It's time for January's blog team blog post you guys! 
This month, we decided to do a Winter themed tag and there are 11 questions about Winter or you know, Winter related stuff and we're all going to answer them in our own blogs. Winter is the best time of the year (if you ask me) so let's roll on to the questions! 

// On aika tammikuun blogitiimipostauksen! 
Tässä kuussa, päätettiin blogitiimin kanssa tehdä talviteemainen tag-postaus jossa on 11 kysymystä talvesta, tai - talveen liittyvistä asioista. Kaikki omissa pikku blogeissamme vastailtiin näihin kysymyksiin ja jos multa kysytään, talvihan on vuoden parhainta aikaa joten jatketaanpa kohti kysymyksiä.

1. Do you like cold weather? 
// Pidätkö kylmästä? 

- Hate the cold weather, when it gets to -30°C degrees but when there's a bit bearable temperature like -10°C degrees I'm completely fine with it. 
// Inhoan kylmää kun on -30°C astetta pakkasta, mutta kun on vähän siedettävämpi lämpötila kuten esimerkiksi -10°C oon ihan okei sen asian kanssa. 

2. What is your favourite thing about Winter? 
// Lempiasia talvessa? 

- Snow. Snow is the best thing on Earth. 
// Lumi. Lumi on parasta koko maailmassa. 

3. Coffee vs. tea vs. hot chocolate? 
// Kahvi vs. tee vs. kaakao?

- Coffee runs over these all, although, hot chocolate comes as a tough second. 
// Kahvi voittaa kaikki, tosin, kaakao tulee hyvänä kakkosena. 

4. Do you like to spend time outside during Winter? 
// Tykkäätkö ulkoilla talvisin?

- YAS. 

5. What is your favourite piece of clothing during Winter? 
// Lempparivaate talvella? 

- I absolutely love to wear knits. 
// Neuleet. Niitä rakastan. 

6. What is your favourite Winter memory? 
// Paras talvimuisto? 

- When I was little and learned snowboarding. 
// Kun olin pieni ja opin lumilautailemaan. 

7. Over-knee socks or woolen socks? 
// Polvisukat vai villasukat? 

- Woolen socks. 
// Villasukat. 

8. Hockey skates or figure skates? 
// Hokkarit vai kaunarit? 

- Hockey skates, feels better on feet. 
// Hokkarit, tuntuu paremmalta jalassa. 

9. Your pet peeve in Winter? 
// Inhottavin juttu talvessa?

- This is easy, -30°C degrees. 
// Kolmenkympin pakkaset. 

10. Do you like snow? 
// Pidätkö lumesta? 

- Read the answer from question two. 
// Ks. kysymyksen 2 vastaus. 

11. What is your favourite Winter sport? 
// Lemppari talviurheilulaji? 

- Ice hockey all the way. 
// jääkiekko.  


  1. What a nice blogpost! I love winter and especially snow, however I am absolutely not a fan of the cold haha. It doesn't even get -10 here luckily! :)

  2. What a great idea for a tag. I might have to do this one myself ... if you don't mind that is.
    I concur that -20c is too cold. Fortunately that doesn't happen in Vancouver. However, I remember getting temperatures like that when I lived in Calgary.

    - Melissa

    1. Oh yes! Do one :-) can't wait to read it :-)

  3. Replies
    1. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the post :-)

  4. Such a great tag, I like posts like this. :)
    You're happy about -18C and we re talking about how this is too much and we pray for - 5C haha.

    Michelle Morchella

    1. Hahah, it depends what you're used to hahah :D

  5. Love this post! And omg... -30?! I just moved to Toronto not too long ago, and people tell me that it can get as bad as -30 some days. So far it hasn't been that cold yet but I am actually secretly excited to experience it... hahaha!!!

  6. Wonderful post! And what a great idea for a blog post! I love ''tag'' posts!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Helene :-)

  7. Love this! I think my favorite thing about winter is snow as well..something so peaceful about it.

  8. Love this post <3... I love snow and we live in NYC :D

    1. Oh, I'd love to experience snow in NYC ! <3

  9. I love winter so much! I really like snow, and how everything looks when it's frozen. I almost always drink coffee, but hot chocolate is somehow more special during the winter. And I love to wear coats and all sorts of boots!
    BS, xx |

    1. Snow is the best thing on Earth! <3

  10. Wow -30 is cold! We didn't had such cold weather yet but hot chocolate and nice knits surely help!!

    1. It is! Haha, here in Helsinki it haven't got to the point when it's -30°C degrees and I hope it won't this year at all. Last year it lasted for a week and a half and it was pure torture :D

  11. i'm the same love the snow (when i'm not out in it) but hate the cold and coffee trumps everything lol

  12. This is such a cute post. Love the winter vibe.

    1. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the post :-) Winter is amazing!


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