Hello, everybody and welcome to this little series where I've been sharing trashy
iPhone pictures from the gigs we've been to this Summer
A couple of nights ago we went to see Twentyone Pilots over at Helsinki ice hall and
if there's a lovely way to put it in words, it was the most freaking amazing way to end
this Summer.
Even though, we're going far in the Autumn already - this was the thing that ended
Summer for me. We've been to so many lovely gigs this Summer, as the best one I
have to mention Simple Plan that we saw in late May, but this one comes at a very
good second place.

I have been listening Twentyone Pilots as long as I can remember and when we heard
that they're performing in Finland we knew we had to go there. The gig was sold out,
even though there was a quite empty floor.
I guess that was for safety reasons and because the band had to get somehow to the
middle of the floor during their act.
The gig was so wonderful! Singer jumped onto the hamster ball and walked through the
crowd - that might be one of the reasons why I never get a ticket from the floor. It's more
calm and wonderful to see and focus to the gig from the seats. Or is it?

No, sometimes it is not.
It's fun how some teenage girls get excited about things. It goes from 0 to 100 as fast
as lightening and that's quite pretty fast. There was a girl next to me, who screamed
her lungs out - and probably her throat out too and the same time, she was successfully
making me deaf from my right ear.
She also hit me by accident nearly 5 times. That was everything but nice and calm
experience. Also, they weren't singing. They were screaming the lyrics and if you saw
my snaps from the gig via snapchat, you can also hear them. It's insane. They kind of
ruined the experience for me.
They went absolutely nuts.

In some ways, I can understand their hype. But they seemed to be that kind of fans who
"knew" the every single lyric from their latest album and had started to listen to this whole
band when the song "Stressed out" came out.
I mean, they had no clue what were the words for the "My Car Radio", that's what I mean.

Despite those two girls who annoyed the crap out of me, as you might have noticed here,
I had so much fun.

They were jumping off the piano, the drums were magnificent and I absolutely loved
everything I saw. Lights were put together nicely and we couldn't stop the thought -
"how this would be if we were high?"
No, we do not get high, we were just wondering what kind of an experience it would be
if you were high during their concert.



  1. What an fantastic live concert. I can imagine how hectic and so much fun you had to enjoyed the concert.
    Great pictures and great lighting.

    Kintan XOX,

    1. Hahah, for pictures that are taken with phone they're okay but I still feel like I need to have "guts" to bring my pocket camera to these events :D

  2. Such a great experience! I really like your sense of humor :) Awesome post, girl!

    Cheers, Eliza |

    1. Hahah, thank you! :D It was wonderful, despite of those hmm.. girls. :D

  3. You're funny! Oh gosh, that sounds like some serious fan-mania :) Glad you enjoyed the concert anyway and had so many great ones during the summer as well. xx

  4. I do enjoy going for concerts but can't handle the crazy screaming teenage girls. I use my phone all the timr for pictures.

    1. Somehow their exitement is kind of admirable, but it's so super annoying :D

  5. Wow, seems truly such an amazing event, I love your pictures, thank you for sharing!!!


    1. It was wonderful :-) thank you for your lovely comment Nora :-)

  6. Looks like a great concert! And I totally get what you mean about some of the fans, whatever concert I go to, some people just go completely crazy :D

  7. Concerts are fun. I am waiting for Enrique to visit India again soon. You must have had a blast.

    1. Oh I saw Enrique few years ago here in Finland & it was so wonderful :-)

  8. I love going to gigs the atmosphere is always so amazing, although I'm sad to say I haven't been to one in a while. Looks like you had a great time (apart from those two girls lol) =^.^=

    1. Had so much fun haha :D concerts are wonderful :-)

  9. Nice photos. It's always so difficult to get good ones at concerts :)

    1. That's so true, especially when taking pictures with your phone haha :D


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