Holy crap it's November already!
I can remember myself writing goals for October last time when I wrote down these
things. Here we go then, it's time to update some goals again and see how did we make
As you might be aware, I started making myself some random goals to keep this daily
blogging or well, blogging thing going on.
For me, this blogging thing is a pure dear hobby of mine and I want to keep my interest up
to it, as it is - my only hobby. It's good to have hobbies, right?


I keep content as n:o 1 priority when it comes to my blog. I want it to make me feel
good when I hit that little orange publish button on the right corner on top of this page.
Lately, I've felt quite good after I've done it. Although, I know I could feel better. Now
after all this moving apartment thing and other things in my life and schedule are on
their way to move away, I'm focusing to what I write about even more.
I mean, who would want to read posts that are made in a hurry? Oh yes, you can see
the way the post is written if I've been in a hurry while writing it. That needs to change.


As I mentioned in my last post about my blogging goals, I've been struggling so hard
when it comes to shooting pictures. I mean, it's not that hard after all. Of course, it takes
a lot of work and time and effort, but I've been lacking motivation doing it during this
whole Autumn.
Okay, to be honest, shooting pictures has not been the only thing that I don't have the
motivation to do during this Autumn. I've been lacking motivation at work, in life,
blogging and almost everything that involves me to do something. Even getting out
and pick up the groceries from the store has been a huge obstacle in my life this Autumn.
So from now on, once again, my goal is to focus on shooting pictures for my blog posts.


I don't know what happened last month, but oh boy I've been on fire! I've found so many
inspirational blogs and blog posts that I've had a commenting spree going on almost every
single evening during this past month. I'm so happy about it. Commenting on others blogs
was something that I wasn't used doing and now it has become a daily thing in my evening
routines. YAY ME!


I don't know why I've lifted this Bloglovin' thing on a pedestal, but here we go again.
I reached a few months ago 400 Bloglovin' followers, did a giveaway as a thank you for it
and now it's time to set up a new goal for that.
When I first wrote about my goals for blogging, I did a post about my blogging goals for 
the rest of the year and in that post, I wrote:

"Even though I really don't care about the numbers, my 
the goal with Bloglovin' is to
raise my followers from 220 to 500. Is that too big piece 

of a cake on my plate?
We'll see about that. I love challenges! "

I wasn't sure if 500 followers were a too big fish to catch, but I believe I can reach that
goal by the end of this year. I think I'm going to be brave and go for 500 BL' followers
this month.

What are your blogging goals for November?



  1. I can't believe it's November, this year has gone by so fast. Great goals! I'll definitely check out and follow your Bloglovin :)

    1. Yay welcome on board! Altough, I'm pretty sure you're following over there already :D

  2. I admire people who can blog every day as it must be so hard sometimes to come up with content. I try to do twice a week but I do work full time so it can be hard to type it up, take photos and upload them, etc and I struggle with that sometimes. I don't have any blogging goals but I might do that in January, new Year, new goals:). Hope you reach your 500 goal by the end of the year xx

    The Life of Dee

    1. Sometimes it is actually hard, to come up with a new content but I don't know - I've got my ways haha :D working full time & blogging is something I do as well.

  3. Good luck with your blogging goals! I love to set myself mini monthly goals as it really helps with my motivation xx

    1. Thank you Gemma! :-) mini goals keep me going as well haha :D they're making everything so motivational :D

  4. Its good to set yourself goals with a hobby, it keeps it interesting. I'm aiming to hit 500 followers on Twitter and Instagram. Fingers crossed! x

    Ellé |

  5. I really hope you complete your goals, it must be really hard to blog daily and still keep the content interest. Wish you all the best :)

    1. Hahah I have to admit that sometimes it is quite hard, but I don't know - I've got few inspirational days haha :D

  6. I feel you!! sometimes inspirational can be really lacking at times especially when you super busy

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  7. I really liked this blog post! <3 It made me think about my goals and inspired me to write them down. ^^

    1. Yay I'm happy to be your inspiration:-)

  8. I feel like it was just December yesterday. Can't belive this year is coming to an end already! I've also started commenting on other blogs too. This has got me reading more and I love it.

  9. October just flew by and now I'm so excited for November! I fell into a bit of a rut and not commenting on blogs even though I'm constantly reading them everyday. I've started the last week or so trying to get back into the habit of commenting and it's great.

    1. That's wonderful to hear! I've got quiet times too, but it's great feeling to get back to commenting :-)

  10. Right?! The year flew by! I've been struggling with pictures as well-especially this season where it's gloomy 90% of the time and I haven't made the splurge on lighting sets yet. I am definitely going to give you a follow on Bloglovin'

    1. YAY welcome on board :-) the lack of day light has been so annoying lately! Although we had some snow so our days have gotten a little bit brighter.

  11. I think its good to keep a clear vision on what you want and to keep your goals focused. I hope youll be able to find back your energy again!

  12. This is really beautiful. I love your goals and may even adapt some for my use too.....#winkandsmile#

    1. Hahah :D glad to hear that I gave you some inspiration :-)

  13. I think your photos are awesome! Taking better photos is something I am always working on, no matter how good you are there's always so much more to learn :)

    1. Haaah, thank you :-) that's absolutely true!

  14. Good luck with your blogging goals

  15. I think it is excellent that you make blogging goals and also share them. I am thinking of doing the same beginning in January. I think oyu will be successful in growing your bloglovin', keep writing great content!

  16. Great post! Love the motivation! Best of luck!


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