Hello everybody!
How are you doing today? I'm feeling wonderful. These couple of weeks relaxing
on the beach have done wonders to me. I've been absolutely exhausted with
everything before the vacation and I think vacation is one of the greatest things
you can have in your life. 
We didn't want to schedule too much for our vacation and that was such an
amazing idea. Probably best thing we ever have decided. 
Okay, let's get to the post. 
I've been thinking about this blog so much lately and where do I want to head with
it so I wrote down few goals I'm going to achieve until the end of this year.
Not sure how, but it's the journey that excites me most. 


I've been thinking so much about this blogs content. You know, as a daily blogger
there's not much time or somedays even inspiration to come up with new creative
ideas and especially do long posts. I think I want to make a change. 
Now I'm spending about 1-2 hour per post, only writing it. I'm going to raise it up to
2-3 hours, so I can really focus to the stuff that I'm writing about and who knows,
maybe it opens new doors for something a bit more personal than just makeup reviews
or days in my life.
Also I've improved my photography skills so much from the beginning and
these new skills are something I'll try to use more often. 


Pictures are the most important part of your blog post right? It gives the first
impression to your reader what they're about to read. I'm also thinking that I could
photograph some "stock images" for myself, so when there's a dark snowy day I
don't have to struggle with the lack of daylight. 
I've also rolled the idea about a proper photography light in my head and that doesn't
even sound bad at all. I'll just have to find the one that will fit in to my needs. 
Also, I'm going to invest a bit more to props so there won't be only seen IKEA LACK
table at the background haha. 


I love commenting to others blogs, so if you got one, feel free to leave your blog
link to your comment if you're commenting to one of my posts. I'll promise to check
them all out so I can return the comment back at you. It's so fun to discover new blogs.
I've also attended to a few comment threads in Facebook where people exchange
comments between blogs and that group is one of the most supportive groups I've
even been part of.
I also try to find new blogs and comment to everyone I follow, so I'm going to use
3 days a week for commenting everyone. 


Okay, at the time I'm writing this post (23/06/16), I have 220 follows via Bloglovin'.
That's insane, I never thought so many would follow these writings and ramblings
around and I'm super thankful because of that. 
Even though I really don't care about the numbers, my goal with Bloglovin' is to
raise my followers from 220 to 500. Is that too big piece of a cake on my plate?
We'll see about that. I love challenges! 

Do you have any blogging goals for the rest of the year? 


  1. Great you have an editorial calendar? it really helps!! x

    1. I don't :D I'm having two or three excels :D

  2. So nice to see someone else's blogging goals! <3

    1. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the post :-)

  3. Kirkasvalolamppu on todella hyvä apuväline ainakin alkuun, siitä tulee ns. Valkosta valoa eli samaa kuin ikkunasta. Toimii. Ja hei, vois joskus käydä yhdessäkin kuvailemassa? Jos haluut kuvia itestäs :---) oot kasvattanut sun blogia hulluna, tää on selkeesti sun juttus! x Dora Marie //

    1. Valkonen valo kelpaa, varsinki kun tulee talvi :DD vois mennä! Mun pitäs itseasiassa muutenki toteuttaa yks yhteistyöpostaus jossain kohtaa kun täältä suomeen palaudun :-)

  4. Sounds like your goals are manageable while still really focused on a nice growth! Good for you :)
    I personally just have the goals set for this month and it's just to post more often! Back in the days, when I just started my blog I was writing every day and new blogs were published every day but ever since last summer I think it just did not work out :( I am hoping to get back into it soon :)

    1. Hope that you'll get back to that soon :-) I've been doing this daily blogging thing for a while now and it's kind of fun :D

  5. These are great goals! I have discovered some of my favorite blogs from commenting back! Just followed you on Bloglovin!

    Doused In Pink

  6. Would love to learn more about BlogLovinn (new blogger here who is absolutely confused by it)

    1. I was too at the beginning but letting it go for couple of years and then trying to understand it more really helped me haha :D

  7. I thought that I'm just going to rush through your goals because usually these articles are the same (let's say) but I finished yours without skipping any sentence because I just really like the way you write :)
    Good luck with all these goals (bit jealous about the bloglovin number O:))), I'm pretty sure you can reach them all and commit to your promises!
    And glad to hear that vacation is paying off :)

    1. Ah, vacation is like the best thing on Earth! I'm glad you enjoyed reading this & the way I write haha :-)

  8. Thanks for sharing these are all really great goals! I'm new to blogging and I have just started thinking about the vision for my blog etc. I love how you put focus on content and photography. I would say those are the two things that really make a blog! I would say my blogging goals are very similar to yours except I'll be focusing more on Instagram than Bloglovin for the time being.

    1. Hope everything works out fine for you :-)

  9. I really liked this post TBH, it's great that you're setting aside more time for your blog. I'm completely new to blogging and seeing how you take your pictures would be really useful and what you've learned!!!

    Sara x

    1. I think I could create some kind of a post about that hahah :D

  10. I wish I have the same dedication as you are in regards to the time but I am still trying to keep up with writing and photography on the side. I love where you are going with the blog and I am one of those who followed you on bloglovin. Keep it up and I hope you can read mine

    Kim of

    1. Definitely going to check out your blog too :-) thanks for the lovely comment!

  11. Sulla on tosi hyviä tavoitteita! Pitäisi itsekin vähän miettiä, miten haluan kehittää blogiani :)

    1. Joo se tekee yllättävää kyllä, ihan hyvää :D

  12. This post is so wonderful it's lovely to here about other people's goals it makes you consider your own blogging goals so thank you for writing this your blog is beautiful by the way xd


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