Hi there lovelies!

So we had our second maternity clinic appointment on 23rd of August
and we got to meet that lovely own nurse of ours. Or was she that lovely
after all?
She was talking so much, with that fake happy voice and oh my goodness
she was loud. I'm not so sure how to be around with those kinds of people
so I'm going to need a time to get used to her.
Well, if we're searching for positive sides, she was actually listening to us
and what we had to say.

There wasn't happening anything special, she took my weight - wondered
how I had lost so much weight when at the moment I'm supposed to be
gaining it. I don't know, maybe it was that couple of weeks in Spain?
Or because of my metabolism? How should I know? I've been eating
like a horse.
I mean, I eat all the time and all I can do is lose weight. (and here comes the 
moment when everyone's closing their browser.)
But seriously, how is that even possible? I can't understand it and neither did
she, she was convinced that I've been trying to lose weight when that's not
even the scenario here.
She was wondering if I wasn't eating enough, but oh trust me dear nurse
- I am. More than enough, sometimes it feels like I'm eating for three.
I also got her worried about my new work stuff combined with rheumatoid
arthritis so I might get to go for maternity leave early, that's kind of a goal for
me right now to survive from this.

I have to say that the best part of the visit was when we listened to Dino's
heart and there it was, still alive. It's so weird to know that there's someone
living there, you can't see it whenever you want nor hear it, but it's still there.
Leaves you wondering if there's anybody alive there haha. But there it was,
still alive.



  1. Onko sulla koskaan epäilty esim. Kilpirauhasen liiketoimintaa? Se aiheuttaa tota painonputoamista ja muitakin oireita - suosittelen tutustumaan sen oirekuvauksiin! Kiva että kaikki meni muuten hyvin :-) ! x Dora Marie / doramarien.blogspot.com

  2. Muutamalla mun ystävällä on ollut sama juttu et paino on pudonnut raskauden alussa. Ehkä sitä kiinnittää myös enemmän huomiota mitä syö ja päätyy syömään terveellisemmin ym. Mut tosiaan ihana et kaikki on pikkuisella hienosti ja varmasti upea tunne kuulla sydämenlyönnit :)

    1. Niijuujoo, no ei mulla se oo kyllä siitä syömisestäkään kiinni :D se on kaiketi aika yleistä muutenkin, noi neuvolaihmiset vaan hepuloi siitä ihan täysillä.

  3. Firstly! congratulations on your pregnancy. It seems the nurse was looking for something you were doing wrong. I feel your body's metabolism regulates itself according to its need. Wish you best of luck

  4. What a lovely experience! I wish I could lose weight by stuffing my face! 😂 Ree love30

    1. Hahah, that's every girl's dream :D

  5. Is not it a lovely experience when you listen your baby's heart...when we think about it, is not it crazy to think we have 2 hearts beating in our body!!!

    1. Hahahah, I'm not sure where you're going with this - but yes it's lovely and yes, it's creepy af to be honest. There's like a living thing inside of you, it's so weird. :D

  6. Loving the little catchups on your pregnancy :)

  7. I wish you a happy, healthy and safe pregnancy! :)

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  8. You are lucky that you are not gaining weight! You'll be a sexy momma! And I can imagine the excitement of hearing your baby's heartbeat!

    1. Hahahaha, I think I should gain a weight just a little :DD but yeah, it's wonderful :-)


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