I've been going on and on and on in my mind whether I should write this post or
not. You might remember a month earlier when I wrote about changes that were
happening at the place I'm currently working. If you don't, go on and refresh your
memory over here.
With no further ado, I find myself going through with everything in my mind over
and over again. Not everything changed the way I was expecting, but there has
happened several things I'm not too happy about.
The way I see the current place I'm working at the moment has changed. The way
I feel about my job has completely changed. I don't feel like waking up to there
The atmosphere has changed so much, that going there every single morning just
makes me feel awful. Thank goodness I'm leaving to maternity leave in a couple
of months so I can have a vacation that I really do need at the moment.

I've been trying to focus all those little great things that have happened too, but
everything bad feels just too overwhelming at the moment to even compare to those
good things.
A couple of times at 4AM in the morning I've been wondering whether I should call
in sick or not. Most of the mornings I haven't done that, but there have been a couple
days I've done so.

We used to have so much fun out there. Such a wonderful bunch of people and after
next week, half of them are gone. That sucks so hard.

I've made myself a plan after maternity leave; I decided that while I'm having that time
off, I'm going to focus on my studies and focus on the application I'm about to make
when Dino is old enough to put in a daycare. For me, I honestly don't know how many
years it will take but I'm willing to make everything I possibly can that I'll get accepted
to the school I want.
I mean, I've done that before but there's a new motivation driving me to that way.
Things need to change and I won't go back there after my little vacation.



  1. Im sorry to hear things have changed at your workplace, hopefully they will get better. But like you're going to, sometimes its better to make a plan to move on. I've heard from so many that once your baby arrives it gives you a drive to achieve your goals even harder. Have a lovely Sunday Jasmin xx

    1. Haha mine hasn't even arrived yet and I'm already one foot out of the door :D

  2. Be kind to yourself and enjoy your time with your child. Going back into a negative environment will do no favours to you as a human being and you'll carry that unhappiness at some level back into your home. Perhaps start your own business that allows you to work your life around your main role as a parent. I can say that going to College while having a toddler is not all its cracked up to be, so take your time on that decision and really think about the pros and cons of whether its right for you. Its hard always feeling like you should be playing with your child but always feeling like you should be studying...and of course trying to find time to run a business in the middle doesn't help either!

    1. Like I said, I don't know how many years it will take, but I'm having this new motivation to get accepted to the school I've always wanted. It doesn't mean that the first thing when that baby arrives I'm one foot out of the door going to school. Lol. Priorities.
      I'm also not going to start my own business, because here in Finland it's financial & emotional suicide. Also, even though I was studying after baby arrives, my husband is willing to be there for me. Yes, my main priority is to be mother to my child but that doesn't mean that I have to give up my own future because of it. When I have to take time for studies I pack my bundle of joy to go with it's father, who is my husband, and walk them out of the door telling them that I need couple of hours for myself. That's not being a bad parent, it's taking a time for yourself and your future.

    2. Hi Jasmin, my comment was certainly not criticising you and am sorry if you took it that way. I explained how difficult it is because that is what I am doing right now. My daughter is 19 months old and I've recently returned to finish post graduate work part time. Even part time my heart breaks being away from her, as much as I do love studying too. She is priority number one. I know the her time with her father is very important and special for him too, as my husband works so much during the week. But its definitely not a decision to take lightly and if I'd had a choice I'd personally have waited a couple more years before returning to finish my studies. And hey, the Young Living essential oils business is getting big in Finland and its a great work from home opportunity, so maybe that's an idea! :-) I have a friend in Finland who does it if you're interested in speaking to someone about it. Best of luck with your pregnancy and enjoy this very special time.

  3. I know how you feel, a lot has changed has my work place and it's just not somewhere I enjoy going anymore! Glad to see you have a plan though­čĺŤ

    1. Yeah, I'm good at planning. Achieving.. Hmm. :D

  4. I think you are so brave and bold for tackling your unrest at work! It's so easy to get caught up in situations just because it feels daunting to address them. You rock!

  5. Such a good article! Definitely an eye opener for many people I think!




  6. Sorry to heard that gorgeous, but good luck for all you plans for the future and my best wishes for you. Hope you can manage it all and beautiful time in the end. Take care yourself and have a great Sunday.
    XOX, Kintan


  7. It's not good when you wake up and don't want to get it started because you know you won't enjoy another work day. It is so important to have good work mates and if they leave, it is hard to keep up the positive mood :(

  8. Take the time to find the best solution but first of all you have to think of You!
    Helene/ www.beautifulismyattire.com

  9. Sorry to hear your not feeling great - but enjoy your time with your baby and I wish you al the best in your applications to schools!

  10. I can definitely relate to this post...I almost called in sick this morning myself! But perhaps you can see things not working as further motivation to pursue your educational goals.


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