Have you ever heard or thought about repurposing old clothes? I've always thought 
about finding a purpose for all those clothes that I never wear but I still don't feel like 
throwing away.

Fortunately, the internet is full of ideas! I've looked for some info on Pinterest and 
created a board for this (you can see it here).  Then, I've also found an awesome 
YouTube channel! The name of the girl who created it is April. She buys clothes 
from thrift stores and uses them as material for some brand new garments. She does 
magic with her scissors and her sewing machine! You should check out her channel here.

A few days later I was looking through my closet and I found this blouse.

It has a gorgeous colorful fabric but I have never worn it since it was too big for me. 
So, I've decided to do something to make it fit and I'm sharing the process with you!

1st step:
Put on the blouse upside down and ask someone to pin the excess fabric on both sides. 
Follow the initial seam and make sure to have the same amount of fabric pinned on 
both sides. I had to take out 6 cm around the waist (3 cm on each side) and 1.5 cm 
from the sleeves (0.75 cm on each side).

2nd step:
Take off the blouse and trace a line connecting all the pins.

3rd step:

Sew along this line (for me, it was the green line in the image below).

4th step:
Try on the blouse again to make sure it fits. If not, try pinning and sewing again. 
If it fits, then cut out the excess fabric, leaving at least 0.5cm seam allowance.

5th step:
Finnish the raw edges.

6th step:

Wear your new, well-fitted blouse!


  1. I've reused old clothes to make things a few times. I had an old dress in NY cupboard that I didn't have the heart to get rid of so instead I cut it up along with an old pair of red jeans and made a funky 50's style skirt💛

  2. I have no idea how to use a needle and thread, but got lucky as I have a husband is great at this since he studied fashion :)

    1. Wow that's cool! You're definitely a lucky woman :-)

  3. I like the idea of reusing clothes! I'm not that handy with sewing though!

  4. I love the idea of reusing old clothes but I feel a bit guilty to admit that I never actually have. The only thing I have done with old clothes is used them for rags for cleaning haha love your idea for reusing clothing though. So creative.

    1. Using them for cleaning is also a great purpose for old clothes :-)

  5. What a good idea! Although I am not that handy🙈

    1. Hahah it might take a little practise yeah :D

  6. Nice work! Sewing is such a fantastic skill to have - one I still have yet to self-teach myself.

    1. It's quite simple after a little practise :-)

  7. Great idea to repurpose, I would probably want to loosen it up instead of tighten though. LOL
    This idea will be great for using maternity clothes after baby is born. :)


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