Our tiny baby is already a one-year-old!
Oh my goodness, I can still remember the day when we were watching How I Met
Your Mother and started hearing funny and weird unusual noises from our guinea
pig cage.
We realized pretty quickly that Teddy, who had joined our little family a month back,
was giving a birth. It seemed to be over by that time we noticed what was happening
and saw something that wasn't in the cage before.
There was this tiny little beige thing that wasn't there earlier.
Then there was this tiny black thing that wasn't there earlier.
It was kind of a shock to both of us, not to imagine how shocked our other guinea pigs
were from this event. If you could see feelings from a guinea pig's face, you should've
seen our Viuhti.
She was so freaked out, it could have been seen on her face.

We quickly removed the mom and her kid to their own little one bedroom apartment
we created for them. You know, it's completely possible to create another place to live
for two guinea pigs in 20 minutes and that's how they were moved to their new spot.
We knew that our other guinea pigs could get a bit rough when they actually realize
that there's a new guinea pig in town, so to keep the baby safe and alive, close to her
mother, we built a new place for them for a little while.
Just until this newbie would be strong enough to confront our three little divas.
I wrote a post a few hours later about this event that happened exactly one year ago
and you can read it from here.

"Our youngest guinea pig, Teddy, gave a birth about an 
hour ago. I'm still bit confused how it all happened. We 
got Teddy in our family in August and she was born on 
4th of July this year, so it basically means that our little 
piggie is officially a teen mom.
We started hearing pretty random and weird noises earlier 
while watching tv and when we were checking that what 
was it about we realized that there was a dead guinea pig 
in the cage. 
Guinea pigs are pretty disgusting when it comes to death. 
They believe that if they will eat the dead guinea pig, 
beasts won't find the corps and they can hide those who 
left alive in peace. So disgusting. 
     It was a bit overwhelming moment when you realize that 
there is a dead guinea pig in the cage. We had no clue that 
Teddy was even pregnant, or whatever it is called with the 
guinea pigs. Well, now afterward there was a few things we 
wondered - Teddy drank a lot of water, I mean really really 
much - but so did Tiuhti, Viuhti and Sidney when they were 
younger. We thought it's not big of a deal and it would be a 
just normal behavior to young guinea pigs. 
Another one was a few days ago when I was holding her in 
my lap and I noticed that she had this random beat on 
another side of her. It was baby kicking when I thought it 
was her own heart and breath when she hadn't yet used to 
being hold."

So yeah, Peanut is now one-year-old, we kept her alive. I'm so proud of us. 
She is such a personality, I mean honestly. We've got five guinea pigs and they're all 
so different. 

Viuhti is one of those who eats for her feelings, or well, all the time. She's huge. She 
loves to be on the lap and have all the cuddles. She really loves to feel comfy. 
Anywhere & anytime. 

Tiuhti is one with an ego issue, she want's to be the queen of the kingdom. She's the 
leader. Although she lost her power to Sidney, who happened to be more of a diva 
when she arrived. 

Sidney doesn't like if her hair is touched. She doesn't like to be on the lap, she's so 
interested about everything everywhere. Once she tried to chase the vacuum cleaner 
when I was cleaning.  

Teddy is quite shy, I believe that's because of that giving birth unexpectedly thing 
happened at such a young age. She really likes to be alone. I mean, there were 4 
other buddies for her in the cage and they come along so well but she just finds a 
corner and hangs out alone. I've wondered if she's having a depression, but she 
doesn't look sad at all. She just likes to be alone, which is kind of weird when 
knowing that guinea pigs are supposed to be in packs. 

Then there's Peanut. 
Peanut is really something else. She's got a ton of energy for everything. She gets 
nuts about food, she gets nuts about hay. She gets nuts about everything interesting 
going on. 
She's so interested about everything in the world, that she doesn't stay in the same 
place for long period of times. I'm pretty sure she's having AD/HD and sharing 
issues. Whenever we're changing the water from their bottle, she has to be there 
checking up what we're doing. When we bring the bottle back, she has to be the 
one who drinks first. Even though someone else might want to drink water, she 
can just spend 30 minutes on the bottle, on/off drinking and whining if someone 
gets close. 
When she sees that someone else is at the bottle, she has to be there and drink at 
the same time. 
At the moment I'm writing this, she's asleep next to the water bottle. 
I mean, hello dude. 
She's literally not afraid of anything. 


  1. I really enjoy reading your pack of family with their own unique personalities. I must say, Peanut is a special one, and happy birthday to her! 🙂

    1. She definitely is! So precious :) She says thank you!

  2. What beautiful little piggies! I'm totally in love with them already :) <3 Happy birthday!
    Katja xxx

  3. They're so cute and really seem to have their own personalities. Happy birthday to little caramel coated Peanut :)

    1. They definitely do! I never thought you could see their personalities but they truly bring all of their sides out :D She says thank you!

  4. Happy Birthday Peanut! I also have a Guinea Pig called Peanut, he's not quite one years old yet.

    Great post x

    1. Oh my goodness that's adorable! Peanut buddies :)

  5. Looks amazing, the first two shots are awesome.

  6. Sooo cute! I had two but when I moved abroad I had to find them new homes. I love their personalities though! And yours seem like quite the bunch!

    1. Wow, hope they found a great home :D Yeah, they're something else haha :D

  7. Soooo cute!
    I used to have a girl guinea pig when I was young! remind me of her!
    xo, Margot


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