Hello everybody!

So how would I imagine my dream office? As a separate room which
is an adult zone only, a place where's peace from outside world.
You know, it's not so cool to blog from your bedroom where you keep
your iMac or from sitting in the living room floor or over at the kitchen
table with your laptop.
For me personally, office would be a dream. Only quiet place around here
is our bedroom, but our iMac keyboard has ran out of batteries and we have
been a bit lazy to buy new ones for it haha.
As I said, office would be a dream and I believe that it would be a bigger
dream when the baby arrives to this house haha, mommy's going to need
some mommy time alone.

Which one is your favourite? 
I found all of them here if you want to get some more inspiration! 


  1. Love these inspos! I love looking at minimalistic offices. So pleasing to the eyes!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. Minimalistic decor is so wonderful, I'm so in love haha :D

  2. This is the ultimate inspiration board!! Love all of them!!

    1. Hahah I'm glad to hear that you've enjoyed the post :)

  3. I wish I had an office that looked like that pink one - I don't even have a desk so the sofa or my bed is my office!

  4. I would love my own office space - it would be so nice to call a space your own to work in. Love the minimalistic white and black room and with some copper accents I think it would look amazing! - Love Z

    All About Z

  5. As always very lovey post with beautiful pictures.keep up the good work

  6. The pictures are very inspirational, I particularly love the second one! I agree, a home office makes a big difference as opposed to working in the living room :)

  7. Moikka Jasmin! Mun lemppari on pinkki seinä, se on juuri oikea pinkki ja toimii niin hienosti mustavalkoisen kanssa.

  8. I love these workspace, really want to create one of my own but I move every year or so I get demotivated...

  9. I could keep dreaming over this!

  10. I think either the first image or the second last are my favourites- I love that minimal look when it comes to an office though.



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