2016, you've really been something else. 
Something great if you ask me. 
Most of the people on the Internet are sure this has been the worst year of history and yeah, I do agree with that. With all the terror attacks, Brexit & Trump becoming a president of United States. Still, for me, this year has been one of the best years of my life so far. I honestly can't wait what 2017 has in storage.

// 2016 on ollut ehdottomasti ihan jotakin muuta. 
Jotain todella kivaa, jos multa kysytään. 
Useimmat ihmiset ympäri nettiä on varmoja, että tämä on ollut historian kamalin vuosi ja niin, oon aika lailla samaa mieltä. Kaikki terrori-iskut, Brexit ha Trumpin nimittäminen Yhdysvaltain presidentiksi. Silti, minulle, tämä vuosi on ollut yksi niistä parhaista tähän astisessa elämässäni. En todellakaan jaksa odottaa mitä vuosi 2017 tuo tullessaan! 


I've been thinking a lot lately if I should do any New Year's resolutions for 2017. Somehow I've got the feeling that 2017 is going to be a total life changer for me. I already know that it's going to be one, at least - I'm becoming a mother really soon. But there's something different when I feel that 2017 is going to be a total life changer for me. I don't know if it's because of this blog, or life in general but I'm more than curious to find out. Although I managed to gather around few promises I might try to keep this upcoming year. 


I've got goals in life. I'm not going to let anything to stop me from achieving them. If I fall down, I get up. I'm more motivated than last year. 


This one is on the list every single year and yet somehow I tend to lose my ability to brush my hair regularly. There must be something wrong with me. 


Did this in 2016 and will do it again in 2017. 

Do you have any special New Year's resolutions? 


Okay, it's time to fly around with all of the cool stuff I got for Christmas. Not really, just kidding over here. For me, gifts aren't the most important part of the Christmas, but it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy receiving ones.

We had this different gift policy this year. Feels like I'm repeating myself every time I'm talking about our gifts, but I feel like I need to. We bought 10 gifts for each other this year. J got 10 from me and I got 10 from J. Why?
Because this was the last Christmas we would spend together just the two of us, that's why. We also didn't set a price limit, just because this was the last Christmas we are going to spend together just the two of us. 

So, what did my hubby buy for me?

He knows how much I love Ted Baker, so he bought me a new bag to carry around from Ted's Black Friday Sale. I had a hunch that there was going to be a new bag underneath our Christmas tree, but I had no clue which one! It was so exciting. This one is super useful, especially for me because I'm not carrying that much stuff around when I'm going to places. It's absolutely adorable. Holy potato, I love it so freaking much. 
He also got me a makeup bag from Ted Baker & it's so pretty. And useful. Holy crap my makeup collection has grown so much lately that I don't really know where to put all of those lol! 

He also got me a black bomber jacket from Asos, someone must've been reading my Asos wishlist from a couple of months back haha! 
And I also received these gorgeous sneakers from Steve Madden. I love the silver details in the sneakers and they will get in use right away when the Spring arrives. It has been so wet lately that I haven't been wearing them, I want to protect them from getting dirty haha.

These were so wonderful! I got two things from Design Letters, a brainstorming notebook and "to do this week" - planner. They're so adorable and I believe that they're a good fit for blogging purposes.
He had also bought me a book, which is called "The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck" and I honestly can't wait for reading it. Well, it's my last week at work this week so I'll be all over that book when my vacation starts.

He had also bought me this adorable Pusheen hot water bottle and I can't thank him enough for that. If there's something I don't wait after pregnancy, it's those stomach cramps from periods. Or well, period. 
He also had bought me a couple of things from Lush & oh boy, did I already mention that this dude really knows what to buy for his wife for Christmas?

So yeah, materialism happiness was on the roof at the Christmas Eve. 


Now that Christmas is all wrapped up into a little box, it's time to open that box again. Yeah, I'm going to share a little story about our Christmas this year. It was filled with ups and downs, but after all, it was such a fun couple of days off from work.

As some of you might be aware, we celebrate Christmas with all of its gift opening and Santa visitings on the Christmas Eve. This year, we decided to stay in the city for the Holidays and oh boy that was so weird! Staying in the city for the Holidays. Usually, I'm heading to my hometown to visit my mom & younger siblings but as they planned to visit us this year, we didn't plan to visit there. 

The morning of the Christmas Eve was quite exciting. I woke up at 8 AM because Dino was kicking me so hard that I wasn't able to sleep anymore. I thought, "what the hell" and got up. I finished with swede casseroles a day before so it was time to start making the sweet potato casserole. Turned out, that I made a little bit too much for the two of us [read: one of us, I don't eat casseroles], so I decided to take one of each with us to J's mom's place later that day.

Santa had been dropping presents under our Christmas tree throughout the month, so finally, when J woke up, we got to open them. We had a different gift policy this year, something that we're not quite used to. Usually, we're buying one gift for each other and that's it, but this year we bought 10 gifts for each. We decided how many gifts we wanted to buy & promised that they would be something we would need. Or something we thought the other one needed. There was no talk about the cost, it was only "let's go with 10" kind of discussion.

Gosh J got me so wonderful gifts this year. He really knows what I like [read: what I need] and I'm so happy about it. The most of all, I'm also thankful. So super thankful.

We ate little something and got ourselves ready for the Christmas dinner at J's mom's place. We arrived there around 2 PM and by 3 PM we were all sitting at the table and listening while J's older brother read the Christmas gospel. I have, to be honest here; as being well.. not a religious person at all, that whole Christmas gospel thing made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I kind of lost my appetite and with my appetite was also gone the Christmas feeling. In my family, we do not do stuff like that. We just sit next to the table and stuff our mouths with food.

Santa visited and brought presents for kids, which also felt kind of ridiculous when all the presents were actually present when the Santa arrived. But kids seemed to enjoy it a lot so I guess that's not a big deal.

Otherwise, it was such a lovely afternoon & on our way home we stopped by at J's sister's house to drink a few cups of coffee.

How was your Christmas? Did you enjoy it?


Well, hello 
New Year's Eve is just around the corner and I decided to put together some wonderful outfit ideas for the great evening. I absolutely love to celebrate New Year's eve, but I guess this year it'll be smelling champagne from J's glass and watching fireworks from the window or from our balcony. I guess our bedroom window has the best view to see them.
Well, anyways, I logged in to Polyvore after a really long while and oh my goodness how much I did enjoy it! I should do this more often. I mean, really more often. Putting together outfit ideas is something I used to enjoy, I've got no clue where I left the enthusiasm, though.

NYE: Metallic

NYE: Meow...

NYE: Vogue

Which one you'd go for?



You ever think about the stuff you can do on the New Year's Eve? Don't think anymore, because I've got you covered. Or I think I am. Well, we'll see about that. 


This is something I like to do. New Year's is something that should be celebrated with your closest friends. Or at least that's the way it is for me. So prepare some snacks, get some good wine & sort out your resolutions for the future year with your closest ones. They're the ones who'll keep you on the right track with the resolutions & they will remind you about them if they have to. 

How to spend the night? 
- play board games
- gossip
- watch a movie
- drink plenty of wine
- make dinner together


Fireworks are amazing. Fireworks are also something that is pretty expensive. Fireworks are also something that in some occasions should be left for the people who know how to work with them. There's been a plenty of accidents with fireworks in the past years and I can imagine that this year won't make a difference. Anyhow, loads of cities are hosting their own firework shows that you can go & see for free. You'll be saving money and yeah, probably a life too. 


I have tried this twice and it's definitely not for me, but if it sounds like it's something you want to do - book a ticket or a table as early as they come to the sale. Then you don't have to stand in the queue waiting for sobering up, in -30°C degrees not feeling your toes. Yeah, that's right - I've been there too. Also, clubs are pretty overbooked during these special evenings, so you want to keep yourself hydrated. And by hydrated, I suggest you drink a little water at the times. 


Go to toboggan slide, skiing or snowboarding with your friends. Pack some hot chocolate and enjoy the evening. 


This is something we people like to do up here. We like to book a cabin, fill it with our friends, fireworks and booze & spend the NYE without knowing who we are without a shame, middle of nowhere, in a cabin. 

TIP: Be early, share the costs. 

What do you usually do on the New Year's Eve & do you have any special plans for the evening? 


So last month, I bought this pretty makeup brush set from eBay.
Yay or nay? Let's find out. 


Last month, I became to a realization that I really do need to invest in some makeup brushes. I mean, I used to have only three brushes and as for being someone who uses makeup quite frequently, [read: every day], it's awful. I mean - THREE MAKEUP BRUSHES. That's awful. So before I jumped on a money spending wagon, I decided to find out what eBay had to offer. 
I found this set after searching for a little while (you can find it here) and it was only 5€ which sounded like a reasonable price to pay, as for an eBay makeup brush set. 

As a little disclaimer here, I am going to invest in some better ones when I've got enough money for that & if you can, would you like to recommend for me which ones to go - Spectrum brushes or Zoeva brushes? I did a poll about this over at my twitter a while ago and oh boy, that was a tight race. 


The shipping was surprisingly quickly, they arrived in two weeks after the payment so a huge props from that! Usually, it takes quite a while for these to arrive. Sometimes it will even take 30 days or so and yes, I'm assuming these are coming from China. 
They were packed pretty nicely so the post wouldn't mess them up in the delivery so as they included free shipping, that's a good thing. Sometimes things that are delivered with free shipping option are packed in the most imaginable ways. 

There were a few metallic color choices to go for and I went for silver. I love everything silver, so I was happy to find out that that was an option. The package included 7 different brushes & they feel so soft and lovely. Although, there can be seen that they're a bit cheaply produced as some of the hair seems to be falling off. I usually test the brushes for hair falling, these passed my test when they arrived, because I think it's quite normal for brushes to lose a bit of their hair. Nothing alarming, just a couple hairs there and there. 


So far, I've been enjoying using these. They're not like RT brushes or that high quality but they do their thing. I've got some experience with different brush sets and when being compared to the price, these are good. Not the best, but as I said, they do their thing and that works with me as long as I've saved some money for a proper brush set. 

Have you ever ordered anything like this from eBay?

Ps. I wouldn't mind if there would be even a little bit of daylight during this season.  


Merry Christmas everyone! It's officially Christmas, at least here in Finland we celebrate Christmas today, we open our presents today and Santa visits families today. This is a day of sharing the joy and I've decided to share with you the blogs I've been loving throughout 2016. 
2016 has been a year I've really stepped up my blogger game and these are blogs I follow via Blogger so I can find all of their latest posts via my feed every time I log myself in. I usually read them all and comment on them all if I find something to comment about. 
So here we go, a bunch of links - but I'm sure you're going to love them just as much as I do. 

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten all the lovely blogs written in Finnish I've also been loving throughout the year; 

Have we been loving the same blogs? Let me know! 
And don't forget to link your blog in the comments below, I love discovering new blogs! 


Hot chocolates during the Holidays are my absolute favorites. This year, instead of heading to Starbucks to get that Signature Hot Chocolate I've been doing hot chocolates at home. That's a quite refreshing change for me, to be honest. 


- 4dl milk
- 1/2dl cacao powder
- cream
- marshmallows


1. Heat the milk & mix the cacao powder in it. 
2. Add some cream on top of it & finish with marshmallows.

So simple & yet so delicious! 

Have you ever tried marshmallow hot chocolate? 


So this is my second year in a row wearing this panda onesie on a Christmas Day. It's officially my Christmas day essential haha! Do you have any essentials for Christmas day? 


- my precious panda onesie
- hot chocolate
- good Disney movie
- stay home all day - mood


Okay, so as you all know I love baking and cooking and stuff. You know, just hanging around the kitchen and mixing & matching stuff together. Then I'll just test them out with my husband and if they're actually tasty and he enjoys them - I most likely save the recipe on my little book of recipes. 
No, you don't have to worry - I'm not going to share my unfinished recipes over here today. During the Christmas time, I've found so many wonderful recipes to try out this year and yeah, there's so many that there will be enough for next year too and I'd like to share those recipes with you guys. 


Mulled Wine by Lauren
Cinnamon hot chocolate with vanilla ice cream by Ninz
Eggnog cocktails by Poppy
Baileys Latte by Lauren
Frozen peppermint hot chocolate by Laura
Peppermint hot chocolate by Karoliina


Goat cheese & fig jam Christmas pastries by Dora
Banana & gingerbread muffins by Dora
Festive vegan gingerbread cookies by Amie
Vegan orange gingerbread cookies by Katie
Snowcap cookies by Kate
Christmas crack by Simply Recipes
Chocolate Pretzel Bark by Julie
Chocolate almond kiss cookies by Jamie
Chocolate slab by Laura
Pistachio Orange Cardamom Muffins by Sabra


Overnight french toast casserole by Jaclyn
Crispy cheesy potatoes stacks by Tieghan
Eggnog bread by Maria & Josh
Apple crisp with oats by Karina
Fluffy gingerbread pancakes by Erin
Roasted acorn squash with tahini sauce by Liz
Berry granola by Jess & Josh



This one was a huge hit on our Christmas table last year, a sweet potato casserole. Could you believe it? Sweet potatoes are still a quite new thing to me and I can't stand the sweet taste of them, but J really loved this casserole so I'm going to make it this year too. 


- 400g sweet potato purée
- 2dl food cream
- 1/2dl semolina
- 2 eggs
- 1/2 teaspoon of salt
- 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon
- 1/4 teaspoon of ginger

to the top: 
- seeds 


1. Mix sweet potato purée, food cream, semolinas, seasoning & eggs together. 
2. Pour the mix into the buttered oven mold & spread seeds on top of it. 

Bake it in the oven in 175°C degrees for 1,5 hours. 


Yeah, I know what you must think; pretty festive doing pregnancy update during Blogmas right? Okay probably not, but here we go.


I absolutely love lipsticks. It's pretty hard to tell when you're not seeing me anywhere wearing ones but yes, I do love them. Especially during the festive times or if I'm heading out to the party. I absolutely adore lipsticks. Now I'm going to share with you 3 lipsticks from my little lipstick collection that I absolutely adore and they also fit perfectly to the season. 

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in shade "Get Ready"

This one I reviewed back in October and I still can't decide whether I'm having a love or a hate relationship with it. Although, I feel like it's perfect for the Holidays and to the festive season. Something to apply to your lips during the cold times, to bring some color to your lips and most importantly it also doesn't dry your lips out which is perfect for the season. 

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick in shade "01 Honey"

Some of you might remember this lip tint from last May when it was first featured over here. I know this is a lipstick post and all I've done so far have been showing off the protectant products for your lips but you know, it's cold out there. This one I find wonderful for the dinner with the family. It doesn't matter if it falls off from your lips while you're eating because it's so light and simple to apply even if you're not able to use mirror whilst doing it. So there won't be no lipstick mess at all and you've got your dinner lips covered. 

Makeup Revolution London lipstick in shade "Propoganda Matte"

This one I absolutely love and I believe this is the one I go to when it comes to our family Christmas activities. It's the perfect share for Christmas, what else can I say. 

Do you already have your Christmas lips covered?