Hello, my name is Han, I am a twenty-something lifestyle blogger and I recently moved to London.

So what’s new? I’m a fairly recent graduate, I wanted to join the adults in the Big Smoke and London life is a millennial life goal, yes?


I mean sure, it's a typical goal. But this move means so much more for me.

Let me explain.

I have moved around a lot in my fairly short time on this earth already. I have lived abroad twice, and I have lived in a few English towns. I LOVE the sea, and since leaving home I picked Southampton to study and a small island in south Brazil for my year abroad, the home of surf: Florianópolis. I love the calm of it.

And sure nothing has changed, I still love the sea. The calm.

But now I want more.

The truth is, I got to know London for a while before I made ‘the leap’. I took courses, socialised and had meetings there. Which in turn became a gift.

We would joke about this, but for half a year there was almost not one week that went by when I wasn’t in London at least once.

Then, in the middle of August a friend offered me a place to stay and I no longer had any excuses. A week later I was packed up and ready to move.

This. Was. It!

Now, don't get me wrong. There has been ups and downs. But that's life! And as my favourite saying goes: "without challenge, there's no adventure!".

So here it is, my four reasons for moving to the big city:
  1. Events. There is always something going on! Whether a beauty evening, seminar or a gig, you are never short of things to do! Even after being here for a few weeks, I couldn’t imagine anyone getting bored of this place! Although someone put it to me well: “bored of London, bored of life!”
  2. Shopping and fashion. Stereotypical girl response, but it’s so true. With exposure to so many brands, styles and messages, what's not to love!? Although you have to pick your times and it is hit and miss with many areas like Brick Lane and Westfield. But where isn't?!
  3. Access to the world. Ok, so with the creation of the internet and social media, you somehow wouldn’t think it a big deal. What I mean is easy access to transport. The other day I hopped on the tube to Heathrow and was in Paris within a lunch break. You can do day trips abroad and there will always be frequent travel to get there from London's many hotspots like King's Cross, Euston, Waterloo and the obvious airports.
  4. Out of the box thinking. You are never too weird or too crazy for this concrete jungle. I have finally found a city where I feel 100% comfortable in my own style and attitude. No idea of mine is too crazy, and nothing I say too out there. It accommodates to all minds and the wider thinking the better. Complacency is not an option.
This is among many other reasons...

Of course, London isn't for everyone.

It's loud, it's busy, it never tires. And it's expensive wherever and whatever you do. From council tax to a pint, your bank account will be constantly wincing.

Can I just say, that it is so worth it though and you can get through that initial scary start. 

So, my question for you is: what is your biggest leap in your life?
Han x


  1. London is such a vibrant city to live in and I absolutely love living here :)

  2. Hi Han! Great post - I love your writing style, photos & story! Congrats on your move to London :)

  3. I agree for some points and I wish you all the success! Unfortunately I moved in London for two years and then I realised it's not for me for many reasons! xx


    1. So sorry to hear that London wasn't for you :/

  4. London is a beautiful city, love traveling there. Although I wouldn't be able to live in such a big and busy city, prefer the calmness of Oslo way better

    1. I should really book a trip to Oslo some day. :D

  5. I love visiting London and once or twice considered moving there permanently but always manage to talk myself out of it, due to the business and the fact i wouldn't know anyone. Thanks for sharing your reasons for moving there :)

    1. Happy to hear that you enjoyed the post Kitty! :)

  6. Lovely girl , lovely post ! You are such an amazing blogger , Jasmin !!!! Not just that you work hard and post amazing stuff , you are always putting fellow bloggers in the limelight , what a great thing to do.I wish , more blogging buddies would understand and do the same, we can only grow together,the one man show performers won't get too far, I think. Have a lovely Sunday !

    1. Haha, don't know about the one man show's but that's definitely not for me ;) Thank you!

  7. I absolutely love London! Made a big leap from the States in 2008 first time and then permanently moved in 2010. And never looked back. It's the best place in the world due to all factors you outlined above. Make it your oyster!!!! xx

  8. I really want to move to a big city, also loving your coat.


  9. Sounds like you are living life! I have never been to London before, but those are great reasons.

  10. Sounds like you are loving London! One day I may move there, so much different from my little city in Scotland. Sophie x



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