Recently, I’ve had a huge shift in my wardrobe. When I first got into fashion 
and fashion blogging, I was all about accumulating as much clothing as possible 
as that’s what it seemed all of the big bloggers were doing, and people always 
loved my new clothes. Within the past three to four months, I haven’t wanted to 
buy loads of new clothing. Rather, I wanted to cleanse my closet of the items I’d 
matured from and invest in quality items from time to time that would last me ages. 
Ironically, this shift is occurring right before I come of legal age. Since my 18th 
birthday is in three days, I though it be perfect to share 10 ways to enhance your 
style before you turn 18. (These suggestions can be used by those older than 18 too!)

1) Pick a color! 
I love all black clothing. I can’t get enough of it! In my quest to really setting my 
inner style, I’ve decided to curate a mostly black wardrobe since it is the color I like 
to wear most. I’ve got black dresses, tanks, jeans, and will acquire more black attire 
here and there to start a collection of key/essential pieces. To keep things from being 
too overwhelming, I’ve decided to invest in mostly white and/or black pieces, hold 
onto my non-black favorites, and wear non-black shoes and accessories for flare.

2) Establish a signature scent. 
When it comes to fashion, smell is just as importance as appearance.  I’ve been 
wearing different perfumes here and there since I was a freshman in high school, 
but what inspired me to establish a signature scent was my workplace. A few guys 
where I work wear cologne, and they wear the same scent every time I encounter 
them.  I’ve come to identify them by their cologne, and just a whiff of it in the air 
lets me know they’re near. Having a signature scent is just so personal (there’s 
nothing wrong with having a backup scent if you can’t pick just one!).

 I started wearing Modern Muse by Estee Lauder, and I’ve decided to bring it back into 
my life. It’s such a rich, juicy, mature, and seductive scent! I get compliments every 
time I wear it, and it lasts for hours. 1 ounce is $65, but it’s well worth it. 

3) Take a plunge. 
A couple of months ago, I did a post about something I’d been wanting to try for 
ages but was too scared to—wine colored lipstick. Something about that dark colored 
mystery kept me thirsting for a go, so I finally gave it a shot. At first I hated it. 
I managed to try it (in my house) three more times, and I fell in love! It’s a shade that 
I only see myself wearing to special occasions, but it’s so sultry that it’s worth a go. 
Want to try a new eyeshadow but think it’s too bright? Thinking about that red dress 
but don’t want to stand out? Give it a go. If anything, you’ll be glad you gave it a try.

4) Donate. 
Stop holding onto that old stuff you haven’t worn since last year. Let. It. Go.

5) Go big! 
A little over a year ago, I discovered one of the coolest sites to exist known as 
“Shoes of Prey”. “Shoes of Prey” is a custom shoe maker that allows you to 
design your own shoes and have them delivered straight to your door! With 
suede, patent leather, pebble leather, hair, soft leather, silk, vegan leather, etc., 
there’s a material for everyone. 

“Shoes of Prey” shoes are an investment. Flats typically start at $129, heels at 
$179, oxfords at $199, and wedges at $219. This doesn’t even include extras 
such as trim, bows, 4+ materials, etc.. There is a 365 day return/money back 
guarantee policy, and depending on your shoes, they’ll send you extra heel taps, 
extra laces, and shoe inserts free of charge. Every pair of shoes also comes with 
a shoe bag.

6) Be prepared! 
When it comes to fashion anything is possible. You can run into anyone and be 
offered the opportunity of a lifetime. You could also encounter a circumstance that 
isn’t so benefiting such as getting a rip in your clothes, sweating off your makeup, 
or get your period unexpectedly. To be ready for any instance, carry a sewing kit 
with you (I keep one in my car). Invest in a moisturizing facial wipe (I use Burt’s 
Bees), and ALWAYS carry a pad/tampon on you and sanitary wipes even if you’re 
not expecting to need them. Our bodies can surprise us in all kinds of ways. 
You may also be able to help a friend in need.

7) Enhance your sleep. 
For a while, I wore pajamas that were unappealing (to me). I went to bed in 
baggy pants, shirts, anything faded, things of multiple colors, etc.. One day I 
was feeling crappy, and sliding into my usual home attire made me feel even 
worse. I decided I needed a change. I created an account with “Aerie”, and I 
ordered some cute soft crop sleep tees, a couple of pairs of their sweater shorts, 
and a tank top.   The first time I slid into my new sleepwear I felt gorgeous and 
amazing! Two weeks later I invested in a few bodysuits from “Aerie” and two 
more sleep tees. I also went to “Target” and got a robe and some suede/furry 
slippers. My new pajamas always lift my mood no matter how I am feeling prior 
to putting them on, and I feel like a queen. Who says you can’t have style at home?

8) Take it one at a time. 
I absolutely adore my black skinny jeans, and I’ve donated almost all my other jeans 
because they are honestly the only jeans I need. If my current pair starts fading 
excessively, I invest in aback up pair for when they finally retire and rip as my previous 
pairs have. I’ve only got one pair of legs, so I only need one pair of jeans!

*update: I got two new pairs of black skinny jeans; now I won’t wear out one pair 
super quickly!

9) Budget. 
As I have gotten more into fashion, discovering my personal style, and buying less, 
my taste has become more expensive. If I find something by accident that I didn’t 
want before seeing it, I don’t buy it. If I think of something on my own that I want, 
I add it to my bookmarks on my computer or write it down. I decide how much I’m 
willing to spend on that item in the case that I find it at different prices, and I don’t 
waver from how much I’m willing to pay. If I don’t have the money available, I save 
until I do and avoid impulse buys so that I can have money for what I really want.

10) Invest in your space. 
I find getting ready most fun when my room is clean, my floor is vacuumed, my 
closet is neat, etc.. I’ve recently placed my ottoman in front of my dresser for a 
vanity style look, I put an additional ottoman at the end of my bed to add to the 
aesthetic (plus it holds my books!), and I plan to invest in a faux fur rug (and 
possibly blanket) to give my room a nice studio/fashion chateau vibe to it.

Thank you lovelies for reading this post, and thank you Jasmin for allowing me 
to share this on your lovely blog. Let me know which tip was your favorite!

R’Nelle CyRe’ XX (pronounced ar-nell suh-ray)



  1. I love the concept of designing your own shoes. And wearing black is definitely my go-to look when I need something easy and stylish.

  2. I will definitely keep that show designing site in mind. Sometimes that's exactly what I'll need. I also love keeping everything organised and tidy, gives me a clearer mind. Great post!

    1. Thank you!! So glad you liked the shoe site tip! I still have yet to get my first pair--so hard to pick just one design!

  3. it's a great tip to simply go for one color - I am very black and white for my clothing, it just always works! As for perfume I am used to the same for the past 5 years!

    1. We're so similar! What perfume do you use?!

  4. Cleaning out my closet is one of my favorite things to do. I love to create the ultimate wardrobe

  5. great tips no matter your age, i'm known for hoarding old clothes because "i may wear it again" but i lately purged my wardrobe and it feels great, also i tend to go for all black too :)

    1. Thank you so much. All black is easy and affordable!

  6. I loved it! I am actually surprised how much I can relate. I have only black jackets - black coat, black leather jacket, black spring jacket, black winter jacket, black blazer so we picked the same color! One of my good investments is perfume Lady Million from Paco Rabanne and I love having a one perfume that someone may remember me for. Also I love when my room is tidy as well. It makes me happy in a way. The only thing I disagree is that I can never have enough pairs of jeans.

    1. Lady Million. It sounds impeccable. You can never have enough jeans, I can never have enough pairs of shoes! Haha. You do you!! :) XX


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