Hi, guys! 
Another beach suggestion coming your way today. 
Today I wanted to introduce you to my by far favourite beach in 
Calahonda and it's called Playa Royal Beach. Although I'm not so sure why the word beach comes after royal when there's word playa before all of them.
Anyways, this beach is so chill! Most of my Instagram pictures from crowd our vacation are from there, whoops.  
We don't usually hang out with the crowds.  We want to 
find a place that's far away from people and usually regret it because 
when we get off from beach - the sand is burning hot. No complains 
though, I truly miss having those sand burns in my feet. 

Everything great has also a negative side usually in it's all greatness too, 
and it must be those salesmen who're trying to sell you the most amazing 
things on Earth. You know, I'm talking about 10€ Rolex's, so real 5€ Ray 
Bans and of course, you can get this gorgeous Louis Vuitton handbag 
only for 15€. 
Okay I really don't have a clue how much they take money from their 
stuff and I believe that they've landed this job just because there's nothing 
else for them to do. Or how the hell should I know? Anyways, I'll always 
try to politely say "no gracias" when they show up blocking my sun and try 
to sell me the latest fake of LV.

Despite the salesmen, I do enjoy the beach very much. It's my 
favourite as I told hah! 
There's a plenty of possibilities, you can rent a sup board or a jet ski, have a 
massage and enjoy the good food of the beach grill whilst listening r'n'b 
music or reggae. They really don't play the latest songs and it's actually 
pretty awesome. 


  1. I really need a nice warm getaway at the moment. Winter is really getting me down here in Australia.

    1. We're on our way to Autumn in Finland and it's so rainy all the time :( but you're going to have summer soon :-)

  2. I really wish i am there now..:)

  3. Looks so perfect! Vacation would be so great right now :D

  4. Your blog posts make me miss Andalusia so badly haha! Again a gorgeous beach I missed :)

    1. Well how about your posts then ? :D hahaha :D


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