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A little while ago I wrote a post about 5 Things you should do for yourself. 
The final point I made in that post was that you should start something new, 
and I talked about how at the start of this year I got my first ever gym membership. 
I'm going to be brutally honest with you -I'm ashamed to admit this... I haven't 
actually been to the gym since like, August when I posted that. Actually, I haven't 
really done any exercise since then. 

This is obviously something I want to change, especially as we approach winter. 
For me, Summer is the time that I focus on myself the most, and I look after my 
body the most. I suffer from SAD, so looking after myself is extremely difficult 
during the winter months. I really want to get into some good habits and routines 
before winter kicks in, especially since I'm in my first year of university this year.

One habit I've started to pick up is drinking herbal teas rather than coffee. I've 
always loved a good ol' coffee, but I have my coffees heaped with so much coffee 
that it's really not healthy. And I'd rather have no coffee than bitter coffee. I've really 
enjoyed trying out the different ranges of herbal teas that are on offer, and am slowly 
getting used to the routine of having a nice warm herbal tea in the morning rather 
than my usual starbucks blend. Plus, because herbal teas have much less (if any) 
caffeine in them, it's totally alright for me to have a hot cuppa in the evening during 
a movie sesh.

I've always loved pukka teas, some of my favourite blends being the detox blend 
(it comes in a white box), as well as the lemon and ginger blend. They're so 
refreshing, and are definitely my go-to for herbal teas. However, I've also 
discovered Heath & Heather teas which are available in Holland & Barrett. The 
flavour is much more subtle than that of Pukka tea blends so I quite like to add 
half a spoon of sugar to bring out the flavour, but nevertheless they're absolutely 

As well as that, I've been going on morning walks every Saturday about 9am. I live 
about 2 minutes away from a golf course that's right next to a stream and a farm, 
and there's a little trail that a lot of local dog walkers use that takes you through the 
countryside. I've really enjoyed taking my camera out and taking some snaps of the 
crisp country setting. It's really made me appreciate where I live, and I find that my 
day is so much more bearable after a morning walk to freshen me up.

Do you have any new habits that you'd like to pick up?


  1. I suffer from SAD too!!! I'm Inn mexico at the moment and when I get back to the Uk going to hit me hard!!! Exercise really helps though 😄 Ree love30

    1. I'm glad that you've found something helpful :-)

  2. I'm a coffee addict and I think I want to pick up a new habit by drinking tea than coffee too. I just got a blueberry and maple syrup tea to try and hopefully - this could be a game changer for me.

    1. I'm coffee addict too, had to minimize from 7 cups a day to 2 cups a day when I got pregnant. Feel you! Although, I don't really enjoy tea that much.

  3. Great post. I really need to cut down on my coffee and drink more herbal tea, although I am now drinking green tea or ginger tea later in the evenings to cut down on caffeine before bedtime.
    Sharon x


    1. That's great! :-) It's never good to drink coffee before bed :D

  4. I'd love to have the motivation to start something new again but my excuse is always the same: I'm too busy. Maybe that's what I need to start: being more organised with my life so I can start something new 😃 thanks for sharing hun!
    Katja xxx

  5. Last winter I switched to herbal teas from coffee as well, and it has made such a surprisingly big impact... For some reason coffee/caffeine really messed with my body, and my sleep, so cutting that out has been great so far <3

    1. WOW, I'm glad that herbal tea is working out for you!

  6. I would also love to cut down my coffee consumption, but I am not sure if that's going to be possible hence coffee just keeps me alive. Maybe, I am just addicted already..However, something that I am already doing is going to the gym more often! This has been on my list for some time now. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  7. Ive never liked coffee so I'm all about the herbal teas, Heath and Heather do a really nice Raspberry Leaf tea if you haven't given that a try yet. Your morning walk sounds lovely, no wonder you take your camera along :)

    The Life of Dee

  8. I'm a massive coffee drinker but I've cut back to switching to teas and green juices. Both give me a ton of energy and are 10x better for me than being hopped up on caffeine all day. Now I have to get back into the gym over the next few weeks.

  9. I think in general i'm just addicted to hot beverages (not so much hot chocolate) but tea, coffee, herbal and fruit teas. My current addiction in mango and lychee tea or vanilla chai tea lattes =^.^= my new habit that i'm trying to keep up is going to the gym x4 a week, week 2 and still going :)

  10. I think in general I'm just addicted to hot beverages (not hot chocolate) but teas, coffees, fruit and herbal teas. My current favourite is Mango and Lychee tea =^.^=

  11. I have a bad habit with sugar because of my low pressure, so I'm always needing sugar in my veins. The problem became a addiction and after I started to read the book Sugar Blues, I totally want to take of that poison from my life.
    As today I'm starting the day with only milk and bread.
    A Bela, não a Fera | Youtube A Bela, não a Fera | Fã Page no Facebook


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