Hello everybody!

I'm here with a ridiculous excuse to show off my new baby phone I bought a couple of
weeks back. I'm going to walk you through my most used apps and tell you why they're
so close to my heart at the same time when I can't take my eyes off my new phone.
It's so adorable. I love the matt black color of it and it actually feels a bit lighter than the
6S I had earlier.

First of all, I've got my essentials. Mail, calendar, pictures, camera, notes, clock, app store
and settings. Those are the only apps that I actually use and that already were on the phone.
I absolutely love this new iOs10 which ables you to delete all the original apps you don't use.
I mean, what on Earth am I doing with an app for Apple Watch when I can't even afford
to one?

Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and WhatsApp are probably on everyone's phone. They're
essentials, I mean, I could live without Facebook but I can't live without Twitter. I'm kind
of a Twitter addict nowadays. Now that I actually understand how that thing works, that
took a while, to be honest.

Youtube, Instagram, Bloglovin' and Snapchat are something that I use less frequently.
I don't know why but I've kind of lost my Instagram mojo and Snapchat really does eat
your phone alive. It takes a battery so much that it's ridiculous, yet I still have to have the

Dreamdays, Hay Day, We Heart It and H&M. First of all, I'm obsessed to Hay Day.
Second of all, I absolutely love counting days to stuff, so I have to have Dreamdays.
Rest of the apps are just for fun.
I'm also using Spotify to listen to music because I'm not enjoying the one that is included
in iPhone in the beginning.

I don't want my phone to be full of apps, so that's basically all I've got.

What do you have on your phone?



  1. Nice stuff, this H&M app is great xo


  2. Oh I love your new phone too! :) And you really don't have many apps, I always keep my phone clean and then I just now and then add something and later it's full of useless apps hahah

    1. Keeping my phone clean is something that is very important for me haha :D

  3. Good to know that there exists an own bloglovin' app. I wasn't aware of this.

    1. Oh you weren't ? Glad that you found out now haha :-)

  4. You know what, I didn;t even know H&M have an app. Checking this out now.
    Katja xxx

    1. Oh you didn't? :-) it's so useful, although it's not good if you're being on a shopping ban hahah :D

  5. I'm the same way when it comes to apps, I don't like my phone being clogged up, tempted to get rid of my snapchat app too because it does eat your battery but at the same time i love hate it lol

    1. Hahah same here, it just eats the battery :D but then again, there's a charger :D

  6. Jas you make me want to buy an iPhone when I have been loyal to Samsung.

    1. Hahaha I highly recommend you to change ;)

  7. Nice post. I barely use Snapchat for the same reason!


  8. That matte black finish is just dreamy! My current iPhone is smashed to pieces and I'm just waiting till the 29th to get my upgrade! x

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  9. I love the iOS 10 as well, even though I always need time to ajust when some bigger update comes. P.S. You gave me great idea for my next post!


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