I absolutely love decorative pillows. Decorative pillows on the bed, on the sofa,
even over at our balcony. I love them so much that I go through several websites
almost once a month if I find something I really like.
Usually I don't end up buying anything, I put them to my whishlist and after I've
collected money enough, I don't like them anymore or they're sold out. Haha, first
world problems once again.

I absolutely love how those pillows make everything look so cozy and that's why I 
decided that when we're moving to our new apartment - hopefully some day soon, I 
am going to get a whole bunch of new decorative pillows for our new apartment. 
I've been scrolling through for inspiration once again and I'm super 
inspired. I can't wait to get to decorate our new little apartment when the time comes. 
Although, all of this will happen way after we've got all the necessary things for the baby 
and we're absolutely sure Dino doesn't need anything else. 
Then I can go crazy with decorative pillows and oh boy I will. 

Actually a funny story coming up. Last week we went to see an apartment pretty 
close the one we're living right now, as we love the neighborhood we don't want to 
find ourselves anywhere else. Or does that mean that we're just being picky about 
where we want to live? Well anyways, last Friday we went to see this beautiful two 
bedroom apartment with open kitchen and sauna, including a pretty huge balcony 
with glasses we knew that was it. 
We're moving soon again haha. 

All the pictures in this post & more inspiration for decorative pillows you'll find here

Are you a fan of decorative pillows? 


  1. Im a huge fan of decorative pillows, all soft furnishings really. Im drooling over at Serena & Lily on regular basis, and Jonathan Adler - check them out :) Happy moving!

    1. Oh my goodness I'm definitely going to check them out! KIITTI! :D

  2. OOOh me too! Absolutely love decorative pillows. Do you know "maisons du monde"? It's an interior design shop, there are some shops in Belgium too. I'm in love with this shop, you should check it out if you don't know it! :-)

    1. I've never heard but I can imagine I already love them and I hope they're shipping to Finland too :D

  3. My daughters and I drive my husband crazy with our shared love of pillows. All different colours, shapes and textures, we are pillow queens!

    1. Hahaha we agreed that we don't need anymore of those pillows, but now that we're moving I'm going to sell few and get new ones and he never knows. Wait what :D

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love pillows too!

  5. Hey Jasmine! These pillow blew my mind off. They are lovely and make the room look so lovely. :)

  6. Loooooooooooooooooooooooove the first picture, really cosy, could live there!
    Congratulations and good luck for the move!
    Aurélie from

  7. Your home looks really lovely and I love the pillows you have! :)

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

    1. Hahaha it's not my home but I wish it was :D

  8. Love this post, as i've just moved into my own place! Some of these pillows are gorgeous!


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