Okay, I really feel the need to start this post by saying that being sober on a cruise from
Helsinki to Tallinn & back is pretty much the weirdest thing I've ever done.
I mean, of course, I've been on a cruise when I was little and sober but this was really
something else. Being an adult on a cruise where everyone is basically going to drink their
asses off, literally. And being there sober. I have to admit that I've never been on that kind of
a cruise completely sober.
Worst hangover I've ever had has become after one of these cruises, so this really tells
everything about them right? Well, yesterday morning when I woke up from that boat -
it was 7 AM, I was not having a hangover and yeah, it was 7 AM.

We decided to take this trip to celebrate our 6th anniversary we had earlier this month
and even though it was a sober trip, we had fun. We booked an A-class cabin which had
this lovely double bed in it. We thought it would be a fun thing to do, instead of taking a
cabin that included 4 beds. Even though the room looked kind of cosy and all, I really
missed that cheaper 4-bed cabin. Why?
Because the one we stayed in was pretty filthy. My blanket was umm, dirty. I'm not sure
if that was bloody vomit in the blanket or lipstick but that kind of made me feel sick to
my stomach. We ended up sleeping with only one blanket, that was clean. Or it looked
like it at least.
I spent my whole night wondering how well it has been washed before we slept in it.
That's a thing you never wonder when you're drunk as fuck and you could basically sleep
in the elevator.
We had a window in our cabin, so that's a huge plus for me, though.

I asked J to order some alcohol so I could at least smell that thing. I'm not an alcoholic,
no worries - but knowing that you can't basically even take a sip from alcohol beverage
makes you want to smell things. I really don't know why, because I don't even like the
way that drinks smell. I smelled it and noticed the fact that I already knew, I don't like it
& I don't enjoy the smell haha.
After our drinks, or well - my water bottle - we went to play some air hockey and ended
up listening to karaoke to the karaoke pub on the other side of the ship.
Oh, and I sang a song too.

After listening to people umm, singing (just to put words "screaming on the microphone"
nicely) we went for dinner to a restaurant called The Grill House.
It's super lovely and we usually eat there when we're on a cruise because they have food
with a wonderful price and even for me who usually eats french fries in the restaurants.
J got himself a pepper steak & he ordered it as a medium. It sure as hell wasn't medium,
it was a minus but he still ate it because he was hungry and yeah, it's the
kind of restaurant where waitress brings a ketchup bottle to your table.
Food was filling, even though compared to the fact that the steak wasn't medium & steak
cost 29€.
The fries were super delicious, though!

We had breakfast from the buffet included to our tickets and it was super lovely. I was
keeping my veggie line & J went all over for bacon and all.
Rest of the day went playing air hockey and shopping gifts for my younger siblings.
We also went for lunch to the Grill house and had the most wonderful vanilla ice cream
with strawberries & it was only 8€. So delicious & it looked amazing too.

The ship arrived to Helsinki yesterday at 4PM and we were such lazy people and took a
cab home. It's so wonderful to finally sleep in our own bed with clean sheets!
After all, that trip was super lovely.

What were you up to last weekend?



  1. Onnittelut vuosipäivästä Jasmin & J. Mahtavia kuvia - oli hauska palata noihin kuviin ja tunnelmiin, en ole minäkään montaa reissua heittänyt tuolla veden voimalla :)

    1. Hahah juu, ei taida olla juuri kukaan :D ellei ole sitten muksujen kanssa liikenteessä tai vaan ylittämässä tota lätäkköä tohon suuntaan :D

  2. Happy belaged anniversary! I have never been on a cruise before and I don't know if i would survive in a dirty cabin haha xD

    1. Thank you! :D It was kind of awful hahah, it was so good to get to own bed :D

  3. Wow your trip looked amazing!! Congratulations on 6 years & what a great post!
    TQR x

  4. Oh my days - I remember these cruises. We used to call them "booze cruises" and I can officially attest to never ever being on one sober. So well done! And I don't think I've ever seen one of those a-class cabins, so until now they have been a mystery to me. NOW I KNOW :D

    1. Now you know, never book one hahah :D I missed that c- & b-class feel :D at least those cabins are much more better cleaned.

  5. Your trip looked amazing!! Congratulations on 6 years!

  6. Awesome post! Congrats on 6 years! I love these types of cruises. xx

  7. woohoo happy 6th! great way to celebrate :)


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