Hi there lovelies!

With a proper shampoo you need a proper conditioner, so whilst buying the necessities I needed
from Lush a good conditioner was one of them. This was highly recommended to go with
Rehab shampoo, so I just went with it.
As I said in my earlier Lush post, that I literally don't have any hair product experiences with
Lush yet, but it's a good time to make a change.

It comes in a pot, which kind of bugs me somehow. I don't know why but I usually prefer my
shower products to be in a bottle so the water won't get in to the product. Or maybe at this point,
it would be great to start turning off the shower while applying my shower products.
Also the smell is something I really don't enjoy, but the way it makes my hair feel like
- oh my goodness.

Have you ever tried this conditioner?


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