Hi there lovelies!

I've heard so many people say how fast pregnancy goes. In my mind, I've kind of
had this doubt about it, but trust me - when it comes to you, it goes by like a wind.
I can't believe that we're halfway through this process already. I can remember that
day when I peed on that stick having two pretty red lines in it like it was yesterday.
Where does this time go?

Although, I haven't been waiting to this to be over already. I've got some smaller
goals on the way where I'm waiting for. As my latest goal, I was considering the
fact that we finally found out if Dino is a boy or a girl. Now that we know which
one Dino's going to be, I'm waiting for Halloween and that moment when I'm about
to go to the grocery store, buy a pumpkin and carve it.
That really does make a time go by way faster.

So what has happened during these past 5 weeks?

You might remember my latest pregnancy update where I stated that my jeans don't
fit me anymore. Well, the jeans on those pictures do not fit me anymore. I bought a
new pair of jeans a month ago and they still fit, so no maternity clothes needed yet.
That's kind of a relief, I somehow wish I don't even need to buy maternity clothes
during this pregnancy but I know that's only just wishful thinking.

I'm finally starting to look like I'm pregnant. That's kind of a good thing considering
that I've lost all the motivation for wearing my old shirts. My shirts don't fit anymore.
I mean, they do fit but they're too tight. I think I'm going to have to buy some new
ones pretty soon. The picture on the right was taken when I was on my pregnancy
week 14 and the one on the left side were taken yesterday when it was pregnancy
week 19+6. There can be seen a slight difference.

I don't have any food cravings. Or well, if you don't count this random need to have
mashed potatoes and meatballs, but that doesn't happen so often and my need for
those things is not that bad. I mean, I can live without.
Sweets are definitely a no go for me, I'm starting to feel nauseous if I'm eating candy
or if I'm putting too much chocolate into my system. Thank you, Dino for that, maybe
I won't be fat after this experience. I mean, now that I'm thinking about candy while
writing this post I'm starting to feel a bit nauseous.
I've also been eating normally during these 20 weeks of my pregnancy. I'm not hungry
all the time, so thank you, Dino, for that also.  Although, I've added a few extra meals
for my daily eating.
Before I got pregnant I usually didn't have breakfast at mornings or lunch during a
work day. Now I'm trying to have breakfast every morning to get my day started and
eat something at work too. That's been a huge improvement for me on a personal level.

I've been having a bunch of super weird dreams lately. I've heard that it's quite common
during pregnancies but holy shit they're weird. Waking up in the middle of the night
thinking what the hell was that has become a nightly basis for me. I've planned a blog
post about the subject, so let's wait until that.
I'm not that tired anymore, or well. I am. But I'm certain that it's only because of work.

Now to the exciting part of this post. Is Dino a boy or a girl?
Let me know in the comments your thoughts and guesses which one it may be.

We had our 2nd ultrasound experience last Friday and oh my goodness it was so lovely
to see that our little bundle of joy was still alive. I mean, I still haven't felt a thing. Or
 maybe I have.
The midwife asked if I had felt any movements and what do I answer the question.
"Yeah, I guess. Something little, or I don't know, I don't really have any experiences
about living things inside of me."
The midwife was also super lovely, she took a bunch of pictures of Dino and we got to
keep them all. Last time we only received three pictures and this time, we got almost 10!
We also heard that we were lucky when we had those three because sometimes they only
give to a couple one picture to take home with them.
She also said that Dino was behaving so nicely and was a proper show-off, like "look at
me, look at me" kind of a way, so I guess we've got a diva on the way.

Everything was fine, no recognizable heart diseases, ears were in their place, hands and
feet had developed nicely and upper lip was in its place. Healthy baby on the way.



  1. Congrats! I think its a girl. I agree pregnancy goes quickly except for the last trimester! Glad everything is fine on the US. x

    1. Hahah I've heard some horror stories from the third trimester :D can't wait!

  2. Congratulations! I didn't know you were pregnant! Take good care of yourself <3

  3. I remember how fast my pregnancy went. And the moment we found out it was a girl. Great memories. Try to enjoy as much as you can. The dreams are pretty common but strange as well.

    Xo Sabine

    1. Haha I will :-) yeah those dreams are so random oh my goodness :D

  4. Congrats and enjoy your baby bump! :-)
    xo, Margot

  5. How cute!!! Congratulations and good luck! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James

  6. Woww....congratulation for your pregnant and for your a little baby. Hope everything running well until the due date and both of your stay healthy. I´m sure a great feeling to have such a cute little thing inside of you. Best wishes.
    XOX, Kintan


  7. What a heart warming share! I love your openess about your pregnancy, all the best!

    1. Haha I'm glad that you enjoyed the post :-)

  8. Congrats jassy! Pregnancy is such a wonderful thing

  9. congrats and how cute that he/she is a little show off =^.^=

  10. Congrats on your pregnancy love and I think youve got a little girl on the way!
    Jordan xx


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