... pretty sad about how things went down at work.
... but after all super happy how things are going in my life at the moment.

We also made a little trip to Turku to visit my childhood friend who had a
going away party because she left to Scotland to study for a couple of months.
I had an amazing night, even though I ended up to a bar. I wasn't drinking
anything else than water haha, but still - being sober in a bar was so much fun.
Usually you would avoid going to a places like that when you're not able to
drink alcohol, but why should you avoid those places? You can have just as
much fun as your friends, even though you're the one who's not drinking. It's
all about the attitude and showing the finger to our lovely finnish drinking
culture that somehow is seen in our minds like "go drunk or go home".
I had so much fun!

... shopping so lovely things for Dino that I can't wait to show you later
when I've got more than three things to show ya'll.
... watching How I Met Your Mother from the very beginning for the 4th or 5th time.
... stressing so much that I ended up having migraine & continue it with a flu.
... crying almost about everything between pizza to a work related stuff.

... planning something cool to our 6th year anniversary.
... bought J a ticket to see Avenged Sevenfold in March as a christmas gift.
... mad about how things turned out and my gift plan was fucked up for a
short period of time.
... eating kiwi fruits to see if they help to my headaches.
... been avoiding pain killers but started to eat vitamins.
... lacking motivation to shoot blog pictures.
... being super motivated to write new blog posts, which means I've got plenty
of posts with no pictures.
... finally sent out the thank you notes for our wedding guests.

... being excited about two gigs we're going to this year.
... counting days until Christmas.
... found my dream advent calendar.
... craving for meatballs and mashed potatoes & after eating what I was
craving for, end up feeling as nauseous as one can feel.
... in love with my autumn shoes I got from Spain.
... missing Spain.
... watching Saara Aalto's X-factor UK audition multiple times and still can't
understand how every judge enjoyed her singing.

There was a few things in a random order that I've been doing lately. I've been
a nervous wreck and emotional roller coaster mainly because of the stuff at work,
but I can adjust. It just takes some time. I'm glad that there's been a bunch of happy
things going on in my life but as they say, you can't have a sunshine without a little rain.
What have you been up to lately?



  1. Hi Jasmin! It seems like you've been going through a lot of ups and downs but mostly great things in life. Hang in there and it's great to know that many things in life is beautiful for you.

    I too have been lacking motivation to shoot pictures for my blog. I hope I find a good camera that suits me soon. Wish you well!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

    1. I hope you'll find a perfect camera for you soon! :-)
      Thanks for your wishes :-)

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Not drinking in a pub can be fun watching your friends go all crazy.Meatballs and mash sound yum.

    1. It actually was the best part of the night hahah :D

  3. Hang in there lady, things will work out. I like the way you've listed things, sometimes that helps us to remember all the happy things, even when times aren't great. Lots of love from another Finn :)

    1. YAY, Finland mentioned - Torilla tavataan :D

  4. I am sorry your going through such a rough time emotionally, I hope you are ok.

  5. Great post, so many ups and downs (I'm so jealous about Avenged Sevenfold) but I hope you starting feeling better soon :)

    1. Me too! I can't go there because I don't think it would be appropriate to leave one-week-old baby with it's grandparents so mommy can go to see a band hahah :D but I got ticket for my husband so that's the main point here :-)

  6. Amazing post! You can actually have a lot of fun without drinking in a pub. I have been there 😀 hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thank you for your wishes dear :-) xx

  7. Don't worry, lovely, I'm sure everything will work out!

  8. Hey darling,

    Like Kate said, I am sure everything will work out. Remember stars can't shine without darkness ;)

    1. & you can't have a sunshine with a little rain ;)

  9. This is so inspiring. I love the post:)

    1. I'm happy that you enjoyed the post :-)

  10. Im glad to see your positive view jassy!

  11. aw this was cute to read :)) hope you're well xx

    1. Thank you Marta, getting better :-) x


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