Hi there lovelies!

Oh my goodness it's October already. I've slowly became to realization that there's
only three months of this year left. Gosh I can still remember when we changed from
2015 to 2016 and now when you're thinking it - 2017 is not that far away.
Time goes by so incredibly fast and I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't gathered any of
these monthly favourite moments I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even remember what
I've been up to this year.
I really do like the fact that I've decided to do my monthly favorites this way, it's more
wonderful to put your favorite moments in to a post than share a mascara you used
three times during a month and forgot it when the next one arrives.
I'm not saying that product posts suck, because I really do love to read them - but
honestly, if I did any of those anymore I would not be able to make up products that
I enjoyed using that month.
I've tried and it's not for me so I basically am reading those kinds of posts from the

So today, I'm challenging you. If you've got a blog, share your monthly favorites in a
moments. Share your favorite days from past month and look back how many amazing
things you got to do then. It's so wonderful and I really haven't seen these kinds of posts
anywhere so - let's make it happen guys. I'm counting on you.

2nd of September

We went to see an apartment that day and we absolutely fell in love with it. We made
contract and now we're just literally waiting for moving in. I'm so excited. There will
also be own room for Dino, so it's pretty darn amazing.
I've got so many wonderful ideas for Dino's room or to that apartment in general and I
can't wait to make them happen.

14th of September

I had my doctor's appointment that day and even though it was pretty uncomfortable and
awkward, I really loved the fact that I was able to hear Dino's heart beat.
At that moment I was in a stage of pregnancy where I didn't exactly look like I was
pregnant, my symptoms were all gone and I couldn't feel the baby move.
It's pretty common though, you might not feel anything before pregnancy week 20 or so
if you're expecting your first, because you don't know how it feels. I can totally understand
it, but still it kept me wondering if it's still alive down there. It was & I'm happy and little
less nervous.

18th of September

We spent the most amazing Sunday, or actually a whole weekend, at home doing
absolutely nothing. We just laid on the coach, ate pizza and watched Sherlock.
I've got something to say about that series after reading those books when I was younger
and after looking up to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's work for so long. Not to mention about
Benedict Cumberbatch whom I absolutely do not like, although he's doing his role pretty
well. Let's just save those things inside of my head and let them go.
Had an amazing weekend.

19th of September

This was our 6th year anniversary. Even though half of the evening was spent to
listening to J to do work stuff with his father for two hours, it was pretty lovely day.
I cooked mashed potatoes and meatballs us for dinner, because that's something I've
been craving lately (or Dino has been craving) and even though I ended up feeling a
bit nauseous I really enjoyed the meal.

25th-26th of September

We spent a night on a cruise from Helsinki to Tallinn and back and had such a
wonderful time. Ate well and slept even better. It was kind of our anniversary trip.
You might remember last year when we went to the spa, so this was kind of like it
but this time, we went to the boat.

How was your September?



  1. on kyl kiva postaus ja ihania juttuja listannut :) ..Mä en edes tajunnut että tää vuosi on kohta ohi D: kääk!

    ♥ Sini | myblog-bysini.blogspot.fi

    1. Aika menee niin nopsaan ettei edes ehdi huomata :D

  2. Vähänkö kiva blogi! jään seuraajaksi! Ja siis minun mielestä vuosi on mennyt hyvin nopeasti.


  3. What a lovely month you've had. And yay for babys' heartbeat. That must've been so exciting. ☺ xx

    1. It's super exciting every time haha :D

  4. Time goes by way too fast, I can't believe now as we speak it is already october. Happy 6yrs with your man!

    1. So fast! Oh my goodness, where do these days pass :D thank you :-)

  5. What a lovely months it has been for you. Wishing a perfect and wonderful October

  6. Ahhh I love this! You're right it's crept up do fast!! I swear as you get older it goes even faster 😂 I love the 18th September photo. Look at your pointy toe! Ree love30

  7. So nice that you got to hear the heartbeat!

  8. Jessy, your favorites always make me so happy! Its so important to value all the things in life❤️

    1. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed of this post dear :-)

  9. Nice idea to collect the best moments of September. Curious to read more :-)

  10. This is really true. Time flies by so fast. I myself just realised that 2016 is coming to an end.

    1. It's so weird to think about remembering so clearly when we switched from 2015 to 2016. :D


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