Hi there lovelies!

Autumn has pretty much arrived here in Helsinki by now. Mornings are getting
more cooler, leaves are changing their coloring. Everything starts to look pretty again.

Thing is, I absolutely love Autumn. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons among
Winter and Summer. Spring is probably only season I don't have that much of a
"love" feelings towards at all. It's just filled with the snow that's almost melted and
such a changing weather.
So here it goes, 5 things I love about Autumn!

1. Rain. 
Call me insane but I absolutely love rainy weather.
I don't know why, but that's something I really do love.
Add a few thunderstorms and I'm ready to spend my
whole afternoon watching lightnings from our balcony.
One of my hobbies is also to walk outside when it's
raining, I don't know why but it makes me incredibly
happy so I'm going to continue it just as long as I'm
capable to walk around.

2. Hot chocolate. 
Autumn is my season for a good Signature Hot
Chocolate from Starbucks. That's something I order
most likely during Autumn and Winter, because it's
so cold out here and it gives the sweet warm feeling
when you drink it. Like you belong to that coffee shop
exactly that moment and that's where you're supposed
to be. Why am I having emotional attachments to a hot
chocolate? I'm being weird again.

3. How the world smells after the rain. 
I absolutely love the smell of everything after rain.
So fresh and pretty.

4. Colorful leaves falling out of trees.
Nothing looks more beautiful than bunch of yellow and
orange leaves falling from the trees and going by the wind
where ever they're heading. It looks so amazing, especially
on a park alley. I can already imagine it and I can't wait for
it. Our planet is so beautiful.

5. Halloween. 
Halloween has always been and it still is my favourite
holiday. Call me childish if you want but I'm still in for
those costume parties! We don't have a trick or treat
tradition but costume parties we do have haha. Sometimes
I'm pretty annoyed that we don't have a trick or treat
tradition but competing who's house is scarier and kids
coming constantly to the door wanting candy - I think
that would annoy me more. #finn.

knit - Only (gifted)
jeans - Vero Moda
shirt - Vila
shoes - H&M


* this post has been created together with def-shop.fi which means that they gifted me a part of my outfit*


  1. #3 for me! I love the smell of the earth after the rain too!!! :-)
    Bisous, Margot

  2. I love autumn! Your cardigan is so pretty, i like it!

  3. So good to keep thinking about everything that you love about autumn! Autumn is a nice time of the year! Are you based in Sweden?

    Xo Sabine

    1. Hahah no, Finland. Altough I do speak swedish pretty fluently. :D

  4. Autumn is my favourite time of the year as well. It's not as fabulous here in the UK as it is in Finland (it's basically just more rain than usual (if that's possible) but the crispier air, the colourful leaves and the dark nights still apply. xxx

  5. I'm a fan of all seasons, especially Autumn. The crisp air after the summer months is so refreshing and I love those Starbucks hot chocolates too, I always go for the peppermint one.
    xo Karoliina | karoliinakazi.com

    1. That peppermint hot chocolate is so delicious! :3

  6. Samat asiat löytyy myös mun syksysuosikeista :D

  7. This is a gorgeous knit!! I love the tassle fringing 😍

  8. Lovely photos! I'm also excited for Halloween. It's such a fun holiday, haha :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. Halloween week is like my favorite time of the year haha :D

  9. Autumn can be so lovely! I look forward to strolling through the city, a cup of hot choco in the hand. I love it

  10. You looks great and the poncho is gorgeous, love it. I love Autumn as well, I think is also one of my favorite season. Happy and enjoy your Autumn there in Helsinki.<3


  11. hot chocolate yassss! I just always get it at work with our nestle machine hihi

  12. Such a cute list! I mostly agree with 3 and 4! That smell is so fresh and the colors of the fall give such a warm atmosphere to the world! :)

    xo Saranda from

    1. So true, it feels like everything "bad" gets forgotten and you'll be focusing everything nice and wonderful around you :-)

  13. Hot chocolate sounds so good right about now ;)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  14. Beautiful outfit!!



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