It's September already. Oh my goodness the time goes by so 
incredibly fast. 
Sometimes even too fast. It's time to welcome the rainy days, 
enjoy the last of the sunlight and storage all the warm you can 
get out of the sun. Winter is knocking to our doors. Unless you're 
on the other side of the equator - you've got everything well down 
there, summer is knocking to your doors.
But before I feel like I can make those huge piles of snow and -30°C 
degrees, I want to go through to my bucket list I made for this summer. 

As you might know, I made a promise to myself that this summer is 
going to be the best summer ever and now that I look back at it, this 
definitely was the best summer of my life so far. 
I mean, wow - we got married, I saw my favorite band live, I went to 
Stockholm and I traveled to Spain. I found out that I was expecting a baby. 
Can summer get any better from that? Can it? 
Well.. If there would've been more sunny and warm days here in 
Finland - then probably, but it's just wondering what if. 

- eat more fruits
- try to kick off a healthier lifestyle
- go jogging
- travel abroad
- go to a concert
- visit family
- get married
- build outside cage for the 
guinea pigs to moms backyard
- be happy
- forget summer 2015
- travel in Finland
- eat new potatoes with butter
- go to swimming (pool at Spain
doesn't count)
- go to Yyteri beach after a really long time
- do a complete closet makeover
- pizza
- sunbathe
- sleep late
- go to see aeroplanes
- make a plan for your future
- save money
- watch less TV

- go to a concert

I went to two concerts with J this summer and traveled to Sweden 
with my co-worker for the third gig of the summer. 
From all of these gigs I want to bring up the one that touched me 
the most and it was the gig Simple Plan had here in Helsinki. I've 
been waiting for seven years to see my favorite band live and this 
summer I finally saw my dream come true. It was the most amazing 
night of the summer. 
Okay, it wasn't more amazing than our wedding was - but this was 
definitely close. 

I think after all my summer was pretty freaking awesome. 
How was your summer? 


  1. Ive been trying to make a bucketlist but it always includes things like, swim with sharks, bungeejumping and in don't have moneys for that :o

    But yours is actually pretty simple, and almost fully filled! Beside i didn't had a bucket list, my summer was awesome

    X, Alex

    1. Hahah I love the small things, although my life bucket list includes stuff like get a tattoo & go bungeejumping so :D

  2. Mielenkiintoinen postaus, aika paljon sait onneks tehtyä siltä listalta mitä suunittelit tekeväs! :)


    1. Joo, kun olis vielä Yyteriin päässyt ja kerennyt töiltä viettämään aikaa maalla vähän enemmän niin siinä olis ollut :D

  3. Mahtavaa et sun kesä oli juuri sitä mitä toivoit :)
    xx Karoliina | www.karoliinakazi.com

  4. Blog posts with bucket lists just excite me. Your bucket list is actually very different and great

  5. You have Guinea pigs! Awesome :) looks like you had a lot of fun at that concert! I have so much to do still before the end of summer

    1. Haha yeah, I've got 5 guinea pigs :D I consider summer to be over already, leaves are starting to change their colors and it's getting so cold up here :( Hope you'll get to achieve everything you want to :-)

  6. Very nice, you came pretty far with your summer bucket list! :)

  7. You've fair worked your way through that bucket list, excited to see when you complete it :)

    1. Well over here summer is already far gone but we'll see what happens next year:D

  8. What a great summer you had! It sounds like you achieved so much :)

    1. Hahahah yeah, when I put it that way :D Thank you :-)

  9. oh my gosh you had such an amazing summer! sounds like you're at a really exciting place in your life right now :) I went to Australia so I can't complain :)

    she dreams

    1. Woah, Australia sounds pretty amazing!

  10. This is such a good idea. I wish i did a summer bucket list. Laughing at 'eat new potatoes with butter' - glad you got that done ;) hehe! Sounds like a great summer :D

    Nadia | http://psychologyfoodandfitness.blogspot.co.uk <3


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