1. AH NOWAY! I'm also 22 and my brother is 8! How cool is this! Time sure does fly.

  6. Happy 8 months Birthday to this little cutie! Oh, yes, babies grow so fast but they are so adorable!

  7. Oh, I love this! So cute and a great way to announce baby's age.


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