Hi there lovelies
Now that this becoming a mother thing is a real deal - why did I just
said that? It has been a real deal from the very beginning, but now that
the risk of miscarriage is a way more lower, having a baby feels a bit
more real.
We had our first maternity clinic appointment in July when I was on my
pregnancy week 8 + 5 days. I was a bit nervous at first but nurse seemed
a really nice person so talking to her wasn't that hard after all. I'm a bit
awkward when it comes to first meetings with a new person who has to
know every single little detail about you and your health record so that
was a bit stressful event for me.
She wasn't going to be our own nurse during the pregnancy because we
had to book appointment to different health center we usually do.
Our second appointment was with our own nurse in our own health center.

At this point I'm very thankful of Finnish health care, I mean - I just called,
booked the appointment. The lady on the phone was a bit confused about
why I called for that appointment so late, and I was supposed to do it few
weeks earlier but then I explained that my fear of miscarriage stopped me
calling them every time I picked up my phone and decided that
"today's the day I'm going to call."
Well, even though she wasn't able to find us free nurse from our own health
center, she found someone near to us. That was wonderful.
We started off talking about how are we feeling about this and is the baby
wanted. We said that we're feeling fine and yes it is. As simple as that.
The nurse gave us so many different forms to fill and papers to bring back
home, she took my weight and blood pressure.
Funny thing about that weight thing thought. I estimated my weight for the
very first form I had to fill after booking the appointment and I only went
wrong with 1kg. Even though I haven't been on a scale in 4 years.
She also recommended us free family counselling, or well not counselling
- I can't find the word for it, but it's basically a group meeting where we gather
with other couples who are having their first baby and there's a talk about
taking care of a baby, changing diapers and how to feed and stuff.
I'm pretty confident about the fact that I'm going to survive without that class.
Honestly. I've changed so many diapers in my life, held my little brother and
calm him down when he cried like a maniac as a baby during the day and night,
I've feed a baby and I have put a baby to sleep.
There's a one thing I don't know lot about and it's breast feeding, but that part
comes when the baby is born and they tell you about it at the hospital and I
believe it's going to be fine.
So I think we're going to do fine without that.
Although that's a really good class for the ones who honestly feels like they
need it, who knows - we might go, but at the moment it doesn't feel like a
first priority thing for us.

Then the first thing that got me worrying about this thing. The nurse asked me
about my regimen. I mean, I'm so super picky about my food and what's on my
plate. I don't use meat or dairy products, so immediately she shared the look
with me. "What do you eat then?" Usually I like to answer "carbs" but at the
moment I wasn't feeling like it. I told her what I was eating and we came to
the settlement that my regimen is well, weird - but it's healthy. Just because
baby needs calcium and vitamins, we agreed that I'll take a tablets that includes
calcium because my D-vitamin pill has everything the baby needs to grow healthy.
She also made a cover letter to a food therapist or what ever that person is called
just to make sure that I'll get everything I need from my daily eats. I'm was pretty
nervous about that and it made me feel like I couldn't eat right to keep this baby
alive - immediately giving me thoughts that am I going to be a bad mother because
I'm afraid of food? I think that eventually it's all going to be just fine but
this food therapist thing gives me creeps just because what if that person
listens my story as badly as the nurse did. Like if he or she doesn't care and
immediately tells me what to eat without asking if I'm comfortable with it.
Well, it all is left to seen later.
So basically I do not worry about anything at all.
Or well, I do - I worry about having a miscarriage and I'm secretly afraid if
we have twins. I don't think that we're going to have twins but I had a dream
about it once so the fear of that is more than accurate. Even giving birth doesn't
scare me at all, it feels so small pain when you compare it to the outcome.



  1. What a lovely post, I bet you're feeling even more excited now being to a meeting with the nurse! Congratulations by the way! And don't worry, everything will be fine :) Honestly love reading baby posts, gets me excited of the thought of me having a baby in the future!!

    Tabitha | http://whattabithaloves.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Hahah, sounds wonderful! I truly hope that new nurse is more umm.. I don't know, friendly? I don't think that's the word. :D

  2. Loved this post and I'm the same with food super picky (a worry for when I have kids in the future) but congratulations and just enjoy this time being pregnant because it doesn't last very long :)

    1. I'm glad that it doesn't last very long haha :D

  3. Congratulations! Don't worry everything will be fine! All new mums have their share of worries (myself too just recently) everything will fall into place tho :)
    Best of luck!

    Amy x

  4. Oh wow congratulations! !! I didn't now you were expecting. I've not got any children so have no idea what happens but I wish you and your little one much love! Ree Love30

  5. Congrats on your pregnancy:) And listen all of us- everything will be fine;) Enjoy your time


  6. Congratulations!

    Xo maikel

  7. Congratulations, best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

  8. Congratulations! Everything will be fine, take care of yourself and stay healthy. :)

  9. This is so exciting! Jasmin's "mini me" is on the way! I I hope everything will go well from now on

  10. Congrats!!

    X, Alex

  11. Oii ihanat pienet sukat ♡ vauvan vaatteet on niin söpöjä ^^. Mä syön kanssa kasvisruokaa ja joskus kalaa - kanaa tai lihaa en syö yhtään (koska en tykkää niistä, eli oon kans aika valikoiva niinkun sä :D) ja oon miettinyt että sitten kun on aika saada lapsia, niin voinko jatkaa vaan normaalisti :D. Olipa mielenkiintosta lukea sun kokemuksia/ajatuksia ^^.

    ♡ Sini | myblog-bysini.blogspot.fi

      Kelasin tehä myöhemin vähän postausta mun syömisistä, koska olihan se tossa vähän suppeesti vielä kuvailtu :D


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