Hi there lovelies!

How have you been? I've been a bit bloated lately. Or not bloated actually,
I've been pregnant and it's starting to finally show.
I've been waiting for my babybelly for a while now, I actually thought I'd get
it earlier but nah. It starts to show incredibly slowly - but when it does grow
- it grows fast. Or at least so I can imagine, we'll see about that soon!

So how have I been this past few weeks? Well, I don't feel nauseous anymore.
I've changed everything about the way I eat. I've even tricked myself to drink
milk. Yes, I "drink" milk now. With spoon. In my cereals. I just can't pour it to
a glass and drink it like a normal person, that's how much I hate the taste of it.
When you've been 16 years without drinking any milk, starting drinking it is
surprisingly hard.
You absolutely hate the taste and your stomach turns to a mess. Ugly mess.
I'm not saying that I'm lactose-intolerant because I am not, I'm saying that if
you spend 16 years happily not drinking milk your stomach will go cray cray
without even wondering why.
Now it's kind of settled and when I'm eating calcium tablets on the side, it's
not even that bad anymore.

I've also found out that Omega-3 is somewhat important and they recommend
to eat fish about twice a week, I started to eat Omega-3 tablets too. Trip down
to the disgusting childhood cod-liver oil lane and yay, that's the way to go.
There's no way I'm putting a fish in my mouth, disgusting.

Now that I've been nagging about my food regimen enough for one post, let's
move on to the symptoms. I've got nothing on you from that.
My morning sickness stopped few weeks ago and I couldn't be more thankful
about that. I've basically had to vomit only once during these three months so
I've had easy road.
My boobs are whole lot better, they've not grown that much (thank god for that
ffs) and I haven't felt pain in them for a long time.
Better goodnight sleep - or am I sleeping?

I can't sleep. My mind goes so fast at the very second I'm settling my head to
my pillow. I don't know why, because basically I'm not thinking anything but
then again I roll like a maniac trying to find a perfect position where my back
of the neck doesn't kill me.

Otherwise I've been good. If you don't count the times when I've been crying
for no reason or the fact that my jeans doesn't fit me anymore and all my shirts
are too tight from the boob area.


- almost every HIMYM episode

- almost every Modern Family episode

- I was watching Hairspray and when Queen Latifa's character said something
like "we're more afraid to walk on your streets" I cried because it was true back
at the time that musical is based to and it's still true. When do things change?

- When we were in Spain I missed rye bread so much that I cried my eyes out.

- When we were eating in McDonald's in Spain I saw a little boy, you know under
100cm tall, to climb on a high chair. After he accomplished with is little project
there, I noticed that they were from UK and with his cute accent he yelled to his
mom: "mom look, I made it! I made it mommy!" That was so adorable and yes,
I cried at McDonald's whilst eating french fries.

Some of them are so accurate and some of those things are just weird, why would
anyone cry over a rye bread? Well, it's a whole lot tasteful than any white bread
I've ever eaten. And yes, I've had toast bread in USA and that's not even as good
as they say. Or maybe it's because I've used to eat rye bread? I don't know hahah!

So far we've had two maternity clinic appointments, I've had a visit at a food
therapist and I went to see a doctor.
I can't wait for the next ultrasound appointment, it'll be our second and probably
last one too (I'm not so sure, but so far we've only listened to Dino's heart beat
over at the maternity clinic), and I can't wait to see Dino again and find out if
it's a boy or a girl.
So exciting.

Now I'm off to get myself jeans that actually fit!

ps. stomach pictures have been taken at pregnancy week 14+0.



  1. LOVE reading your updates! I hate to say that the no sleeping thing gets worse the bigger you get. Im due this month and think i'll get more sleep with a new born than what I do now! xx

    1. Oh my goodness :D I hope you'll get some sleep soon!

  2. Without a doubt being pregnant is emotional time - all your examples are so sweet and they almost made me cry :) Have a great Jasmin and keep a packet of tissues with you and you'll be all fine x

  3. Pregnant is the biggest roller coaster !
    You will feel better soon, I promise x
    Aurélie from

  4. Haha! This is such a cute post. Congratulations :) and yeah it's funny how you get emotional at HIMYM. All the best

    1. Hahaha, 9th season is a total emotional wreckage haha :D

  5. Congrats ! Thank you for sharing your journey. I hear that the morning sickness and emotions are crazy.All the best

    1. Thank goodness that morning sickness wasn't that bad at all :D

  6. Haha love your update!! You completely sound like me! I hate milk and i dont like fish! And dont believe it when people say pregnancy is beautiful! Na ah. I was throwing up for a good 5 months and i wanted to scream bloody murder when i didnt get my mcdonalds fries and coke. But i am glad the nausea and morning sickness has stopped for you ☺️

    1. Hahaha I can already imagine the time when I'm whaling around :D

  7. Oh you are pregnant!! Congratulations darling! I loved reading this post! Wishing you nothing but the best and btw I totally get the whole milk thing. I do not like milk!
    Anyways have a blessed week!

  8. This is a very great post.keep up the good work

  9. I'm loving your updates! It makes me excited for the day I start trying for a family! :)


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