Holy crap I just realized that me and my booboo (okay that was something so 
random coming out of my keyboard), have been together 6 years today. 6 years,
that's like a lifetime already. Time goes by so fast. I remember back in 2009
when I had a massive crush to this dude when we met in a language course
in Malta but there I was, 14 and super shy - first time abroad, alone.

I also didn't want to start anything, because it seemed like there was another
girl at that course who had umm, pretty clear feelings towards him so I didn't
want to be in the middle of that.
Although I heard afterwards that he felt it was quite annoying and he would've
rather wanted to spend some time with me.
There was also this one guy who is J's friend and he tried to ask me to go to
a dinner with him several times and I turned him down because I wanted to
have my McDonald's fries with the one he shared a room with. Now looking
back and wondering how he must've feel like when J asked me to go to have
pizza with him and I instantly said yes. Whoopsie.
Those three weeks went by so fast and it was time to head back to Finland
and he went to his home, which was "only 5 minutes away from the airport"
- it still annoys me because I had to go home that was only three hours away 
from the airport.
We hugged for goodbye and then days passed, weeks passed, months passed,
a year passed.

During that time alone we talked a bunch of crap via MSN messenger, oh those
good old days. That platform doesn't even exist anymore hahah. Even though we
were really good friends I couldn't stop thinking that what if, but all my thoughts
fade away for a small period of times when I realized that there's 250 kilometers
between and I didn't want to ruin this pretty thing called friendship.
Although, I don't quite recall how our thing even started.
He came to visit for a weekend in my place, had a huge cultural shock when he
realized that we do actually have asphalt on our streets and a train station.
I remember that I was so nervous, I mean - I haven't seen this guy for over a year
so I took my two best friends at the time with me to the train station and we were
there two hours before that train even got there. No it wasn't late, we were just
simply too early and we knew it.

I was literally so nervous and excited at the same time, that feeling is so hard to
put in to a words. I wasn't sure how much I've changed during a past year or so
and I was so concerned about my looks. I didn't knew why haha, I was meeting
my good friend who also happened to be my crush for over a year, not a big deal.
Cool down lady chill.

Train arrived, he was in it and all those feelings got back at the very second I saw
Although I was pretty sure he would take a next train back to home when I brought
him over to my house.

When he arrived we spent a few hours outside chatting up, crabbing something to
eat and then we headed to my home. We got in from the door and my mom was yeah,
my mom was being her as usual.
She literally was taking a shit, bathroom door wide open when we got home. That was
so awkward. It's literally the worst case scenario where you could bring a new person
and for me personally, that was probably a first time I've ever been ashamed of my mom.
Those honks when she dropped me off to a party or third degree interrogations towards
my new friends wasn't nothing compared to that. And she was completely fine with that,
yelling "Hi! My name is blaablaa, you must be J. I don't want to handshake at the
moment but just wait a second."
She's still completely fine with that and J wasn't traumatized so I guess that was okay.
At that time I was so embarrassed, but now it's just a good old laugh at the dinner table.
Although some people might find the story disgusting, but I find it funny.
Using bathroom a door wide open is something that even I do and on the other hand
J is the one who goes to the bathroom and locks the door even he would be alone in
the house.

Late that night we sneaked out to have a cigarette when my mom was asleep
and that's when we kissed for the very first time. I'm not so sure how we ended
up kissing, because it happened so long ago and trust me I'm not the one who
remembers all of these stuff hahah. It's definitely him who does remember
everything, I remember practical things when he's more sentimental than me.
We went back inside to sleep and next day went hanging out with my friends
and at the evening we went to my friend's place and it took us almost 4 hours to
walk 4,5 kilometers.
It was such a lovely weekend and by the next one I was so lucky to call him as
my boyfriend.

After six years, we've been married almost 6 months and we're having a baby
on the way.
I love our story with every single bit of poop there is and even though we've
had some hard times too, we hardly ever argue about anything. That dude is so
amazing and I can't wait to raise this kid with him.
It's going to be so bloody awesome.



  1. Ihana postaus! Kiitos kun annoit meidän lukijoidenkin kurkata pintaa syvemmälle. Hauska tarina vessajuttuineen päivineen - en tiedä mikä noissa vessoista on mutta mä jäin jumiin vessaan kun tapasin henkan vanhemmat ensimmäistä kertaa. Se päätty sillai et se ovi piti ottaa irti :-DD mut hei, ainaki mieleenpainuva ensivaikutelma? Seems to work :P x Dora Marie // doramarien.blogspot.com

    1. Hahaha joo vessoilla on ne omat tahtonsa näissä tarinoissa :D

  2. Awwww this is so sweet. Happy Anniversary! I can feel the passion and love with every word you wrote here. May your marriage continue to thrive and your love grow every single day. <3


  3. Nice story.wishing you guys all the best

  4. Voi miten ihana postaus ja super söpöt kuvat!♥ Tuli jotenkin hyvä fiilis tästä postauksesta :')


  5. Ihana postaus ja noi kuvat sopii tähän täydellisesti :)♥

  6. Ahh such a lovely read. And congratulations on your little one on the way! x

  7. Vautsi miten mahtavaa miten te olette tavanneet :) Onnittelut, vaikutatte tosi ihanalle parille! 💕

  8. Happy Anniversary such a wonderful read,sounds amazing married with a baby on the way, I wish you luck with the many more years together :)
    I'm coming up 5 years with my boy and can't wait to celebrate many more.

    1. wow congrats in advance :-) & thank you :)

  9. Siis aivan ihana postaus, tuli niin iloinen fiilis tästä! Onnea teille molemmille! :--) <3


  10. Congratulations you! The best gift in life is to love somebody that loves you back. Wishing you all the best for the future.

  11. What a sweet post. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness

  12. Aaw a cute love story with the perfect pictures captured! Wish you guys many more years together. Congratulations on the expectance of your first baby. ❤️

  13. oooh, this is so cute. Loved to read your love story :) I´m wishing you two just the best :)



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