I went and ordered something for D last month. Gosh, I love buying stuff for that little man. Especially clothes. He looks so adorable in everything.
I found Fred&Noah through InstagramFred&Noah is a small UK brand that ships internationally, thank goodness for that I mean I wouldn't be able to live if they shipped only in the UK, and is run by a husband and wife. That's absolutely amazing that they work as a team and run this small business. All their clothes are handmade which got some extra points from me and as I've been following them on Instagram for a while I've actually seen how they're made. Or well, of course not the whole process but enough to actually trust that they're handmade with love. Oh and I think this is a perfect moment to mention that this is not a collaborative post in any way, I just want to share this little gem with you guys! So what did I picked up?

milk bottle teether

This was just way too adorable to not to order. I had to get it and well, as convenient it is babies eat milk and they do start teething usually in D's age which by the way, is in full swing in our apartment. Their teethers are made from silicone and it's BPA free and also free from any chemicals. So there shouldn't be anything to destroy the baby haha! That's a huge plus. It's just freaking adorable, isn't it?

Check out the teether: here.

mint panda leggings

I fell in love with this print. I mean, what is more adorable than pandas? If you don't count the penguins then nothing is. They feel super soft and good quality now when I'm touching them and well, D haven't had any complaints either.

Check out these panda leggings: here.

grey bunny leggings

These were just way too adorable not to buy. I don't have anything bad to say about these products that I ordered and I'm super happy that after some research I finally did order something. These won't be the last orders I'm going to make there for sure.

Check out these bunny leggings: here.

Have you ever ordered anything from Fred&Noah? How was your experience? 
Or was this the first time you've ever heard of the brand? 



  1. The milk bottle teether is adorable - have a god daughter who would've loved that when she was smaller! Thanks for smaller xo

  2. This looks so cute! I've heard of his brand before and everything is adorable! The teether is so so cute x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  3. Those panda leggings are so adorable!!

  4. This post has got me broody 🙈
    Sarah x

    1. AH I KNOW! Holy crap I've been broody since D turned 4 months :D


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