Hello everybody!

Can you believe it? I've made a bucket list for our move, which is in three weeks
by the way, and we've already fallen behind on it.
I can't believe it.
The reason I even created this six-week lasting bucket list, is because the week
when we're going to move (not to mention about this entire month) is going to be
so incredibly busy.
At the week of our move, on Tuesday we're going to go to see a concert.
Thursday we're having an appointment to our maternity clinic.
Friday we'll be getting the keys to our new apartment.
Saturday we'll be heading to my mom n:o2's wedding. She's the mom of my
childhood friend and like my mom has been like a "mom" to him, she's been like
a "mom" to me. Nothing biological going on here.
Then there are two days left for moving.
That's why I created this bucket list.

- sell the little dishwasher (20€)
- give away that ugly little tv table
- see what's on our living room shelves (stay/sell/trash)
- see what's in our storage (stay/sell/trash)
- rip off the dc-fix (toilet & kitchen)
- buy large trash bags

- ask J to get few boxes from work (for the baby stuff & balcony stuff)
- see what's on the balcony (stay/sell/trash)
- do a complete autumn clean up for cabins in the kitchen + (stay/sell/trash)
- see what's inside of those two IKEA boxes in the living room (stay/sell/trash)
- rip off the wallpaper & paint walls if necessary

- see what's that stuff in our closet (stay/sell/trash)
- go through all the clothes (stay/donate/recycle)
- clean the living room carpet & sell that bastard (20€) <- my mom actually wants to buy it.
- go through boxes & drawers in the bedroom (stay/sell/trash)
- sell clothing rack (5€) <- my mom wanted to buy this too.

- sell the big dishwasher, because there already is one in the new apartment.
- sell that small carpet from the hallway (5€)
- search the spare key for this apartment
- go through toilet (stay/trash)
- sell the laundry basket (3€)
- go through the hallway (stay/sell/trash)

- give away those black IKEA plates
- pack everything you don't need any more from the living room
- pack everything you don't need any more from the bedroom
- pack everything you don't need any more from the toilet

- buy storage boxes from the IKEA
- vacuum the flies (we've got flies inside of our kitchen window.)
- wash the windows (or actually, pay someone to do it for you because you can't)
- pack everything you don't need any more from the kitchen

- pack the rest of the stuff
- do the final clean to the apartment.
- move

u know.

I might be a bit organized but that's the only way I can see us get through from this
month. It's going to be absolutely insane haha! We'll see how it goes. Wish us luck!



  1. Good on you getting organized before your move! It looks like there's a lot on your list, so take it one step at a time — and take some time to breathe too :) Good luck!

    Hillary |

    1. Hahah thanks :D that would've been a piece of a cake if we had started early. :D

  2. For real, I think I'm going to copy the way you organize your bucket list - week by week. I bet when you pencil in your goals like this it makes it a lot easier to attain.

    Anywho, you've got this girl! It looks like a lot of work, and overwhelming right now, but once you start getting through the first few weeks, things will get moving and it will seem a lot less crazy!

    Have a great month!

    1. Haha that's true, but it's already week 40 and I'm like two weeks late on that bucket list :D I can do this!

  3. Moving always feels overwhelming, but as a list writer myself I know how much easier it is to have a list to go through. And ticking those boxes feels so good ­čśŐOne step at a time.

    1. Oh it feels so good right :D It's like getting some sick vibes from it :D

  4. Looks like you got it all sorted ! Good luck on your move am sure it will be perfect :)

  5. Good luck with the move... Although with those organisational levels i'm sure it'll go as well as it possibly can! xo

  6. You're so organised! When I moved I packed and organised all my things last minute.


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