Hello everybody!

I'm here today to share this wonderful thing I bought fresh from the Lush kitchen
among all the other shower products I've showed you so far.
I was in a desperate need of a new shower gel and I had no idea how wonderful this
smells when I ordered it. As many of us, I find it a bit difficult to breath when I go to
the actual store so I rather buy my Lush goodies online.

I've already planned a review from this but I'm going to have to say at this point - I'm
absolutely in love. I love the smell, love the texture. I'm loving everything about it.
The smell brings me back to my childhood when I actually liked to eat candy and the
smell of this reminds me of the taste of my favorite candy at that time.
Am I weird?
And yes, smell can remind you of a taste. When you smell it, it brings back all the
memories. Not that I would want to eat it, no. Or not that I would want to go and buy
those candies, no.
Sweets make me nauseous nowadays so I rather keep smelling my shower gel every
time I'm showering.

Have you ever had a shower or bath product that has reminded you of your childhood?



... fall in love with all the beautiful colors.
... cross bunch of things off from our "moving house" - bucket list.
... smell the fresh morning air.
... wear oversized sweaters.
... with pretty, fluffy and warm scarves.
... dream about winter.

... carve the pumpkin at halloween.
... watch at least 3 horror movies during that same event.
... attend to the autumn wedding.
... light up as many candles as I possibly can.
... prepare our balcony for a winter.
... bake a bunch of halloween themed goodies.

... shop something cool from Crazy Days.
... but not spend too much money there, that would be crazy.
... drink plenty of signature hot chocolate at Starbucks.
... so many that I'll eventually replace my usual Pike Place, black, order.
... enjoy about those freezing cold mornings.
... ice skate to work with my converse during the late autumn.

Do you got any plans for the autumn?



Hi there lovelies!

Autumn has pretty much arrived here in Helsinki by now. Mornings are getting
more cooler, leaves are changing their coloring. Everything starts to look pretty again.

Thing is, I absolutely love Autumn. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons among
Winter and Summer. Spring is probably only season I don't have that much of a
"love" feelings towards at all. It's just filled with the snow that's almost melted and
such a changing weather.
So here it goes, 5 things I love about Autumn!

1. Rain. 
Call me insane but I absolutely love rainy weather.
I don't know why, but that's something I really do love.
Add a few thunderstorms and I'm ready to spend my
whole afternoon watching lightnings from our balcony.
One of my hobbies is also to walk outside when it's
raining, I don't know why but it makes me incredibly
happy so I'm going to continue it just as long as I'm
capable to walk around.

2. Hot chocolate. 
Autumn is my season for a good Signature Hot
Chocolate from Starbucks. That's something I order
most likely during Autumn and Winter, because it's
so cold out here and it gives the sweet warm feeling
when you drink it. Like you belong to that coffee shop
exactly that moment and that's where you're supposed
to be. Why am I having emotional attachments to a hot
chocolate? I'm being weird again.

3. How the world smells after the rain. 
I absolutely love the smell of everything after rain.
So fresh and pretty.

4. Colorful leaves falling out of trees.
Nothing looks more beautiful than bunch of yellow and
orange leaves falling from the trees and going by the wind
where ever they're heading. It looks so amazing, especially
on a park alley. I can already imagine it and I can't wait for
it. Our planet is so beautiful.

5. Halloween. 
Halloween has always been and it still is my favourite
holiday. Call me childish if you want but I'm still in for
those costume parties! We don't have a trick or treat
tradition but costume parties we do have haha. Sometimes
I'm pretty annoyed that we don't have a trick or treat
tradition but competing who's house is scarier and kids
coming constantly to the door wanting candy - I think
that would annoy me more. #finn.

knit - Only (gifted)
jeans - Vero Moda
shirt - Vila
shoes - H&M


* this post has been created together with which means that they gifted me a part of my outfit*


Okay, I really feel the need to start this post by saying that being sober on a cruise from
Helsinki to Tallinn & back is pretty much the weirdest thing I've ever done.
I mean, of course, I've been on a cruise when I was little and sober but this was really
something else. Being an adult on a cruise where everyone is basically going to drink their
asses off, literally. And being there sober. I have to admit that I've never been on that kind of
a cruise completely sober.
Worst hangover I've ever had has become after one of these cruises, so this really tells
everything about them right? Well, yesterday morning when I woke up from that boat -
it was 7 AM, I was not having a hangover and yeah, it was 7 AM.

We decided to take this trip to celebrate our 6th anniversary we had earlier this month
and even though it was a sober trip, we had fun. We booked an A-class cabin which had
this lovely double bed in it. We thought it would be a fun thing to do, instead of taking a
cabin that included 4 beds. Even though the room looked kind of cosy and all, I really
missed that cheaper 4-bed cabin. Why?
Because the one we stayed in was pretty filthy. My blanket was umm, dirty. I'm not sure
if that was bloody vomit in the blanket or lipstick but that kind of made me feel sick to
my stomach. We ended up sleeping with only one blanket, that was clean. Or it looked
like it at least.
I spent my whole night wondering how well it has been washed before we slept in it.
That's a thing you never wonder when you're drunk as fuck and you could basically sleep
in the elevator.
We had a window in our cabin, so that's a huge plus for me, though.

I asked J to order some alcohol so I could at least smell that thing. I'm not an alcoholic,
no worries - but knowing that you can't basically even take a sip from alcohol beverage
makes you want to smell things. I really don't know why, because I don't even like the
way that drinks smell. I smelled it and noticed the fact that I already knew, I don't like it
& I don't enjoy the smell haha.
After our drinks, or well - my water bottle - we went to play some air hockey and ended
up listening to karaoke to the karaoke pub on the other side of the ship.
Oh, and I sang a song too.

After listening to people umm, singing (just to put words "screaming on the microphone"
nicely) we went for dinner to a restaurant called The Grill House.
It's super lovely and we usually eat there when we're on a cruise because they have food
with a wonderful price and even for me who usually eats french fries in the restaurants.
J got himself a pepper steak & he ordered it as a medium. It sure as hell wasn't medium,
it was a minus but he still ate it because he was hungry and yeah, it's the
kind of restaurant where waitress brings a ketchup bottle to your table.
Food was filling, even though compared to the fact that the steak wasn't medium & steak
cost 29€.
The fries were super delicious, though!

We had breakfast from the buffet included to our tickets and it was super lovely. I was
keeping my veggie line & J went all over for bacon and all.
Rest of the day went playing air hockey and shopping gifts for my younger siblings.
We also went for lunch to the Grill house and had the most wonderful vanilla ice cream
with strawberries & it was only 8€. So delicious & it looked amazing too.

The ship arrived to Helsinki yesterday at 4PM and we were such lazy people and took a
cab home. It's so wonderful to finally sleep in our own bed with clean sheets!
After all, that trip was super lovely.

What were you up to last weekend?



Hi there lovelies!

With a proper shampoo you need a proper conditioner, so whilst buying the necessities I needed
from Lush a good conditioner was one of them. This was highly recommended to go with
Rehab shampoo, so I just went with it.
As I said in my earlier Lush post, that I literally don't have any hair product experiences with
Lush yet, but it's a good time to make a change.

It comes in a pot, which kind of bugs me somehow. I don't know why but I usually prefer my
shower products to be in a bottle so the water won't get in to the product. Or maybe at this point,
it would be great to start turning off the shower while applying my shower products.
Also the smell is something I really don't enjoy, but the way it makes my hair feel like
- oh my goodness.

Have you ever tried this conditioner?



This was a story that was huge a few months ago in the UK. Even 
though this is technically 'old news', it still plays on my mind now. 
This is why I had to get thoughts to laptop and write about it.
Social media is a powerful tool that can sometimes truly be an 
eye-opener. Although most of us probably think that we are living 
in modern and highly civilized times, very often some situations prove 
as quite the opposite. It is hard to imagine that today one woman could 
be sent home from work just because she was not dressed like some 
director thinks should be right. Well, this just happened to a young lady 
in London, the capital of The United Kingdom.

Nicola Thorp, who is she?
Nicola Thorp is a 27-year-old girl from Hackney in London, and most 
people would say she's  lucky to live in such a city where you have all 
the freedom you want. Well, it seems she's not as free as she may have 
tought. Namely, she just got a job as a receptionist in the PwC’s outsourced 
reception firm Portico but her first day at work didn't go so well. As 
soon as she arrived at her new workplace she was sent home. And 
the reason why? Her shoes! It seems it was a mistake going to work 
in flat shoes since the company policy prescribed all women to 
wear high heels. So, instead of earning money, she was sent home 
without pay and told not to come back without the proper footwear, 
even though the men working there were not ordered to wear any type 
of shoe. Yes, this happened in London in the 21st century!

Nicola Thorp petition
Luckily, this young lady showed a lot of courage and self-awareness 
and decided to share her story with the public via the social media. 
She also started a petition to change laws that allow the companies to 
tell their workers how to dress! In my opinion, the way you dress is 
your call, since you pay for the clothes and shoes. The primary purpose 
of the clothes and shoes is to make you feel comfortable, and standing 
nine hours in high heels is not even close to being comfortable. On the 
contrary, it's even harmful to your feet, so I think that the directors who 
make such policies should personally test their "laws" before making 
others to obey them. And it seems I'm not the only one who has this opinion 
because Nicola's petition got 11,000 signatures in just a couple of hours, 
and the numbers are still growing.  
Is it illegal to ask women to wear heels at work?
Well, it seems it still is, but hopefully, this will change soon, and 
Nicola's petition might be the first spark. I don't think that anyone 
who is signing this petition believes we don't need any dress codes. 
Of course, you should not be dressed at work the same way you are at 
home, or in the gym, etc. But there should be more common sense and 
more democracy - we are a democratic country, right? Many 
circumstances should be taken into consideration before making any 
policies, for example, is wearing high heels every day for nine hours 
going to affect your health? Also, is there any actual need for this kind 
of shoe at work? Do the high heels make women smarter or better 
workers? I don't think so, in fact, this particular policy is not only harmful 
but also discriminatory and sexist. 
I believe that there are enough  arguments for this practice to be changed 
or even forbidden and that the whole society should raise their voices. 
Because if we let them today tell us what to wear, maybe tomorrow they 
will also tell us what to do, think, believe, etc. And if that happens, ladies 
and gentleman, that will be the end of democracy and our civilization.


Hi there lovelies!

There has been so much going on these past couple of weeks and I'm pretty sure
that a little life update posts here and there would be proper thing to do. Along
all of this fuss about beauty and fashion blog posts, I needed to sit down and think
about the fact that this blog is indeed, a lifestyle blog. Just another lifestyle blog in
the World Wide Web. 

So what has been happening in these past couple of weeks? I've been super tired.
I'm more unorganized than I used to be and I'm pretty sure that it's because of all
these hormones I'm having in my system. Also, I've been lacking motivation to
take blog pictures so I really need to get a grip and start shooting. Oh my goodness,
I'm so tired. 

I've also been thinking if I should finally you know, make this blog real thing and
drop the blogspot part out of the URL. If you have a blog, how did you do it? Did
you use a domain from GoDaddy, or how you ended up changing the domain? 

There's also something pretty exciting I want to share. Part of you already knows
what I'm talking about if you read this inspiration post I made about decorative 
pillows earlier this month. 
We found a new apartment! It's pretty close to a building we are living now, so the
move won't take so long. Although, we've got a resignation time in this one we're
living at the moment so we won't be moving until November. November is going to
be a such a busy month. 

I also went to see a doctor, it was just a check up. Nothing was wrong, Dino was still
alive. Although, I wasn't enjoying of it that much. She literally showed her fingers
down there so deep that I could've felt them in my throat. Doc's appointment also left
my stomach feeling so super weird. It doesn't hurt but it feels like someone's been
touching it roughly. I felt a bit raped afterwards to be honest, although she was a really
nice person and those things comes with the deal when you're being pregnant so. 
Even though it's uncomfortable for me, she's probably done it a lot.
After all, she's a doctor. 

What else has happened? Oh, Selena Gomez cancelled her tour so we won't be able
to see her performing live in Helsinki next month. That's a bummer but I know how
SLE can fuck you up, so I do understand her decision. That's a good thing for her, to
take it down for a little while. 
We're just going to return our tickets and get our money back. 

We celebrated our 6th year anniversary few days ago and we're going to celebrate it
even more this weekend by going on a one-night cruise from Helsinki to Tallinn.
That's out mini babymoon hahah. Or not. However, good breakfast I'm coming! 

I'm also going out with my workbuddies and former boss next weekend to a farewell
party / celebration or however you want to call it, I call it funeral of our little department
that was torn apart. I was planning this little party for us and we're going to bowling,
have a dinner and then after all who wants, can head to the bar together. I think I'll be
going too, it's fun to go to the bar being sober. And if I choose my outfit well, nobody
will look at me like "what the hell is that pregnant woman doing here, she's going to
ruin her baby because she must be drinking alcohol when she's at the bar" - oh you
finnish people. 
So tent it is then. 
I'm going to take a few pictures from the party and I'll be sharing those with you
guys later. 

What have you been up to lately? 


Hello everybody!

So how would I imagine my dream office? As a separate room which
is an adult zone only, a place where's peace from outside world.
You know, it's not so cool to blog from your bedroom where you keep
your iMac or from sitting in the living room floor or over at the kitchen
table with your laptop.
For me personally, office would be a dream. Only quiet place around here
is our bedroom, but our iMac keyboard has ran out of batteries and we have
been a bit lazy to buy new ones for it haha.
As I said, office would be a dream and I believe that it would be a bigger
dream when the baby arrives to this house haha, mommy's going to need
some mommy time alone.

Which one is your favourite? 
I found all of them here if you want to get some more inspiration! 


Hi there lovelies!

As you might know, Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Okay, I pretty much love every
season of the year, but Autumn is especially one of my favorites.
I decided to surprise J after a rough day at work earlier this week and I made him this
delicious chanterelle pasta.
I can honestly say that nothing beats the smell of onion, chanterelle & butter in the same
frying pan. It smells so freaking delicious. It reminds me of my childhood Autumn days
when I stayed at my grandma's house in countryside. We went to pick some chanterelles
from the forest & when we got back we washed them, sliced the onion and fried them
on the frying pan with loads of butter.
Now when I'm writing this post, our whole apartment smells like my childhood.
It's so nostalgic.


- pasta
- 300g of chanterelles
- 2 tablespoons of butter
- 1 onion
- 2dl cream
- 1 teaspoon of balsamico
- chicken fondué
- salt & pepper for seasoning


1. Cook the pasta.
2. Slice the onion and fry it in the butter so it looks beautiful brown/yellow.
3. Throw sliced chanterelles in & cook them until the water has disappeared.
4. Add cream, balsamico, fondué & seasoning to the chanterelle mix.
5. Poach it for the while.

& there you go! Simple and really quick dinner idea.
Let me know if you're about to try it!