Wow, it's time for a new blog team blog post. Time goes by so fast! Or months, however, you want to put it. For you, who don't know what this whole blog team means - it's basically a little group of bloggers who are doing monthly posts about the same topic. This month, our topic is about tips for new bloggers. About what to consider when starting a blog or, you know - the basic stuff. 
If you want to take a closer look at our group, check out the introduction post I did last year. Also, this is the only time of the month when I'm also writing in Finnish. So now when we've got all these blah blah's out of our system, let's roll on to the post!  

// On taas aika uuden blogitiimi postauksen. Herranpieksut aika menee hurjaa vauhtia eteenpäin! Tai kuukaudet, ihan miten sen haluaa mieltää. Te, joilla ei ole harmaintakaan haisua siitä mikä tämä koko blogitiimihomma on - se on käytännössä ryhmä samanhenkisiä bloggaajia, jotka kerran kuukaudessa väsää postauksen samasta aiheesta. Tässä kuussa, meidän aiheena on "vinkkejä uusille bloggaajille", tai aloitteleville, asioita joita huomioida aloittaessaan blogin tai niin, kyllä te tiedätte, sitä peruskamaa. Jos haluat tsekata mimmoisia tyyppejä meillä tässä ryhmässä on, kurkkaa esittelypostaus, jonka tein viime vuonna. Nämä on myös niitä kerran kuukaudessa tapahtuvia ihmeellisyyksiä, kun kirjoitan myös suomeksi postaukseni. Johtuen ihan siitä, että tämä blogitiimi koostuu suomalaisista bloggaajista. Nyt, kun nämä kaikki pälpätykset on saatu pois päivänjärjestyksestä, on aika siirtyä siihen itse asiaan! 


"You've shown me how to live
How to smile, what to say
You've shown me what it's worth
To love someone each and every day"


We went on a date. 
Yes, our baby was three weeks old and we went for a date. 
It was one of the hardest things I've done in my life, to be honest. 
It's surprisingly hard to leave a baby home alone. 
Or well, not alone. With his grandmother. 


It's so fun to look back at these pictures from the day we brought Dino home for the first time. It was so overwhelming and all the emotions I went through that day were well, overwhelming too. It was the day when I finally got into the realisation that this was it, it's our baby and he's going to live with us. 


I can't believe that our little bundle of joy is 1-month-old today. Imagine, we've managed to keep a baby alive for one whole month. Okay, just kidding. Keeping a baby alive is not quantum physics. Just keep him fed, change his diapers, keep him in clean clothes, talk to him and spend time with him when he's awake and when he falls asleep just keep checking on him every five minutes so he won't stop breathing. Wait, what? Okay, sarcasm on that last one is going strong, but with all the things I said before I was serious. We've had such a fun first month!


I'm not able to breastfeed my son and that's okay. 

Breastfeeding, that funny old thing.


Just to let you know, having a baby in Winter is pretty interesting. You'll get that wake-up call a month before your due date and realise that it actually is; Winter. Winter means that it's cold outside. Winter means that there's snow outside and the snow outside means that oh, baby it's cold outside. That's something that didn't cross our minds before at the end of the January, sounds pretty ridiculous now when thinking about it later - but at the end of the January, I started to look for snowsuits for babies. Guess what? There wasn't any. Why? Because Spring collections had arrived and all the small sizes had already sold out or there just wasn't any because yeah, the Spring collections have arrived to everywhere. 

So, I started googling for different options and that's how I came across this adorable Baby's Only Footmuff Maxi-Cosi warm bag for the safety seat. It looks great and it's pretty useful when thinking about it. You know, during the Winter it's absolutely wonderful for car drives and shopping purposes. Just put your baby in the warm bag and you're good to go. There's no need to wrap the baby with seven layers of clothing for a long car ride or little food shopping trip - just put the baby in the bag and if it gets hot in there, open the bag. Gosh, I love that thing, not to mention how easy it is to leave the house quickly when you can put your baby in the bag and head out. 

At this point, I should probably mention that this is not a sponsored post because I feel like I'm starting to sound like I'm selling these. No, I'm just way too excited about how convenient this bag is. It makes life so much easier. 

Above, you'll see how it looks inside. The baby can still be strapped in, even though the bag is there - which obviously is a good thing. Wouldn't want to see a flying baby in a bag in a car accident. (Okay, that joke was a bit lame, I'm just going to leave it there.) 

It's just absolutely wonderful. I'm in love. 


Confirmation party
- Evangelic Lutheran tradition.
When you're 15-year-old and if you're a part of the church, you go to confirmation camp/school and learn stuff like the Ten Commandments (which no one really remembers after the whole thing) and Heavenly Father prayer. If you pass, you get your wine and bread and you're blessed. In a nutshell. It's an Evangelic Lutheran tradition. Believer or not, most of the Finns who are part of that religion go there and learn those things. I went there too, seven years ago. Holy shit that was a long time ago. All I can remember is that the camp had the most delicious bread I've ever eaten. 

We're not crazy religious family. Or well, we're not religious at all. My grandmother goes to church every Christmas and myself and mum are finding excuses not to go there.  That's all our family invests in these things. Then again, we are part of the church just because we are. In real life, we don't give a shit about those things. With all the taxes we pay for the church, we're basically paying our spots at the graveyard. And well, having the wedding at the church because it's kind of cool.

I mean, I heard that my uncle scrolled through his phone at the church and when the people were supposed to get up, he didn't. Or well, at least at that very second. Oh my, we had a good laugh with that. He's so freaking funny dude.

Anyways, we got to spend a weekend over at my mum's place and it was so much fun. Dino had his first long car ride (2,5 hours) and everything went well. I mean, he slept the whole way there and back so it was pretty chill. When we were coming back he had moved in such a weird position on his car seat so I was a bit worried if he's going to survive (what was I thinking, of course, he survived) but we got home safely.

We also got to go to sauna together with J after two weeks not being together alone and that was pretty amazing. I mean, with a baby you're never alone. He's there, all the time. That's nice and all, but it's also great to have some 'alone' time together with the other half.
Oh, and I almost forgot! My mum & grandma looked after Dino through the whole night so we got to get a good night sleep after two weeks. I was a bit worried how Dino will survive and I had a trouble getting sleep but when I saw him in the morning I noticed that I had been on my "nervous mummy" mode through the whole night for no reason.

The party went fine and it was so nice to see all the relatives I don't get to see that often. Although, most talked topics were Dino, sleeping and not getting any sleep, diapers and my pregnancy weight gain and how my belly is completely gone and I don't look like I gave a birth couple of weeks ago.

On Saturday when we arrived, we went to Puuvilla shopping centre and I found that pretty bodysuit with a bow for Dino for the party. He was such a handsome little fella!
And we also took our traditional selfie picture with my little brother, damn - when did he grew up?



I finally got my hands on this shaving soap I wanted to try out for ages! How? Well, J got it for Christmas for me. I'm so happy it was in stock when he was making the order because every time I tried to place it in my shopping basket - it was always out of stock. 

I need to start by saying that I'm not that good at shaving my legs. I mean, I've never owned a proper shaving gel not to mention a shaving soap so I had no expectations when I first tried this out. After few uses, I was sure I had found the perfect shaving soap. Although, I've got nothing else to compare it to, but this is definitely one I'm going to keep in my pampering routine essentials. 

It smells so good. It includes strawberries and its scent is quite strong and I definitely love everything about strawberries. Oh my goodness, Summer is getting closer and closer and that means that strawberries are getting closer and closer. How many times it's appropriate to use the word "closer" in one sentence? 

This one leaves my legs to feel so silky, smooth and moisturised. I absolutely love this. 

Have you ever tried this out? 


I've had this massive need to do little changes around this apartment for these last few months. I don't know if it's because the Spring is just around the corner or is it because I've been on a complete nesting mood during the last weeks of the pregnancy. Also, my hubby has done his part helping me out with my ideas and I'm so thankful for that. Or well, maybe he was afraid that I'd throw a pizza at him if he didn't want to help? Haha, just kidding. 


This tuna salad has been my go-to salad for this past couple of weeks. It's so simple to make & quick. When storage in the fridge, it lasts for at least three days or so, so it has been super wonderful for the days when J is at work and I'm home with the baby and I need to eat something for lunch. 


- tuna, duh
- salad
- sweet pepper
- cucumber


Mix all the ingredients together and enjoy your salad. 
You can also add some tomatoes and boiled eggs with it if you want to, but I'm not going to. I love it just the way it is haha! 

Let me know if you're going to try this out! It's so simple & delicious like I've said a million times. I should get over myself. 


It's time. 
It's time to look back to that faithful weekend when our little baby decided he was ready to come out and quickly dive into this world.


As you might be aware, food is pretty damn expensive. It's also something you need every day, in order to stay alive. Energized. You know, feeling okay. 
I absolutely love food, I do, but sometimes it keeps annoying me with its price. 

I've also noticed, that now when our money is "tight" when I'm living with maternity allowance, we can't go around the food market the way we used to. We can't keep going there every single day & buy things we might want to make our dinner out of and we definitely can't keep making those impulse purchases between the snack shelves. We need to get a grip. 

So, how did we decided (yes, we decided this together), to keep ourselves in order? 


I did an excel, which I'm very proud of by the way (yes, this is what you get when you haven't been at work for a couple of months). In that excel, I planned out what we're going to have for dinner each day. Now, when Dino is not eating real food yet - his daily eats don't need to be calculated in this yet. 
I usually plan our dinners for two weeks and we've decided to stick to the food that's on the list. If there's anything we feel like we would like to have for dinner, we schedule it to the next available week, or swap places with something that has been planned already - but haven't been purchased yet. 

We started doing this from the beginning of January and so far it has been working nicely. 


We did a budget for our monthly eats. We decided we were going to spend 200€ on food per month, which leaves it to 50€/per week. Now, when we have been doing this for a while, we have saved our receipts from the grocery stores and we basically know how much everything costs. 
We also decided that if we don't spend the whole 50€ in one week, we can move the rest of that amount into the piggy bank we have for impulse purchases or use it for the next week if we feel like eating something that's fancier. The third option is to keep that money in the piggy bank and go eat out when there's enough money to do so. 

So if we play around with our money nicely, we can treat ourselves in a pretty damn delicious restaurant. 


This one was a good decision. 
There was this little incident a couple of weeks ago, though, when we ran out of milk. Well, J went to the store and bought some milk. Then in the middle of the cooking, we realised we had run out of aluminium foil too, so J had to go pick some of that too. He came back with baking paper, threw it on the wall and had to go to the store for the third time for that day. It was so hilarious. 

But yeah, cutting down our visits to the grocery store have really paid off with us. There are not so many impulse purchases and we get our weekly foods at once. Also, of course, if there's something we run out of - we can go to store more often than two times a week, but then again - we know what we're looking for and leave the store only with that.  


Well, we never have had a struggle with money, to be honest, and if I'm completely honest here, we still don't struggle with money. It's just the fact that now when there's only one person who goes to work every day and has a decent salary our level in the way of living needs to be you know, a bit lower. All of this to just to make sure that we don't struggle with the money in the future.

We also keep making so many impulse purchases during grocery shopping that it's insane. So yeah, that needs to stop haha! You know when you're off to buying yoghurt and you come out with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots for a snack even though you never planned to eat those in the first place? That's me. I do that. 

Have you ever made a budget & what made you stick to it? 


I honestly can't believe it's March already. Time seems to fly by so fast nowadays. I mean, wasn't it Christmas only a few months ago? 
Days are finally starting to get longer and the sun is finally starting to creep away from where-ever it goes to hiding during Winter. Days are starting to get a little bit warmer and birds are starting to sing. What a wonderful world. 
I decided to put together a bucket list for Spring, just as a warm up for my Summer bucket list. 

During the Spring I'm going to...

... start painting again. It's been way too long. 
... enjoy long walks with Dino. 
... visit at my hometown. It's been way, way too long. 
... update my Spotify playlist. 
... take lots of pictures. 
... eat more fruits. 
... take naps every time I can. 
... bake something. 

What are your plans for this Spring? 


Netflix is such a funny little thing. I've been kind of watching everything that there can be found during my maternity leave. You know, whilst J is at work and before the baby, I really had not that much of things to do at home alone, instead of reading blogs and writing these blog posts. So how did I fill my days? I might've been watching Netflix. A lot. And by a lot, I mean like a lot-lot. 


My co-worker introduced this series to me and oh my goodness, since then - I was obsessed. For starters, Matt Bomer looks hot as hell. He's hot. Even my husband thinks he looks good. And I don't know, maybe I'm just kind of attracted to that whole bad-boy image. But yeah, about the series. I've been loving crime series from... Well, since I can remember and this one really hit me hard whilst I started watching it. It's one of those few series where I don't really have an idea how the episode ends before it ends. I mean, usually I do realise those things in the middle or so, but these guys have done pretty good job with hiding the proper meaning of stuff without ruining the episodes. Love, love & love. Or then again, I might need to watch all the six seasons again if that all was just because of my pregnancy brain. Who knows, I'm loving the series and I highly recommend you to check it out! 


We had the second season of this at the early January in our Netflix and I fell in love with the series once again. I don't really know why, but telenovelas have been really close to my heart since Mì Gorda Bella aired over here a decade ago. So yeah, even though this is not a telenovela in its proper meaning, this is really close to it. So much drama and funny scenes in the middle of the fact that the main character gets pregnant even though she has never had sex. Just hear me out and try this one out! 


I truly hate the fact that there's only one season of this series. It ended up in such a cliffhanger and I can't wait to have more episodes to it. 

Have you watched any of these series? 


He's finally here! 

His highness has made an appearance.

He was born a day before his due date, 26th of February. 
Time: 12:37 pm
Weight: 3680g
Height: 51cm

Everything went well, although the delivery was a bit too quick for the epidural to catch up. Despite the epidural, the whole experience was absolutely wonderful. I'll get back to that later when I've got some time to actually write about it haha! Also, there's a thing or two I'd like to mention about breastfeeding so stay tuned for those. 

Now, I'm going to enjoy these newborn days and smell the baby on each second I've got. 

"You are the love of my life. 
Everything I have and everything I am
will be yours. Forever." 


I absolutely love our living room at the moment. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to get rid of our Ikea Kallax shelf we used as a tv desk and we placed it to a different location. To replace the Kallax we used two pallets which we got from my friend and the whole look is completely different. Kind of hipster, though, haters gonna hate - but I'm absolutely loving it. 

There's a story behind this carpet. 

Once upon a time, we moved to a new apartment. A larger one, so we could have room enough for our growing little family. We used to have the most annoying carpet in our living room, so to make our lives easier, I sold it to my mum. Then we were left with no carpet in our living room. 

As being ones that love everything cosy, we decided to keep our eyes peeled for any carpets that would look appealing to our eyes. Then became the day when we found the one. We decided to go for it, it was expensive - but aren't they all expensive? A carpet in the living room should be something you won't get bored of. Something you don't want to change in a blink of the eye next month. This was it, we knew it was. 

We ordered the carpet just to find out, they had gone out of stock so all we could do was to take our money back and start looking for a new carpet. It started to annoy us, we wanted that carpet. Or well, I wanted - J just agreed that this would look great on our living room floor. 

Then became the day when they got back in stock again. In no time, we ordered one and it arrived just before Christmas. Good things come to those who wait right?

The carpet is from fermLiving.

What do you think of our living room? In my personal opinion, I think we should place something on our walls but for some reason, we haven't had the time to do so haha.



I thought a while if I'd have any blogging goals for March this year. As you know, my due date was on 27th of February and I'm pretty sure that I'll be focusing on something else this month than this blog, to be honest, haha! Although, I've got some content planned for this month so no worries, I'm not going to fall out of the blog world completely.


I bought myself a pair of bunny sneakers designed by Minna Parikka and I've got no regrets. 

First of all, these shoes are bloody expensive so no wonder it took me 3 years to battle whether I want to buy them ever in my tiny little life or not. Second of all, on January, these shoes were on sale over at Asos so I was able to feel how a part of me inside was dying. It took me five hours to make the decision to buy these, from which 3 J used to google "how to convince your wife to buy her dream shoes?" 

As it turned out, google wasn't that helpful because apparently there's not much to convince if you as a husband want to convince your wife to buy her dream shoes. So yeah, that's why the whole buying process lasted over five hours. 

I'm honestly so happy that he got me convinced. 
These are so comfy on feet and holy potato, they're just flippin' adorable. 

After all, I've deserved them. 

How long it took you to buy your dream shoes?