Hi there lovelies!

I had a wonderful chance to collaborate with earlier this month and it
was such a lovely experience. So begin this little blog post I must say that even this
blog post is sponsored and all the pieces from my outfit were given to me for the
purpose, this is my honest review of my experience with All the
opinions are my own because opinions can't be bought.

Now that I got that out of my system let's get to the experience.
So I got the chance to choose a few products from their website and I created an
autumn outfit for myself.
I picked a sweater with faux leather leggings, added a few pieces of jewelry to it and
of course, I took a bag and beanie to go with it.

The beanie was a true find! I absolutely adore it, and even though I'm pretty suspicious
about the fact that not everything you order from these kinds of websites isn't always
what they look in the picture, I was really satisfied with everything I got. They looked
exactly like in pictures so that's a huge plus for the company. I mean, we've all ordered
something that wasn't what we wanted right? Well, these were all wonderful.
This cute mouse bag that goes over your shoulder was just too adorable to leave there.
It was a bit smaller than I expected, but I can sure use it, though. It was just a picture
that I had painted in my head that it would be a few inches larger, but this goes fine too.
I had this bag with me when we went out with my co-workers and it was so useful!
I mean, you can't have too much with you when there's not the space for unnecessary stuff.

For the necklaces in this outfit, I wanted to combine two different ones.
This owl necklace was absolutely adorable. The lock of it was broken when I
received it, but it goes super easily over my head so that really doesn't matter.
Unless my head gets bigger, then it does matter. So far, it doesn't matter because
it's absolutely gorgeous. I also found this cute choker with a really reasonable
price and it's actually the first choker I've ever owned after early 2000. It's
adorable and it kind of gives this skater style a bit chic too I think.
It's really adjustable, so it fits my neck perfectly and I don't feel uncomfortable in it.

Then it's time to show my absolute favourite part of the outfit - the leggings.
They're faux leather and they make my legs look gorgeous. I don't know why
but I absolutely adore them. Not my legs, these leggings. Or maybe it's my legs?
First I was super suspicious about the leggings. They only come in one size and
I'm pretty pregnant at the moment, so thank goodness they're having super quick
delivery and the leggings are stretchy because they still fit me, even though I'm
almost 20 weeks pregnant. I was really pleasantly surprised.
I've also been wearing this geometric knit kind of a shirt literally non-stop since
I received it. It's so super soft and warm to wear for these chilly days.
It was a definitely a find.

Overall, my experience with was positive. The shipping happened
quickly and the order was really easy to place. I can highly recommend this
website to you, at least based on this one experience I've had.
Although, as a blogger, I have to say that I felt a little pressured to make this post.
There were questions all the time about when will I make this post. Literally all the
time. For me, it's important that I can make things at my own pace, so I felt pretty
uncomfortable during shooting these pictures.

Have you ordered anything from If so, how was it?
You can find all the pieces from my outfit behind the links.



  1. Tuo laukku on aivan IHANA! :-----) lucky you! x Dora //

  2. That sweater is gorgeous! I love the Owl necklace as well. Fantastic outfit and you look great. Will certainly go over and look at the website.

    1. Hahah thank you Naomi :-) ! Hope you'll find something you like :)

  3. Replies
    1. I've been wearing it non-stop lol :D

  4. great post.
    I invite you to me .
    Captures all the subs.

  5. The mouse handbag is so cute! Love the look!

  6. Nice look ! Loving the beanie but like you always worried that it will not look the same. The owl necklace is so pretty pity it was broken.

    1. Hahah yeah, thank goodness my head is so small that I can still use the necklace :D

  7. Great look and I love black and white and the bag looks so cute. <3

    1. I always go with black and white, it's like my "signature style" lol :D

  8. I love the pieces you picked out! The mouse purse is just too cute!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  9. So comfy and chic! Love how you are daring in matching the chevron with the stripes on your beanie :)

    1. Haha, never thought of it that way :D but they look pretty good together though :D

  10. Such a cute look! Especially the handbag is so adorable :3

  11. amazing collection. Love the cap.

  12. Jasmin the mouse bag is so cute!

  13. The perfect autumn vibes outfit! Love the leggings.

  14. You look stunning. I absoulutly adore the hat though!


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