Hello, everybody!  

I've got something super exciting to share with you today. Or I don't know, maybe it's
just me who's excited about this. But anyhow, my ASOS package arrived a little while
I'm happy to share all of these with you guys. 

This top was from the outlet and I'm so happy that it caught my eye. I've always loved
tops, but most recently I've been falling so hard for the high neck ones so this one was a
true find. 
The coloring of it is also super neutral, even though it has stripes - which I by the way,
also love so much at the moment. 
I mean, I'm pregnant and I'm in love with horizontal stripes. Aren't those supposed to
make me look bigger? Well, I don't care. 

This New Look t-shirt was also from the outlet and I don't know, I was quite disappointed
with it. I mean, it looks awesome and all, it fits me. When I was ordering it, I ordered it
because it looked like an oversized shirt. This one goes right next to my skin, even though
it's 2 sizes larger than I'm usually wearing. And I'm not even that pregnant yet. 

This one I absolutely love! Okay, everything black melts my heart so. Yah. 

Saved my favorite for the last, so here we go! A bomber jacket! It's way warmer than I
thought it would be and it's amazing.
Although, it's not the one I'm going to wear when going to work because at 4AM it's
absolutely freezing up here. I've planned a separate post about this, so stay tuned for
that guys! 

Here it was, my first ever Asos haul. What did you think? 


  1. This jacket is so cute and perfect for the fall time! I love it!

    1. It sure is! I feel quite sad that I wasn't able to wear that than only a week before the winter hit here hah :D

  2. Upea ja just täydellisen värinen toi bomber ja näyttää tosi lämpimältä myös. x

    1. Se on tosi lämmin! <3 Ei kyllä näillä säillä paljoa lämmitä, mutta kevääksi ihan nappivalinta.

  3. Amazing haul post and all are looks gorgeous. Love the stripe top and the jacket it has a great color.
    Can´t wait to see how your wearing them on your pregnant time. Have a beautiful day.

    Kintan XO,

  4. The first top looks amazing 😍 Never bought anything from asos before actually, will have to go and take a look on their website :)

  5. That jacket is gorgeous! You can never go wrong with a great ASOS haul!! Such great clothes on that site!

  6. oh that bomber jacket is super cute it would definitely keep you warm at 4am, i wish i suited bomber jackets they are so adorable :)

  7. I love ASOS! Also, the bomber jacket is perfection! No wonder you saved it for last!


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