Hello, everybody!  

It's time to welcome November. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that this 
year is almost over. This has honestly been one of the most amazing years in my life 
so far. After I made a New Years resolution to make this year be one of the greatest, 
I haven't regretted that decision since. 

Even though today is the first day of November, I want to have a little look back to the 
most rememberable days and moments there was in October. 
Collecting memories is my favorite thing to do, so if you're new out here and haven't got 
a chance yet to see how I'm doing my monthly favorites, I usually tell about my favorite 
moments from the past month. 


This Saturday will always stay in my mind as one of the loveliest evenings ever. Me and
some of my work buddies, including our former boss, went to celebrate our little department.
It was a funeral to our little department that was torn into pieces during the co-operation
I had so much fun & I heard from the people who was there that they had fun too.
Our evening started with bowling and oh my goodness since last year's pre-Christmas party
I'm pretty sure I have gotten worse in it.
I realized that there must be something wrong in a way I'm throwing that ball, but well
- as a person who goes bowling once in a year casually and drunk - it really doesn't matter
how many pins I'll take down.
After bowling & our former boss kicking us all 6-0 in it, we had a table reservation in the
restaurant called Cantina West. I ordered fries as usual and I couldn't stop smelling what
my BFF/work buddy Mika had on his plate. He ordered a chicken burrito (how am I
remembering this? Pregnancy brain hello!) and it smelled amazing. Holy potato I wanted
to throw my fries at him and steal that burrito.
Later that evening our former boss also had a tequila tasting & well, you know what happens
when a person goes off to a tequila tasting and comes back as "I know everything about 
tequila!". It was so much fun & I learned a bunch of new stuff about tequila too, although
I was just smelling those different tequilas because I'm not in that kind of a place now where
I can yell "bottoms up!" and drink a whole bottle.


This Friday was one of the most wonderful Fridays in my life. We had our second ultra
scan at the hospital to see if Dino was okay. There it was, waving to us and was a total
show off.
The midwife said that this kiddo is the most picturable kiddo she's ever worked with and
then she asked if we wanted to know if it's going to be a boy or a girl? I was like, "hell yes,
I can't live with not knowing for the rest of these 5 months."
Now we know. I've just been avoiding to yell it out everywhere, I mean, we haven't told
anyone yet which one Dino is going to be. I'm a bit afraid that our parents & grandparents
will go crazy and buy everything for the baby and then we just have to stand there and
smile saying thank you and hide our real emotions towards to those things.
I mean, they can get crazy. There's at least an 110% chance my mother is going crazy, so
we might wait until Christmas is gone by so that doesn't effect to their needs to buy different
things in baby blue or baby pink. Just to avoid awkward situations later in life.

"Hey, where's that adorable pink Hello Kitty blanket I bought?"
- "Yeah, Dino pooped all over it so we had to throw it away.."
- "J, it's not even born yet."

^ I mean situations like this.


We went to visit my mom's place and stayed there for the night. I got to see my little
brother, I was joking my little sister about her going to church and asked if she had found
Jesus when she got back home.
We are in church but we just don't go there, we don't pray or well, we don't believe in things
like that. We just want our church wedding and free graveyard spot.
We're not a religious family at all and she was going to church just to get a stamp on her
little notebook - she's having her confirmation next Spring.
Had overall a wonderful weekend!


We went to see Twentyone Pilots over at the Helsinki Ice Hall and it was so wonderful.
I've actually got a post about it, so why don't you click here to read everything about it!

I had such a lovely October, how was yours?



  1. I really like the idea of thinking back to favourite moments of the month - not only is it fun, but it is also important to remind ourselves of what really makes us happy. Lovely post, really enjoyed reading it.

  2. Great post! It seems like you had a wonderful month. And I'm sure the ending was amazing, since you've seen twenty one pilots. I've been to their show almost a year ago and I had the best time there!

    1. Yeah their gig was awesome! Although, the best one from the past year must've been Simple Plan which we saw on late May this year :-)

  3. I love the way you are writing! It seems that you had a nice october :)
    My Octorber was nice as well, but I do not know if I'm the only one who think, October gone too fast. It's already November.. i couldn't believe it!
    Ah... also I wanne congratulate you for your pregnancy. I also want to know it if it will be a boy or a girl... I do not understand people who do not want to know it.. :-D

    1. Thank you :-) haha, I couldn't live without knowing either :D that would be so hard. Thank goodness we know :D

  4. I love the idea of sharing our favorite moments! I might start doing that with my own blog as well. I appreciate all your photos as well and your life looks so fun. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I highly recommend you to do so :-) it's so much fun & I think it's pretty meaningful too :-)

  5. what a great list, I love going back through and reminiscing over memories. It sounded like you had a great October with lots of lovely moments :)

  6. It's so cute. Such an adorable way to relive your days. It's true, time flies real quick and we don't even realise it. Memories are beautiful :)

    1. Sometimes you could just wish to have a remote to stop time flying by so fast haha :D

  7. Oh you saw twenty one pilots! I'm so jealous! What were they like? Yes end of the year is coming too fast! Ree love30

    1. YASS, they were amazing :-) I've actually got a post about the gig if you scroll down a little at the home page ;)

  8. Love that you are sharing your moments and having a good reflection on the past month. A great way to document moments.

    1. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed of this post!

  9. Your october looked so great! And congrats with your pregnancy :D

  10. This is such a unique post, it's great to keep thinking about positive moments :)) Gave you a follow on bloglovin' xx


  11. I love this idea! I always find myself forgetting the good memories so I should definitely do this. Thanks for sharing! X

    Abbie x | abigalexo.blogspot.co.uk


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