Hi there lovelies!

There has been so much going on these past couple of weeks and I'm pretty sure
that a little life update posts here and there would be proper thing to do. Along
all of this fuss about beauty and fashion blog posts, I needed to sit down and think
about the fact that this blog is indeed, a lifestyle blog. Just another lifestyle blog in
the World Wide Web. 

So what has been happening in these past couple of weeks? I've been super tired.
I'm more unorganized than I used to be and I'm pretty sure that it's because of all
these hormones I'm having in my system. Also, I've been lacking motivation to
take blog pictures so I really need to get a grip and start shooting. Oh my goodness,
I'm so tired. 

I've also been thinking if I should finally you know, make this blog real thing and
drop the blogspot part out of the URL. If you have a blog, how did you do it? Did
you use a domain from GoDaddy, or how you ended up changing the domain? 

There's also something pretty exciting I want to share. Part of you already knows
what I'm talking about if you read this inspiration post I made about decorative 
pillows earlier this month. 
We found a new apartment! It's pretty close to a building we are living now, so the
move won't take so long. Although, we've got a resignation time in this one we're
living at the moment so we won't be moving until November. November is going to
be a such a busy month. 

I also went to see a doctor, it was just a check up. Nothing was wrong, Dino was still
alive. Although, I wasn't enjoying of it that much. She literally showed her fingers
down there so deep that I could've felt them in my throat. Doc's appointment also left
my stomach feeling so super weird. It doesn't hurt but it feels like someone's been
touching it roughly. I felt a bit raped afterwards to be honest, although she was a really
nice person and those things comes with the deal when you're being pregnant so. 
Even though it's uncomfortable for me, she's probably done it a lot.
After all, she's a doctor. 

What else has happened? Oh, Selena Gomez cancelled her tour so we won't be able
to see her performing live in Helsinki next month. That's a bummer but I know how
SLE can fuck you up, so I do understand her decision. That's a good thing for her, to
take it down for a little while. 
We're just going to return our tickets and get our money back. 

We celebrated our 6th year anniversary few days ago and we're going to celebrate it
even more this weekend by going on a one-night cruise from Helsinki to Tallinn.
That's out mini babymoon hahah. Or not. However, good breakfast I'm coming! 

I'm also going out with my workbuddies and former boss next weekend to a farewell
party / celebration or however you want to call it, I call it funeral of our little department
that was torn apart. I was planning this little party for us and we're going to bowling,
have a dinner and then after all who wants, can head to the bar together. I think I'll be
going too, it's fun to go to the bar being sober. And if I choose my outfit well, nobody
will look at me like "what the hell is that pregnant woman doing here, she's going to
ruin her baby because she must be drinking alcohol when she's at the bar" - oh you
finnish people. 
So tent it is then. 
I'm going to take a few pictures from the party and I'll be sharing those with you
guys later. 

What have you been up to lately? 


  1. Sounds like you life is a bit like mine. When I decided to really invest in my blog, I did it through wordpress and when you sign up to them, they provide a free domain. However, I know a lot of others go through godaddy.

    1. Wordpress has always been a bit grey area for me though, I really don't know why hahah :D setting up an account seems like a hard work tbh.

  2. Congrats for finding your new apartment! I know that moving is always very stressful unless a lot of preparation are put into it. But it's also be an exciting time too.

    1. Thank you! I've made a full week-to-week bucket list of thigs we need to do so we won't be screwed when the actual move comes to the calendar haha :D although, we're super late from that too...

  3. Happy Anniversary love! A cruise sounds so exciting; I have not been on one in a long time! Sounds like you're doing a lot of good things to keep you busy. Sending you lots of positive vibes <3

  4. Congrats on the apartment! For the blog domain, you can either buy a domain name (there are many places to do that, I got everything from Namecheap) and link that to your current blog, or what I did was buy a domain name and hosting and then I migrated my blog to my hosting. There are import and export tools, so you should be able to move all your posts and comments fairly easy. Sometimes you can buy the hosting more to it for you, but I honestly don't think that's worth its money since there are a lot of tutorils out there.

    Sarah |

  5. seems like you've had a hectic few weeks, congrats on the new apartment and glad to hear lil Dino is okay :)

    1. Hahah yeah and the most hectic ones are just coming ahead :D

  6. Happy anniversary! :) I also bought tickets for Selena Gomez, in Prague, but had to return it, too :/ what a shame. But health is always priority. And, oh, hope your new apartment will be your dream one, haha.


  7. Firstly, I love your blog! Its so pretty! and Congratulations on your new apartment!
    For my blog domain, I used GoDaddy and they were pretty easy to work with! Getting your own domain is definitely a milestone!

    1. Hahah thank you Ayesha! & thanks for the tips :-)

  8. I like this post! I use Bluehost for my blog. no complaint

    1. UU, I've never heard of that one before. I'll definitely check that out :)

  9. Love the image doodles. I used for my domain name.

    1. Thank you :-) ! & thanks for the tip, I'll definitely check that out too :)


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