Hi there lovelies!  How are you doing today? 
I'm super fine, even though I miss Spain so much at the moment while 
going back there through these bath bomb reviews. 
Today I'm going to review this beautiful LUSH INTERGALACTIC BATH 
BOMB for you. From the outside it looks so pretty and blue! I don't know 
why but I've always had a thing with a blue colour. It just looks so pretty 
in my eyes and this one looks so pretty that I wasn't feeling like destroying 
it in a bath tub in the first place. 
The smell of this beauty is also wonderful. I don't know really what can 
I pick from it just smelling it but it kind of smells like a bubblegum I used 
to chew when I was little. So trip down via memory lane huh? 

"Ever wondered what bathing in deep space would
be like? Invite the cosmos into your bathroom with
this sexy, interstellar bomb and become the guardian
of your own galaxy. An awesome mix of refreshing
peppermint and neon colour sends your mood
rocketing, while popping candy takes you on a trip
around the Milky Way. Constellations swirl and pop, 
creating vibrant lustre vortexes in the night sky.
Before you leap too far, rogue layers of vetivert and 
cedar wood take hold, evoking the warmth of human 
contact far from home and a hint of 80s aftershave. 
Return from your intergalactic brief encounter as
the grounding scent brings you gently back from orbit."

You might remember this bath bomb from my Stockholm Haul I posted here 
few months ago and I told you there that it smells so wonderful. But then again, 
is there a bath bomb that doesn't smell wonderful? 


My bathing experience with this one was amazing. This is one of my favourites 
from all of the bath bombs I purchased and when it blew up in the water it coloured 
the water in beautiful blue. Also that glitter was amazing extra! It had so much 
glitter, had a sick job to clean it all up afterwards but it was totally worth the 
clean haha! 


  1. Lushin kylpypallot on kyl ihan rakkautta <3 Sääli että mul ei tällä hetkellä oo kylpyammetta käytössä, koska on ehk maailman rentouttavinta kömpiä kuumaan kylpyyn jonku kivan kylpypallon kans. Ja tota intergalactic bath bombia en ookaan vielä testannut, vaikuttaa tosi kivalta!

    ♥: Linda/Revontulipalo

    1. Toi on kyllä niin totta! Vähän on ikävä ammetta <3

  2. your lush bath bomb reviews always make me jealous that my current home doesn't have a bath, I miss lush bath bombs so much :\

    1. I miss them too already, don't know when I'll be able to soak in a bath again :(

  3. This bath bomb is one I really want to try out and I agree that blue colour is so pretty!!

    Tabitha |

  4. I absolutely love Intergalactic it's my favourite bath bomb! Great post!

    Ella xx

    1. I can see why it's your favourite! :)

  5. Lush is just too LUSH ! Their stores are too beautiful and each product well crafted.

    1. That's so true, I love to pop in the shop because everything is just so pretty :-)

  6. Yes these are amazing!

  7. Wow it looks so beautiful I love blue. GIGI

  8. I love the blue but the glitter is what would get me, I hate the clean up afterwards!

    1. Hahah yeah, that was kind of a mood killer but the actual bath was really worth it :D


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