Hi there lovelies!

After I bought my first beauty box from Lookfantastic last month, I decided that it was
going to be only that one and no more, well what happened? I forgot to cancel my
subscription and now I've got another box for you to show.
My decision to go with only one box was made because I really don't have extra 20€ to
spend every single month, so after this one I'm definitely going to cancel the subscription.
Who knows, maybe when the time is right I'll get back to these because this is one of the
greatest boxes I've ever subscribed to.

This box was filled with some lovely goodies. Lookfantastic beauty box is having it's
2nd birthday this month and that was pretty exciting to hear. I actually thought this
would've gone further back in time, I had no clue that this was still a such a new thing.

First thing I discovered from the box was this PURIFYING SHAMPOO by CHRISTOPHE 
ROBIN. It's smells super lovely and I can't wait to go to shower to test it out properly.
From the outside it also looks super pretty and instagram worthy haha.

"This gorgeous shampoo is free from
chemicals such as parabens, silicones
and SLS to help gently cleanse your hair
without irritating your skin or scalp. The
natural blend of jujube bark and cherry
flower extracts work to purify the scalp
and rid it of dry skin and flaking. This
helps to give you softer and bouncier
hair as the shampoo rids it of the
impurities that can weigh it down."

Second thing that I discovered from the box was this amazing smelling LEMON AND SAGE 
MAXIMUM MOUSTURE CREAM by BLISS. I can't wait to get this in use during winter because
it gets so cold in here during winters and basically every inch of my skin will dry so this was
definitely one of my favorites from this months box. And oh, did I mention that it smells
absolutely amazing?

"This ELLE Beauty Award Winner is a
paraben-free moisturiser that hydrates
the skin to leave it feeling soft, supple
and healthy. Sodium hyaluronate
helps to normalise the skin moisture
content to help it retain water, whilst
coconut oil and vitamin E works to
improve skin tone to leave it feeling
firmer and smoother." 

This LIQUID GOLD BB CREAM by ARGAN also caught my eye. I'm not a huge fan of BB
creams but I feel like this is a worth to try out, who knows - maybe I'll fall in love with it
and next time I know I'm at store refilling this to my collection and realize that it costs
millions because of words "24 carat gold" in it.

"We love BB creams as they tend to be
a little more lightweight than foundations,
yet still to give us an even and radiant
complexion. The Argan Liquid Gold BB
Cream is infused with Organic Argan 
Oil and 24 carat gold to nourish the
skin and add hydration, all while giving
you a beautiful golden glow. Although
the product comes in one shade, its 
clever formulation adapts to your
individual skin tone to leave your 
complexion glowing, healthy and even."

I'm also pretty interested about these GOLLAGENE EXPERT EYE PADS by GATINEAU, even
though I don't have wrinkles around my eyes quite yet - but this promises to do something
about dark circles under eyes. Looking so forward to try these out.

"These eye pads are an instant beauty
treat! Infused with collagen to help
smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, 
glycerin to hydrate the eye are and 
reduce dark circles and puffiness, and
allatoin, which soothes the skin to
reduce irritation; they are the perfect 
renewal treatment for tired eyes." 

I have to say, I was super excited about this one! This box is literally so cool,
I mean - lipstick! I've never got one from a beauty box. This MINI MOXIE LIPSTICK
from bareMinerals is so pretty. I got it in shade "Get Ready" and this is what their
brochure says about it:

"This little lipstick packs a punch
when it comes to giving your lips
a hint of colour! Formulated with
a vitamin A, C and E complex,
alongside omega fatty acids 
and abyssinian oil, it nourishes 
your lips to keep them hydrated 
and conditioned." 

Okay so I have no clue what this STROBING PENCIL from LORD&BERRY does, but I'm
excited to find out. It wasn't in the brochure so I think I'll have to figure it out on my own.
Seems pretty interesting though!

What did you think of this box? 



  1. This looks like a really decent subscription box tbf. I've never paid for one myself. That Bare Minerals lippie looks fabbbbbb! Nice :D

    Nadia |

  2. That Bare minerals lip colour is gorgeous! I love the the shampoo as well. Enjoy the products and let us know how you liked them.
    xo Karoliina |

  3. I LOVE that BareMinerals lipstick, fab colour. If it's got some staying power I may invest in one. Great box, great blog xxx

    1. Thank you from your lovely comment :-)

  4. I got excited wanting to figure out what's in the box. I love the creams! And you can never go wrong with bare minerals so that lippie is a plus 😊

    1. Hahah I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed reading this :-)

  5. I think forgetting to cancel the subscription brought some great joy eyoi. Amazing box :)

  6. Those are some nice products you've got there. What caught my attention the most was that lipstick. Gorgeous <3 Great post :)

    1. That lipstick is so wonderful! I think I'm going to review it next month :D

  7. Hi Jasmin ,

    Interesting post you have here! So much goodies for less.. Have a greet weekend.

    Love , Tina ♡

    1. Hahah that's true! Thank you & have an awesome weekend also :-)

  8. oh this box looks and sounds amazing! Maybe I will need to look into subscribing!
    fab post!
    L x

    1. Hahah yeah I'm not sure about cancelling anymore :D

  9. That lipstick is so gorgeous! What an awesome box xx

  10. This box has decent products. I cancelled my subscriptions box because like you I dont have the money and I think it's a bit of a rip off, I was quite disappointed!

  11. Thats nice to hear you liked it. I also had their boxes for 4 months, but 2 boxes got missing and rhey didnt do anything about it.


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