Hi there lovelies!

As you might have noticed that I write to this blog pretty frequently. By frequently, I mean
daily. It takes a lot of work. I mean, like crazy. I'm also a little bit crazy as a person, so it fits
me perfectly.
There have been times when I haven't been feeling like I wanted to put together a post,
whether it's about negative feelings towards this blog and we all as bloggers know, how you
can have negative feelings to your blog. I've been there a couple of times. It happens when a
precious hobby of yours, starts to feel more like a job, or you just simply aren't feeling like a
blog is a thing you want to have in life. I tend to get these feelings about a twice a year, but
I've got over it because I simply just couldn't imagine my life without blogging.
It has become the part of my being, a part of who I am.

Sometimes, I also don't feel like blogging when negative things happen in my life. And oh
boy, that's a pretty frequent thing just because I've got this huge temperament inside of me
and it's always been there. Sometimes I can go from 0 to 100 for no reason and that's also a
part of my being. I swear a lot, I tend to get negative so easily - but don't all of us get that
way sometimes?
Last month went in a fog. Literally.
After everything I had going on with work, all the changes which all of them wasn't really
that good or great, to be honest, having these hormones in my system thanks to Dino, I felt
like I had nothing left to give. I was on a break of a burnout.
Somehow I'm still here writing this text to you and this is a moment when I'm going to share
my top 5 tips to balance blogging with life when nothing seems to go right.

Because sometimes, life just happens and there's nothing you can do about it. Or can you?


This one has been a bit tough one for me lately. After everything that has
happened, through the massive stress, I went through wondering was this it,
was I about to lose my monthly income. Thinking about what am I going to
do, I'm pregnant and that monthly income is kind of a necessity when it comes
to providing a future for you and your future family.
Thank goodness I did not lose my job, but I was feeling so overwhelmed and
unmotivated over there and I kept thinking about everyone who had to get their
things in order before they had to leave their jobs. Can't believe how emotional
I've become during this pregnancy.
I've always been the person who leaves all the work stuff to work if something
happens at the end of the day - I schedule it for the next morning in the back of
my head.
Somehow, with all that stuff that happened I forgot it and it almost drove me nuts.
It also affected to my blogging motivation and that was kind of bad feeling I had
inside of me, to be honest. I was almost ready to quit. But I didn't and I'm so glad
I didn't.


For me personally, this blog is my happy place. It's a place where I can escape for
all the things I've got going on in my life, whether they're good or bad. I've grown
with this blog for almost four years now and I wouldn't change a day of it.
There have been months I haven't posted a thing, there have been months I've
posted daily. It's my little creative place where I can write about me and my feelings
towards stuff, write less-important stuff like make up reviews - everything between
the Earth and the Sky.
It's my little therapy corner.


I personally believe, that if you need a break - you should go for it.
I needed a break a year ago when I went trough a miscarriage. Oh, and that's also
the first time I've said it out loud. I was having a mental breakdown.
It literally ripped me to pieces and I felt like I was a huge disappointment, worthless
piece of crap. I needed a break from life, from work and from this blog. I was in a
such a bad shape, that everything I tried to write down got me feeling so negative
- that I just didn't want to spread it out.
That little vacation saved my life, so if you need a break - take it.


I've seen this so many times, there might be people who will disagree with me on
this - but trust me, there comes a time when you want to open a blogger and
WordPress and write your heart out. I had this feeling two weeks after my break
and oh boy how good that felt to write that I'm back.
I had this whole new point of the view to blogging and most importantly, the life.


I'm not saying that I'm completely over with everything I've had been through in
this life of mine, but I've decided to let go. There's a plenty of stuff going on where
you can't affect in any way, so why just don't go with the flow and play with the
cards you've been given.
At this point, I feel like I should say that you don't have to settle with the cards
you've been given, but you can change your attitude for how you're taking things
that life gives you.
It'll let you see everything from a new perspective in a long haul.

My point of this post is, that if it feels like nothing is going right - go left.
There's always stuff going to happen in life, if you feel like you need a break, don't hesitate
to take it.
If you feel like you've lost your motivation, take a break to find yourself as a blogger and
come back with a whole lot of new inspiration.
It seems like I'm saying this could be easy, trust me it's not - but it pays off and it's definitely
worth it.



  1. Brilliant tips.


  2. I'm sorry you had to go through the miscarriage, I can't imagine what that would feel like. I agree that we all should take the chance for a break when needed! I'm glad that your blog is your therapy corner and what makes you happy :)


    1. Breaks are important when needed :-)

  3. aw what a lovely post! and the fact that you're a daily blogger, huuge props to you girl! x

    Liz | LotsofLoveLiz

  4. Such a great post, girl! I'm doing my Blog over two years now, and I can understand you very well. But yeah, my motto would be REMIND YOURSELF WHY YOU STARTED BLOGGING, because it's all about it! I think it's the best motivation. Thanks for sharing, keep it up!

    Cheers, Eliza | www.fashion-confession.com

  5. Good points, I've taken a few blogging breaks over the years mostly due to when I was having my IVF treatment to give me some time to myself and after they have failed too. When you are in the right frame of mind to go back to blogging you are so excited with all the ideas you have.

    Sorry to hear about your miscarriage, it is such a shitty thing to go through and its understandable why you took a break then. xx

    The Life of Dee

    1. Sometimes life just happens haha :-)

  6. This is such an important post as sometimes it seems like you are the only person in the world who doesn't post regularly as others. I always take breaks when I'm feeling particularly stressed as it makes me anxious and I don't want to work myself up even more by producing poor quality content. Sometimes a break is just what you need to get the motivation back again. x

  7. Great post, thank you for this! I think we all understand that motivation ebbs and flows in a normal job, but we assume that entrepreneurs should feel firey passion every moment of every day toward their business. We're human, and life gets in the way of work sometimes; and while some people might benefit from pushing through it and acting like everything is fine, I agree with you that it's healthy to listen to your emotions sometimes and come back to your work when you're ready.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Robin :-)

  8. Blogging is a huge commitment and I couldn't image the burden of having to do it daily. Great points touched on though www.thecornishhouse.com

    1. Hahah, I don't know how I've got the time to do it daily :D

  9. Great post! I would never have the time to post everyday I mostly write my blog post on weekends or after work which can be a struggle when I am tired! www.callmeliz.co.uk

    1. Oh, after work is that time of a day when taking a nap sounds so tempting :D

  10. Wow....what an fantastic post and truly inspire us and give us so much motivation.
    I do agreed with you and we have the same thinking about blogging. Personally for myself blogging is also the place for my passion and also for my work all together. The place where i also can shared all my world and all my passionate. So sorry to heard about your miscarriage and all your problem dear. I hope you can trough this and my best wishes for another pregnant.

    Lots of love,

    1. I'm happy that I inspired you haha :-)

  11. Love this post with great tips :D

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about you miscarriage, break and time for yourself is exactly what you need then. I've been there too and I know how hard it is get yourself back up again. Blogging can really help and all-tough I mostly keep my personal stuff out of the blog, its still therapeutic and makes me so happy. I think you're incredible for posting everyday, especially since you also work elsewhere. Amazing tips and keep up the good work Jasmin xx

  13. This was a great post - I'm so sorry to hear that you had a miscarriage. That's never easy and I can definitely understand why you would need a break from blogging to recover.
    It is very important to leave what happens at work, at work - but it can be oh so difficult!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    1. Yeah, well that happened over a year ago so I'm pretty much over it now but that work stuff, thank goodness I've got only 7 weeks left before my maternity leave haha :D

  14. I'm so sorry to hear of your miscarriage. You're very strong! And brave for saying it loud . I completely agree it's always best to take a break before burning out and re focusing so you don't lose your mojo. Ree Love30

  15. This is a great post - I'm so impressed with how open and honest you are, and I'm so sorry to hear of the stresses going on in your life. But you're so right with the advice you have given. I'm someone who goes through blogging 'slumps' fairly regularly - if a post I enjoyed writing doesn't do well, if I don't see the growth I wanted. Its easy to feel down, but you're so right in saying bring things back to when you first started and enjoyed it. I'm going to have these steps in my head for when I next hit that wall!


  16. I really love this post because more often than not I find myself too busy to write a blog but I just have to push through! Great post!


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