Hi there lovelies! 

It's time for an annual letter to Santa Claus, although - I'm not so sure if he exists but at
least he's staying at Rovaniemi so yeah. I've never seen him live, though.
Okay, what the hell?

When I was little I used to love to make letters to Santa, including all the new toys that
I really wanted to have for Christmas. My letters used to be so ridiculously long, I mean,
they went from my room to other parts of the house too.
I also never received anything that was on the list, so I guess it was too long for Santa
to read it.

Now when I've gotten older, my lists have gotten shorter. Price range is pretty much the
same, though. This year, basically all my wish list includes is "please please please mom
would you buy me a new white converse because these I'm having at the moment are
falling apart".
I've got a feeling that I'm going to buy those shoes for myself, but then again - if someone
asks what I wanted for Christmas it's a pair of new shoes.

I really don't expect to have any of these I'm going to include to this post, but making
wish lists or well, lists in general, is so much fun to do. I might also be quietly wishing
that J sees this list, so I don't have to ask anything from him when he already knows what
I'd want for Christmas. Am I being weird? Nah, I just don't like to ask things from people.
Why? Because every time I've asked I've ended up saving money and buying those things
all by myself.

Okay, let's get to the wish list.

Okay, I knew the minute I started doing this that no wonder why I never receive anything
I wish for. I've got a ridiculously expensive taste and I know it and yes, I can accept it.


I love reading books, although these ones are cooking books. Baking is something I really
enjoy and I've always wanted to learn how to make everything look like rainbows, so this
Rainbow Bakes - book from Urban Outfitters is something I'd really like to have in my
collection. Also, I love vegan food and I'm kind of vegan or something, so learning new
recipes with this But I could never go vegan! - book would be perfect for that purpose.


So yeah, I've got one pair of white Converse in my little shoe collection and they're
starting to fall apart. I mean, literally. Few more weeks using them & the bottom will
drop off. So these are something that I really need and when looking towards the coming
Spring, they would be perfect for Spring/Summer season. Found them here.


We all know that I've got something on my Christmas wish list from Ted Baker and this
year is no exception. Although, I guess this one will be one of those things when we all
know for a 100% fact that Mrs. J is going to take a look at her saving account and think
really closely if she needs it.
This Luci leather top handle bag from Ted Baker has really stolen my heart, so I'm not so
sure if I can live without it. Or well, I know that I can - I just don't know if I want to.


This must be the favorite & least expensive part of this ridiculous wish list of mine.
Baked Alaska soap
Cupcake fresh mask
D'Fluff shaving soap


You know you're getting old when these things appear to your wish list. First of all, that
water boiler from SMEG is absolutely adorable, but it's also so pricey that I can live
without it. I don't drink tea, but it would be perfect for warming the water for Dino's
porridge later next year and for me to make my noodles. Oh, and if a tea drinker visits us,
it's better to pour hot water from that than from the same pot where we cook our potatoes.
What comes to that Braun mixer, we definitely need a new one.
The one we got is from my grandma, who gave it to my mom and my mom gave it to us.
Imagine making mashed potatoes when that thing smells and sounds like it's going to
explode at any minute.

What do you have on your Christmas wish list?



  1. My list gets smaller each year to! I have a nightgown, silk robe, Polaroid film on my list.

    1. Polaroid would be the dream haha! :D

  2. I always loved writing letters to Santa. This year I actually doesn't have anything spectacular on the list. Only planner (our family tradition- everyone finds planners under the tree) and hair curler. :)

    Michelle Morchella

    1. Planner sounds like a wonderful tradition :-)

  3. These would make some great gifts!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  4. I would like to have a camera on my wish list this time. :)

  5. Jasmin, another great post - loved it! You seem like a really kind and funny person. I hope you'll get what you want this Christams.
    P.s. i have never wrote a letter to Santa, maybe I should now. :D

    1. Hahah, oh my goodness thank you so much Zana!

  6. Those cookbooks look really good. I kinda want them now too haha

    1. Hahah, especially that vegan one :D I want to learn new recipes so bad!

  7. This is a fantastic list.I hope you get what you want. I find the older I get the less I want.

    1. Hahah thanks! Same here :D It's hard to even think about things to want :D now they're just more like the things "I might need" :D

  8. I can't wait for Christmas.your wish list looks amazing

  9. Great list! I'm trying to get mine together for Santa already!

  10. I could still make a long list but Santa aka parents are not buying me trillion things any more. :D But well, I've made two lists this year: what I wish from others and what I'm planning to buy myself around Christmas and sales after it. :)

    1. Oh I love that last one! Hope you'll get what you want haha :)

  11. Did December really happens that fast!

    Very nice wishlist.. I think I'll let my boyfriend surprise me this year! There are so many beautiful things in the word so I can't choose anyway!

    Love, Tina

  12. Haha I love the intro! Converse are a great gift to ask for. My wishlist would include a bed for my new apartment

    1. Yeah, I need new ones so badly haha :D Oh, bed would sound wonderful too!

  13. I dont know if real Santa exist but if this is TRUE, I want to have same list as you.. but 'id like to add and wish for my new house, healthy body, happiness and love for this year.


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