Hello, everybody!

Earlier this month was this huge "sale" thing happening in one of the department stores
in Finland called Crazy Days (Hullut Päivät in Finnish).
It's literally crazy how people are running to get what they want to buy as soon as the
doors to that department store open at 7AM. It's absolutely insane, imagine being working
over there during those hours. It's insane. Although it's fun event if I had to say something
positive about it. All those balloons are making me bit uncomfortable, though.

This year, I didn't find that many things to buy. I mean, I got a couple of things for Dino
and three shirts for my little brother. Things that I bought for Dino are already in the moving
box and I also gave the shirts to my little brother so they won't be included in this post.
After all, I spent only about 80€ to this whole event, which is not that much after all.
I've used to spend a lot more, but there just wasn't anything to buy this Autumn.

We bought this lovely clock to our new apartment. We realized that we do not have a clock
on our wall, which is kind of weird as being as busy as we are. So we bought one.
It's quite small, but it's perfect for our new little apartment and I absolutely love it's color
to pieces. Black & copper, can't go wrong with that.

This one actually arrived just in time to make this post. As being there as an employee I
really don't enjoy going there after hours in the middle of all of those people, so I usually
order my things online. I bought this hooded panda towel for Dino and it's absolutely
adorable. I kind of wish there would have been adults sizes of these too. Wait, what?

Okay, talking about pandas a lot here today. I absolutely fell in love with this when I saw
this in the catalog and I knew immediately that I needed to buy this. It was quite expensive,
19,90€ and it's only for a blanket. I would've understood the price if there was also a cover
for the pillow, but as being used to IKEA and all the other cheap "department stores", my
statement here is quite overrated. After all, everything I bought from the Crazy Days was
from the cheapest end of the line so I've got nothing to complain about prizes.

That's basically everything I found. I was kind of disappointed to this falls catalog as there
wasn't that much stuff that I would have wanted to buy, but at least it saved me a plenty of
money lol!


Hello, everybody! 

I've got something pretty special to share with you today. A couple of weeks ago, I
discovered that a girl named Laura was gathering her own blog team and was finding
fellow bloggers to join in. With out further ado, I thought - "what the hell" and
commented my e-mail address in her blog post about gathering the team.
Well, somehow I was accepted to join in and here we go, now I'm in a blog team.
Also, all my blog team posts will be written also in Finnish, so don't be confused
- this is not becoming a every day thing lol!

// Moi, kaikki!  
Onpas hassua kirjoittaa suomeksi. Mulla on jotakin hyvin erityistä jaettavaa tällä 
kertaa. Muutama viikko sitten, huomasin että bloggaaja nimeltä Laura oli kasaamassa 
kokoon blogitiimiä ja etsi kanssabloggaajia liittymään mukaan. Mitään sen enempää 
selittelemättä pohdin, "miksikäs ei" ja kommentoin oman sähköpostiosoitteeni 
hänen blogipostaukseensa tiimin kasaamisesta.
Noh, jotenkin mutkin sitten hyväksyttiin tähän ryhmään ja tässä sitä mennään, olen 


Hi, guys!

How are we today? I'm feeling awesome. Yesterday, we got the keys to our new
apartment and today we're heading to a lovely Autumn wedding. Or I believe that
wedding is going to be lovely. My childhood friends mom is getting married and
we are honored to be there and celebrate that wonderful event.

I also realized that I've been blogging daily for 6 months! Oh, my goodness time
goes fast by. It feels like yesterday when I started.
I could lie and say that this little experiment of mine has been dancing on the roses
and so easy and fun. But I won't, because there has been days when I've been cursing
myself to even go ahead and start this little suicide mission.
If I call it suicide mission, why am I then enjoying it so much?
I must be a masochist.

Nah, I love doing this. All those days when I've been on the edge of a mental
breakdown I keep reminding myself why I started doing this and it all makes sense.
I wanted to challenge myself to get away from the comfort zone I was and oh boy
I've done that.
There have been so many lovely experiences whilst doing this. So many wonderful
moments and as you might know I love to collect moments in that little memory journal
inside of my head. Well, this got deep pretty quickly.

To "celebrate" this little milestone, I decided to look back and make a throwback about
5 most read posts during these past 6 months, so let's roll.


I really enjoyed making this post. This was a tag that was going on in loads of blogs
back then and it's still one of the blog posts I get visits pretty often. How fun is that?


We had our 6-year-anniversary a couple of months back and I shared our little love
story over at the post.


I shared 25 blog post ideas for a lifestyle blogger & it's one of the most viewed posts of
all time over at this blog. I guess I should start to make a couple of more of these haha!


This was also a quite popular post back in the days haha! I love sharing my thoughts
about daily blogging combined with umm, life.


When a blog post starts with a sentence; "I'm going to be fat" it has to be the one
with the most views.



I'm a huge fan of Halloween. I mean, a huge. I have no clue where it has come from
because here in Finland we do not celebrate Halloween. I don't now why, though, it's
such a lovely holiday.
When I was little, my mom and my stepdad back then threw a Halloween party every
single year I can remember and I got to help my mom to decorate before the party
started and I and my younger sister had to leave to our grandparent's place. It was a
party for adults so there was not supposed to be kids.
Well, all that amount of alcohol - definitely not a kids party.
Now that I've gotten older I have done a few Halloween parties as myself and oh boy
those have been a whole lot of fun.
I also realized after I did this makeup look for myself for Halloween, I really need to
invest in new makeup brushes.
Blending is definitely not on fleek but otherwise, I did pretty well while creating this look.

What do you think?


- Ps. I love you - eyeliner from Primark
- Isadora & Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes

I created this look with a very little amount of makeup and that's kind of what I'm the
most proud of.



Hello, everybody and welcome to this little series where I've been sharing trashy
iPhone pictures from the gigs we've been to this Summer
A couple of nights ago we went to see Twentyone Pilots over at Helsinki ice hall and
if there's a lovely way to put it in words, it was the most freaking amazing way to end
this Summer.
Even though, we're going far in the Autumn already - this was the thing that ended
Summer for me. We've been to so many lovely gigs this Summer, as the best one I
have to mention Simple Plan that we saw in late May, but this one comes at a very
good second place.

I have been listening Twentyone Pilots as long as I can remember and when we heard
that they're performing in Finland we knew we had to go there. The gig was sold out,
even though there was a quite empty floor.
I guess that was for safety reasons and because the band had to get somehow to the
middle of the floor during their act.
The gig was so wonderful! Singer jumped onto the hamster ball and walked through the
crowd - that might be one of the reasons why I never get a ticket from the floor. It's more
calm and wonderful to see and focus to the gig from the seats. Or is it?

No, sometimes it is not.
It's fun how some teenage girls get excited about things. It goes from 0 to 100 as fast
as lightening and that's quite pretty fast. There was a girl next to me, who screamed
her lungs out - and probably her throat out too and the same time, she was successfully
making me deaf from my right ear.
She also hit me by accident nearly 5 times. That was everything but nice and calm
experience. Also, they weren't singing. They were screaming the lyrics and if you saw
my snaps from the gig via snapchat, you can also hear them. It's insane. They kind of
ruined the experience for me.
They went absolutely nuts.

In some ways, I can understand their hype. But they seemed to be that kind of fans who
"knew" the every single lyric from their latest album and had started to listen to this whole
band when the song "Stressed out" came out.
I mean, they had no clue what were the words for the "My Car Radio", that's what I mean.

Despite those two girls who annoyed the crap out of me, as you might have noticed here,
I had so much fun.

They were jumping off the piano, the drums were magnificent and I absolutely loved
everything I saw. Lights were put together nicely and we couldn't stop the thought -
"how this would be if we were high?"
No, we do not get high, we were just wondering what kind of an experience it would be
if you were high during their concert.



Hello, everybody!

I've got so many things on my wish list at the moment. So many knits for late Autumn
and Winter, because apparently knits are only pieces at the moment I'm able to wear.
I'm in a desperate need of new shirts that are large enough to cover my baby belly but I
don't want to buy too many of those shirts as I know that are going to be huge for me in
next March so I don't want to go to a full spending spree.
I've found some decent pieces from Asos outlet and H&M sale that I've bought, as I don't
want to pay full price of those things that are going to be too large for me to wear.
As you might realize, I'm not planning to gain a lot of baby weight and after the baby is
out of my womb and I'm fully recovered I'm going to start to exercise those extra kilos out
of my system.


I've been so in love with bomber jackets lately that it's insane. I've got one light bomber
from Vila I bought earlier and I've been wearing it non-stop for the past couple of months.
The first one I got my eyes on, is this Floral Printed Bomber from Asos and I can't wait to
get it in to my collection. Floral print is something you won't be seeing on me often and I
think this would be a lovely cheer up for my daily wardrobe essentials. Although, it costs
74€ so I might wait with that as long as it goes to sale and there won't be my size anymore.
Or who knows, maybe I'll order it from my next paycheck.
The second one, Khaki Longlined Bomber I actually bought couple of days ago. I was
scrolling through bombers for this post and I absolutely fell in love with it. I bought it
and I also want it in black, so I can't wait to order the third option too.


It's definitely a sweater weather here up North. I've always been in love with all types
of sweaters, only recently I've gained enough self-confidence to wear them. I used to
have plenty of hoodies and I had a hard time to go to public with out a hoodie to hide
my awful posture.
I'm glad that I've came over that "fright" and I'm now more able to express myself
through clothing.
It took me by no surprise that I got my eyes on this beautiful Burgundy Balloon Sleeve 
sweater from Newlook, as burgundy as a color tends to drag me to it's way during
this season.
As a true believer of black and grey clothing that would be a refreshing thing in my
wardrobe, as I only have a scarf and one pair of jeans in this color.
On the second one and the third one, we're going back to black. Cold shoulder sweater 
is a definitely a must have to have in the wardrobe at the moment and I'm not missing
this boom. I absolutely fell in love with the one I found from Newlook and it's not
even that expensive at all. Pure love for cold shoulder sweaters!
And by the way, you can never have too many printed sweaters!


As you might have noticed that I'm a huge fan of Autumn and Winter fashion especially
when it comes to different knits. I've also been falling for high neck ones for some odd
reason that I don't quite understand because I haven't been a fan of them before. Well, I
might as well give it a go and just listen to my guts when the voice in my head says that
I'm going to need one.
Good thing about these knits are that if I'm ever going to buy any of these, they will fit
me next Winter so perfectly too.
I don't have to buy these being afraid that they'll be too large for me to wear next
Autumn/Winter season. Yes, planning forward - that's the thing.

- Knit n:o 1 from here.
- Knit n:o 2 from here.
- Knit n:o 3 from here.


This is so funny, it's been a really long time since I've featured H&M in any of my wish
lists. Not that I'd make a lots of wish lists anyways, just realized that I haven't found
anything from H&M lately that I really would like to buy and get in to my wardrobe.
Now when I've been giving up on those hoodies I've been collecting like a little hamster
through all my teenage years, I've been changing that addiction to different cardigans.
I guess that's a good thing though, I'm evolving as a person and I'm evolving my personal
style towards I've always wanted to evolve. It's so refreshing to understand how much
you've changed as a person during these past couple of years, even if it's through clothing.
And I'm evolving and changing, to a way better way than I used to be.

- Cardigan n:o 1 from here.
- Cardigan n:o 2 from here.
- Cardigan n:o 3 from here.


Okay, this wish list would be nothing with out adding these seven pairs of shoes to it.
I'm a fan of different shoes although, heels are not included to this one as I think that I'm
not a heel person as you can see from my choices.
I'm not also a fan of designer shoes, but oh my goodness those n:o 5 ones have stolen my
heart for a big time. They're from a Bunny Collection designed by a Finnish shoe designer
Minna Parikka and I've been wanting those shoes for over a year now! They're a tad
expensive though, I mean, 266€ of shoes doesn't quite fit into my budget. Trust me guys
when I say this, I'm going to save up some money and I'm going to buy those myself
some day!

1. Chelsea Ankle Boots from Asos
2. Unicorn Slippers from Asos
3. Sneakers from Asos
4. Silver Low ankle sneakers from Converse
5. Bunny Ears sneakers from Minna Parikka
6. Black low ankle sneakers from Converse
7. All white high ankle sneakers from Converse

What do you have on your Autumn/Winter wish list?



Fall 2016 fashion shows were quite happening in many ways. Apart from some 
of the not-so-conventional ideas, there were also many trends that were rehashed 
for something new. In the clothing, there were use of amazing colours like pinks 
in a mix of shades, while in shoes, there were mules that replaced the classic 
stilettos for a change. Since a lot has been written about these trends, we thought 
that it would be great if we did a post on jewellery for our readers here. Here are 
the top trends that you can try!

 A lot of pearls: Pearls were all over fall 2016 runways, and it is kind of amazing 
how designers have used it to varied effects. From strings of pearl necklaces to 
more unique ideas, there were accessories that would match the needs of the 
contemporary girl. Given that the fall colours are a tad dark, pearl bounces the 
shine perfectly, and even if you are wearing something soft and subtle, pearls can 
add the right effect. With a nice pair of heels, a great watch and a pearl earring, you 
can even seal the perfect formal meeting. For watches, click here, and to know more 
of the trend, you can check Gucci, Dries Van Noten, and Moschino among others. 

Layered neckpieces: If you follow the online blog sites, you probably know how 
layered neckpieces have emerged as the new thing, and to see the same at leading 
shows like that of Moschino, Valentino and Etro, it is quite an assurance. Layered 
neckpieces are great for creating subtle looks, and you can reduce the use of other 
accessories in a creative way. If you haven’t tried layered neckpieces, always start 
with something soberer, may be as layers of chains with smaller pendants. 
With those styles, you just cannot get wrong. 

More about earrings: Earrings for fall 2016 were a mixed bag. Some of the 
designers like Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, and Maison Margiela worked 
with the whole concept of one-earring thing, which was quite likeable in many 
ways. This is a trend that can work well if you are fond of smaller trends with 
elemental influence. Then there were others, including Cédric Charlier, Simone 
Rocha, and Topshop that worked with asymmetrical designs. If you remember 
2013 and 2014, you probably know how good asymmetrical earrings were in 
those years, mainly in spring, and hence, it is great to see designers work with 
the trend again. 

Bonus trend: There were also a lot of oversized chokers for fall 2016, as seen 
at Loewe, Chanel and Balmain. If you are keen on that glam look for the evening, 
this is something you surely need. 
Hope you liked this post, and we promise to connect with your again. 
Till then, stay in style and keep it cool! 

Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and the chief editor and writer for The 
House Of Elegance Fashion – a budding blog on style and fashion. She is mainly 
known for her amazing take on style rules and trends.


Hi there lovelies!

It's no surprise that at some point in the pregnancy you'll experience some weird
dreams. I've seen the most vivid and weird dreams lately.
And that's not even it, those dreams feel like they actually happened. They feel so
real. Sometimes I catch myself wondering - "did it happen in a real life? Was it just
a dream?" and the worst part, you can't actually wrap your head around all of your
dreams to know whether they're true or not.
Thankfully my dreams tend to get off the edge pretty quick after falling asleep, so
I know they're only just a dream.


Hello, everybody!

It's time to talk about one of my ultimate favourite hair products from Lush. It's this
adorable Roots hair treatment. It's meant for thin hair and even though I've got quite
thick hair as myself, it has done wonders to my scalp.
Lush Roots hair treatment is a mask type product, you apply it all over to your scalp
and massage it for 15-20 minutes. It has mint in it and it makes it so fresh it's

As I mentioned earlier, this product has done wonders to my scalp. My scalp tends
to dry a lot during the cold season, sometimes it does it even during summer, but
after I found this product my scalp has been so moisturised. This doesn't leave your
hair getting oily afterwards and that's a really good think.
The first thing that could come in mind after talking about moisturising scalp treatment
might be the fact that it's possible that your hair will get oily easier, but this one doesn't
leave your hair to get oily too quickly. Or at least with me, it does not, but my hair
doesn't get oily usually at all.

As a person from up North, I must say that I've got a quite unusual hair type. Usually,
Scandinavian people have thin blond hair, but I'm so happy that I'm blessed with dark
brown thick hair. It's definitely not the case with all Scandinavian people, but at least
women in Finland and Sweden tends to have thinner hair. Just a little side note here.

Before I got this pot in my life I used to live under an impression that I should be living
somewhere where it's warm all around the year, because my hair and scalp feel always
so amazing when I travel abroad. It also might be inside in my head.
After discovering this my scalp has been so great to me, it hasn't been as dry as it usually
gets and I'm so happy.

It's amazing to go to the hot shower after a rough day at work, rub this in and feel
incredibly refreshed after showering. It's a wonderful feeling.

Have you tried this product?



Hello everybody! 

Moving can be a quite stressful event.
For us, it's been a bit less stressful. I mean, week before moving and we haven't
done a thing. We should though. But here I am, writing a post about tips for doing it.
YAY ME. Well done, once again.


I mean, it sounds easy right. Those boots you haven't been wearing for ages? No. 
You want to wear them few nights before the move if you happen to go to a gig 
that night.
Pack everything you think you won't be needing as early as possible, but think 
carefully; there still might be stuff you're going to need. 


For us, early packing means that we schedule a day for every single room in our 
apartment. Larger apartment, longer it's going to take. 
Today we're having a kitchen in the schedule, tomorrow there's living room and a day 
after that we move on to the bedroom. It's easier and more stress-free if you take 
it from room to room and to day to day. 


Packing kitchen stuff might be tricky, but save a couple of plates for daily use 
and wash them right after the use. Then you won't be needing all of your plates 
and cuppas around & you can wrap everything you don't need in your moving 
Same goes with clothing. Save all those panties and put all those blouses & other 
things you won't be using anyways in the next few weeks straight to the moving 
box or IKEA bag. I must recommend IKEA bag because somehow I end up 
packing something I need later. 


I like to do this house purifying thing every time we move and it's really useful. 
Then you won't be needing those things in the next year or next year after that. 


This works for me pretty well. I usually reward myself by playing The Sims after 
we're finished packing so whatever floats your boat, go for it. 

Do you have any special tips for moving? 


Hi there lovelies!

As me and everyone else in the beauty blogosphere has been raving about these
NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, it comes by no surprise that I'm going to do that again.
Last Summer when I bought all of these lovely shades, I had no idea how perfect
they would be during Autumn.
I'm so happy with my purchases. There's plenty of other NYX lip products I can't
wait to try, so prepare to hear about those later. I mean, really really later. New
makeup products do not fit in to my budget for a couple of months.

I've been using these lippies non-stop lately, can't believe how fast I fell in love with
them again after forgetting them at the bottom of my makeup bag.

What are your favorites for Autumn?



Hello everybody!

I realized a couple of weeks ago that I haven't been listing pros and cons about anything
for a while. A couple of weeks ago I was also a bit annoyed, so I caught up with an idea -
what if I make one about having a guest bloggers over at the blog? I'm pretty familiar
with this subject, because as you might have had already noticed, there's been a couple
of guest bloggers over for a plenty times.
The reason that I'm having and searching guest bloggers is genuine because I want to get
to know to new bloggers and whilst I'm doing it - you as a reader should be able to get to
know as many amazing bloggers on the blogosphere as I do.
It has so many positivities but with every positivity, there's always a little negativity.

Before I kick off this list for good, I want to thank all of you who have been writing guest
posts for this blog. You're simply the most amazing & dedicated people that I know.
I couldn't be more thankful. So thank you.


- When I have to give them a subject to write about. I mean,
I love to do that but if you really want to put effort to this blog
post, you scroll through my blog and suggest something that fits
to this one. Which is, basically anything between the Earth and
the Sky.

- When you have everything scheduled, a date picked and topic
chosen, you never hear from the blogger again. This is something
I've come across plenty of times. I'm pretty generous when it comes
to that time the guest blogger has to write their posts. There's usually
from 3 to 6 weeks time for them to prepare their post, but then - you
never hear from them again. I'm not so sure why this keeps happening,
but it does and it's super annoying. I consider guest blogging as a
commitment, not as a huge one than other commitments in life, but
if you've promised to come up with something, for goodness sakes
let me know so I don't have to magically find another post instead of
the one there was supposed to be a day before it was supposed to go live.

- When they leave their e-mail address for you to get in touch with
them, but you never hear them again. I mean, what am I going to do
with your e-mail address if I'm literally not doing anything with it?
Just asking.


- Almost all of them are genuinely nice people. I love to see the
effort they've put in their post, even though it's just a guest blog
for others blog. They put effort to the first impressions and might
get new readers based on their guest posts on other blogs and
guys, that's the real blogger love.

- When they actually respond to your e-mail. I don't know why
this is such a big deal for me, but I like to send a couple of
e-mails during that 6-week process and just ask how they're
doing and are they having any troubles with the date I gave and
how is their writing process going? Why? Because I actually care.

- Usually, they all are so easy to work with. There's nothing more
rewarding than a collaboration where both parties are on the same
page. I mean, that's just so wonderful.

- It saves your time. When there's actually a blogger who's willing
to write a post for you, the blogger saves your time. For me, as a
daily blogger - guest posts are always welcome. Sometimes I'm so
busy with life that I'm sure I can't post daily, but having guest
bloggers over, that's not a problem anymore.

Have you ever had guest bloggers over at your blog? How was your experience?
Oh, and if you want to guest blog over here - send me an e-mail to
and we'll sort something out.



Sporting a perfect hair do is every girl’s dream. If you sport a pixie or bob cut,
there is nothing you have to complain about. You can just rock the look! But if
you have anywhere from mid-length to long hair, you are going to dread the
present climate irrespective of the weather. So, if your hair are entangled in such
woes, it is time to give those strands a stylish yet practical look. We will take a
look at some hairstyles that make you look like a diva irrespective of the time


This is one of the greatest hairdo you
can sport. This is my personal favourite.
Just grab your hair and pull it on the
top of your head into a cute little bun.
The greatest thing about this top bun is
that when it is made neatly, it can be
sported as a formal look as well. Being
casual with this look is just an added

STYLE TIP: For a different yet stylish
look, you can tie a half top bun of
your hair and leave the rest open!


This is definitely every girl’s go to style. It is stylish yet practical for work,
occasions or for casual outings. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you
can even braid it in wet hair.
How to make a fishtail braid? It is quite simple!

1. Brush your hair thoroughly and use a serum if need be.

2. It’s best to put your hair on your best side to get that perfect look that
suits you. Also, it’s equally attractive to leave your hair a bit messy before
parting them.

3. Now, part your hair into two sides.

4. Take a bunch of small hair from one overlapping it inside the other
side. This bunch now belongs to the other side. Hold it.

5. Now repeat the process as step 4 just on the other side. Take a small
bunch of hair from the outer layer and overlap it inside.

6. Keep repeating step 4 and 5 respectively till you get an inverted braid.
To avoid entangling, keep spraying a bit of spray on!

7. Keep your bunch small, in order to get a perfect fishtail. Do it by
grabbing a handful of hair and then eventually reducing it to a couple
of strands.

8. Decide a length for the braid and tie it accordingly.
STYLE TIP: While wearing Indian outfit, add beads to the braid.
For the casual look, keep it simple! You can always pull out a couple
of strands for the oomph factor!


An ideal style. We all have those lazy days when we do not want to do much
with our hair. Half clip hairdo then comes into the picture and makes our
day and hairstyle worthwhile.

STYLE TIP: Tie the crown part neat enough to keep
the hair away from the face.


This is exotic! For a comfortable yet sexy look, opt for this hairdo. You
will be amazed how stylish you could look with a messy bun. For casual
outings, dinner or any other occasion messy works just fine! You can tie
the bun high and low; also, horizontally on your good side.

To get this look

1. Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb.

2. Back brush to create more volume. Brush the front of your hair down
over your forehead. Then back-brush it by placing the brush in the middle
of the hair and gently brushing back toward the roots; do this until the
desired level of teasing is achieved.

3. Repeat the same with the side of your hair by lifting them.
4. Get rid of bumps and tie it up.
STYLE TIP: Keep it simple.


This is a style nod. Now this look can easily look laid back but you can make
it look dressy! If you have wavy hair, you can that boho look so easily with
this ponytail.
All you have to do is back comb your crown with a wide tooth comb
and tie it up into a ponytail.

STYLE TIP: Pin it by the sides in order to keep the hair
from flying out of the layers.


Just Elegant! This hair do is just perfect to avoid any kind of fuzziness in
the hair.
All you have to do is braid the crown area in one side and pin it up. Just
that effortlessly you achieve this amazing look.
You can try all the above mentioned hairstyles with the braided crown. Be
it open hair, a bun or a pony; you will look just fabulous.

STYLE TIP: Try the side partition for the crown braid.


This is an easy and cute one! I usually make
this hairstyle every time I feel the need to
tie my hair. A perfect hairstyle for long hair
or a bad hair day for any length.
Just grab all your hair, all on one side and
plait them up! You get that look!

STYLE TIP: Use your good side for the