"Many people say 
they wouldn't want a little sibling 
But without you 
life wouldn't be worth living.
When I'm mad at the world 
I look into your ocean blue eyes 
and everything seems alright."

My little brother started in school last week, he's officially a 1st grader now. 
It's so funny, it seems like yesterday when mom brought him home from the 
hospital few days after he was born. Now he's so grown up, soon he'll have a 
girlfriend (or boyfriend, that's an option too you know) and soon he gets taller 
than me. 
Soon he's an adult. Time goes by so incredibly fast. Oh well, too fast if you 
ask me! 
I also hate the fact that I wasn't able to walk him to school to his first day like 
I did with my little sister.
I hope he gets to achieve everything he wants in his life. 
I love him to pieces.


  1. Great post, wish I could relate but I am the only child.
    Guess that's pretty rare these days.

    1. Hahah, I don't think it's rare. I've got plenty of friends who are just the only kid in the household :D

  2. lovely words. I also have a little brother,I can relate x

  3. this is adorable, children whether they're siblings or not just grow up too fast nowadays :)

  4. Sucky you didn't get to walk him but you will be with him for many more milestones! all the best to him and you :)

  5. Im the younger of my brother and sister and i totaly get your feelings because I'll get married, next monte, here in Finland and all my family live in Brazil. My sister got really emocional about the annoucement xD
    I really like to come to your blog everyday because i feel like a friend of you.
    A Bela, não a Fera | Youtube A Bela, não a Fera | Fã Page no Facebook

    1. Wow congrats on your marriage that's amazing :-) & I'm glad that you feel that way :-)

  6. Great post! Lovely words! Yes, they grow up way too fast. I have two nieces and it feels like it was only yesterday when they couldn't say a word. Now they are all grown up!

  7. Thank you for the lovely post! I also love my little sister to death and wish that I spend more time with her!

  8. This is such an adorable and sweet read! My brother and I are just four years apart but I'm always so proud of whatever he achieves!

  9. Awww what a lovely big sister you are. I am lucky enough to have a large family and i treasure all my brothers and my sister.

  10. It's so sweet how much you care about your siblings, it remind me of me and my sisters.
    Hope he had a good first day


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