Hi there lovelies!

Last week was the most horrendous week I've ever went through so far.
You see, I've been working in the same place for two years now and earlier
this year they announced that they're going to let people go for saving
reasons. They did not give us any dates before two weeks ago, and last
week was the week when I had to watch so many great people to lose
their jobs or find out that their contracts won't be continued.

Last two years I've been working with an amazing bunch of people, got to
know to so many new amazing people, had wonderful new people in my life
who I'm lucky to call my friends and now we found out that they're shutting
down our little department that is focusing to get the products out of the
storage for our customers, to be sold and the most importantly - we were the
ones who kept those shelves full. We were like little elves who got there early
in the morning, filled everything up and went back under the ground when
store opened it's doors. There's no one to do that anymore and we've got only
two weeks left our current tasks and then our group will completely disappear.
Like I said, so many of us lost their jobs, there are contracts that aren't going to
be continued and then there were the rest of us who are going to have new
contracts - with same hours and same salary, but in a different task with
different work times.

I found out that I'm going to be a salesperson. Salesperson. After these two
years being 40 meters under the ground without any contact to our customers,
it's a pretty fucking huge change. For me as being a little introvert, it makes me
so uncomfortable. I'm getting used to new things pretty quickly though, but this
one might be a tricky one for starters.
I've done that few weeks before and it wasn't for me, it sure as hell wasn't.
Although, there's no sense for me to try to find a new job before I'm going to the
maternity leave - so what the hell, it's only couple of months. Even though I'm so
uncomfortable and a bit scared of this new task of mine, I'm so freaking relieved
that I know I'll have a steady monthly income. I've got my monthly money that I
can pay my part of the rent and bills with, I know I'll have food in the fridge,
roof on top of our head and electricity in our apartment.

Well, at least I can sleep a little longer during mornings if there's anything
positive here. I know that after my maternity leave I'm going to try to get in
the school and if I don't get in, I'll find a job from some place else. I think then
would be my time to end that little journey of mine in one of the greatest places
I've worked in.

This was the place where I wanted to wake every morning up to, a place where
I felt comfortable and could be honestly myself, even though it would've been
a coffee break hanging out in the balcony with a lovely view, having cigarette
and talking shit - going way pass the time we were supposed to be there, but it
didn't matter because usually our boss was one of us hanging there with us for
no reason.
There's been so chill, nobody's been nagging about anything - because they
knew we would do our job before end of the day even though breaks could've
been taking too long sometimes.
It won't be the same anymore, I know that there will be more strict rules in my
new team I'm heading to and waking up every morning won't ever be the same
That kind of makes me unhappy. It makes plenty of us unhappy. We were
placed again against our own will and that's a huge pile of cake to get used to.

Most of all I feel so bad because of my co-workers who lost their jobs. I feel like
I should've been one of them, because I'm going to leave soon anyways. Although,
I have to be little selfish here now and say that finding a new job being pregnant
is pretty hard or finding a job in general nowadays, even though I wasn't.
Our lovely team was torn to pieces and I hate it. 
That's how I feel right now.

So what's next?
I'm going to be one of those people who enjoy a little less everyday waking up,
getting out of bed, making coffee and breakfast, go to my shitty job and get home.
That'll go on for two and a half months, because I decided that I'm going to go for
a maternity leave early, which is two months before the due date.
Thanks to this new task of mine, it includes constant standing, walking around in
a hurry and when it's together with pregnancy and rheumatoid arthritis, I can't see
a problem getting away early.
There's also no problem for me to hang out at home, focus on my blog more
when the alternative scenario is what it is. Then I'm going to stay home until
Dino is two-years-old or so and start to find a new job. If I can't find one, I'll
get back there - but I'm pretty sure that I'll get in to school or find another job
so I don't have to go back. I truly hope so.

Have you ever had to go through co-operation negotitations at your workplace?



  1. Tosi harmi kuulla että työntekijöitä jouduttiin irtisanoon :< .. Nykyään ei oo helppo saada kunnolla töitä, ainakaan kaikkialla Suomee. Täällä Tampereellahan suljettiin koko Anttilakin ja ihmiset työttömäks :/. Sä kyllä ansaittet työpaikkas varmasti vaikka jäätkin kohta äitiyslomalle, ja hienoa että sait pitää sen :). Oli varmasti edes hiukan stressaavaa odottaa tietoa.

    ♡ Sini | myblog-bysini.blogspot.fi

    1. Ei täälläkään anttiloilla kauheen hyvin mee hahah :D
      Mein tavaratalo tekee plussaa, mut kai se on velkojen takia kun pitää päästää ihmisiä pois :/

  2. Ahh, that's sounds horrible! Hope everything gets better! But you should never work at a place where you feel uncomfortable or a place where you're afraid of being fired next.

    1. That's so true, but thankfully I don't have to be afraid of that before leaving for maternity leave.
      I'm definitely going to find a new job after my 'little' time off.

  3. Good luck with everything!
    Beth X


  4. Ugh, I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope everything works out for you! You will find another better job! Take care and thank you for sharing.

  5. Really sorry! now focus on you, your baby, and enjoy your maternity leave before the beautiful chaos knocks on your door :-)

  6. I am also an introvert and I would be terrified if I was going to be a salesperson. As soon as you focus on the good things, things will pass more easily! can't wait to see the little one!

    1. That's so true, I'm already getting more used to the idea haha.. :D

  7. I'm really sorry you had to experience that. It's an awful feeling. I hope everything gets better.

  8. Ei hittolainen, tälläset on aina ikäviä. Mä oon nyt vähän auki neljä vuotta ollut tässä nykysessä duunissa ja oon niin loppu tämän kanssa. Nyt perjantaina on vika työpv ja aion niiiiiiin lähteä iloisin mielin pois. Ainoastaan muutamaa tyyppiä tulee ikävä, mutta heidänkin kanssaan ollaan niin hyviä kavereita muutenkin että nähdään ja whatsappaillaan työn ulkopuolellakin. Tsemppiä suuresti loppuaikaan, kyllä se loma sieltä tulee!


  9. glad to hear the stress has passed and that you didn't lose your job, hoping you get everything you wish for :)


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