As some of you might remember, three months ago I shared some thoughts about losing the baby weight. You can check the post by clicking here and get it back to your mind. I thought that some progress story would be pretty fun to share, so let's go.

My plan was to...
- walk a lot
- eat healthily
- drink plenty of water
- go through a 30-day planking challenge


Yeah, I've been a bit bad at that. I mean, I've been to walks - more like
every other day to be honest. I planned to get out every day but when
you've got no clue if it's going to rain, snow or be a summer outside all
the fun gets out of it (and yes, this is my lame excuse for being fucking
lazy). Anyhow, I managed to walk a little and if I'm going to set any
goals for the future months, I'll be walking more.


I've been eating just as much as crap as I've been before. Pizza, french
fries, basically anything with a bunch of grease in it. But they're so good
and I'm so weak.


This one I've succeeded pretty well. I'm finally drinking water like I used
to do before the baby was born, so YAY me!


I managed to do 15 days, does that count? I forgot the whole challenge
as I've been incredibly busy through these whole three months. It was on
the back of my head this all time but each time when I actually had any
time to concentrate on it, something else came up or it was so late in the
evening that all I was able to think about was falling asleep.

Anyhow, I don't need to lose weight anyway. As you can see, there's no need to. That's my belly 5 months after the baby and I weigh less than I did before I got pregnant and for me, this is basically all about getting a little bit fitter. I'm going to keep continue on this path and trying to achieve the same goals I put myself three months ago. I'll get back to you in the next three months to let you know how I've done.



  1. Loved reading through this, it's great how hoesnt you are!! X

  2. Gurl! Keep slayin keep working hard! Your looking so good at the moment already!! 💜💜

  3. There is nothing wrong with having some pizza or fries, making me hungry now :D! You look amazing for being 5 months after giving birth, as you say you don't need to lose weight but if doing these things make you feel better and fitter then it's worth doing. Good luck on your goals

    The Life of Dee

  4. Great post, you look fantastic after 5 months :) look forward to following your journey x

  5. Looking amazing for having a baby only a couple of months ago!!

  6. But if you weigh less than you did before you got pregnant I don't think you really need to be preoccupied with this losing weight thing. Maybe just to keep in shape if you have a tendency to gain weight easily.

    1. As I wrote up there that "As you can see, I do not need to lose weight, I just want to get fitter."

  7. Congrats on losing your baby weight - you look to have an amazing figure anyway! I might try the planking challenge it sounds fun x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

    1. It's fun, although I have been so bad at it lately :D

  8. I find excuses all the time, trust me bad weather is a great excuse. For instant I ate whole bag of chips yesterday even though I started this week with veggies and fruits. That's life I guess.
    BS, xx | http://www.queenbsdiary.com/

    1. It's an amazing excuse tbh :D It sure is life :-)

  9. wow! You can't even tell you've had a baby! Drinking lots of water always works for me :-)!
    Sarah x

  10. I really commend your dedication to be honest. I think you've done really well. Loosing weight can be hard, especially if you've got responsibilities and distraction. Giving that you now weigh less than you weighed before as you mentioned is a success. Well done.

  11. Loved your honesty.. even if you tried 15 days, that counts as long as you are going to continue to try. Good luck with your resolve!

    1. Hahah don't know if I'm ever going to make it :D

  12. Amazing! I´m happy for you :) It´s all about to feel confident and good in your own body :) Which is something you succeeded in, according to your words :) Keep going girl!


  13. You don't really need to loose weight. Just try to workout a bit and follow a healthy lifestyle whenever you can . Life is to short and we have to enjoy life and food!

    1. Oh my goodness, that's how I wrote up there :-)

  14. I trust you won't do anything you're not comfortable doing...So far, you look good so just keep up the healthy habits


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