Hi there lovelies! 

Today I wanted to share with you this gorgeous Makeup Revolution London 
eyeshadow palette I bought myself from our trip to Spain. We went to shopping 
center called Miramar whilst being there and there's a little shop called Primor. 
They sell pretty much everything from TooFaced to RVLTN. 
I absolutely have to visit there every time we are in Spain and this time I picked 
up another eyeshadow palette to my collections. 
You know, you can't have too many eyeshadow palettes right? Right?
Or can you? 

I absolutely fell in love with the shades in the palette, although it kind of 
reminds me of that Fortune Favours the Brave palette that featured in my 
May favorites which I also loved so much.

By the way, I launched Instagram account for this blog yesterday and you 
can find it here.

Have you tried this eyeshadow palette? 


Hi there lovelies!

Today I wanted to share my very first ultrasound experience with you guys.
It was really something else. It wasn't my first ever ultrasound I've been to,
because having rheumatoid arthritis my knees have been examined with the
ultrasound plenty of times - it's definitely something else when it comes to
having ultrasound and the midwife is trying to find a baby through your stomach.


... pretty sad about how things went down at work.
... but after all super happy how things are going in my life at the moment.

We also made a little trip to Turku to visit my childhood friend who had a
going away party because she left to Scotland to study for a couple of months.
I had an amazing night, even though I ended up to a bar. I wasn't drinking
anything else than water haha, but still - being sober in a bar was so much fun.
Usually you would avoid going to a places like that when you're not able to
drink alcohol, but why should you avoid those places? You can have just as
much fun as your friends, even though you're the one who's not drinking. It's
all about the attitude and showing the finger to our lovely finnish drinking
culture that somehow is seen in our minds like "go drunk or go home".
I had so much fun!

... shopping so lovely things for Dino that I can't wait to show you later
when I've got more than three things to show ya'll.
... watching How I Met Your Mother from the very beginning for the 4th or 5th time.
... stressing so much that I ended up having migraine & continue it with a flu.
... crying almost about everything between pizza to a work related stuff.

... planning something cool to our 6th year anniversary.
... bought J a ticket to see Avenged Sevenfold in March as a christmas gift.
... mad about how things turned out and my gift plan was fucked up for a
short period of time.
... eating kiwi fruits to see if they help to my headaches.
... been avoiding pain killers but started to eat vitamins.
... lacking motivation to shoot blog pictures.
... being super motivated to write new blog posts, which means I've got plenty
of posts with no pictures.
... finally sent out the thank you notes for our wedding guests.

... being excited about two gigs we're going to this year.
... counting days until Christmas.
... found my dream advent calendar.
... craving for meatballs and mashed potatoes & after eating what I was
craving for, end up feeling as nauseous as one can feel.
... in love with my autumn shoes I got from Spain.
... missing Spain.
... watching Saara Aalto's X-factor UK audition multiple times and still can't
understand how every judge enjoyed her singing.

There was a few things in a random order that I've been doing lately. I've been
a nervous wreck and emotional roller coaster mainly because of the stuff at work,
but I can adjust. It just takes some time. I'm glad that there's been a bunch of happy
things going on in my life but as they say, you can't have a sunshine without a little rain.
What have you been up to lately?



Hello there you all lovely people on the other side of the screen! 
This is my final bath product review in this little series I put together 
here. This journey down to this Lush lane has been wonderful and good 
smelling. I'm really happy that I did this and who knows, maybe I'll do 
this all over again some other summer with new bath bombs. 
For the last one I picked my favourite of all of these, it's LUSH FIZZBANGER 
As a colour I absolutely hate it, I don't know why I've always hated yellow 
so much but the smell of this on the other hand is something I really enjoy. 
It smells like citron and yeah, I can't pick anything else in my nose than citron. 
Here's what I found from their website about this beauty:

"A Catherine wheel of a bath bomb. 
It changes colour as it fizzes, crackling 
with popping candy as it goes and 
releasing first a citrussy apple and then 
a cinnamon, apple pie like scent with a 
hint of ylang ylang. Petitgrain is used in 
aromatherapy to calm the breathing, slow 
the heartbeat and reduce feelings of anxiety. 
Ylang ylang produces a feeling of joy, and 
cinnamon leaf oil helps you let go."


My bath experience was amazing! I don't know was it the citron, the 
"bang!" note when it exploded to half, blue colour creeping from inside 
of it or that popping candy that made water sound like cereals. I absolutely 
loved the experience. 
This must've been one of my favourites, or who knows - I'm pretty sure it 
was my favourite bath bomb I picked up for this experience with Lush & 
their bath products. 
After all, I'm so glad I saved this as a last bath bomb that I used. I'm so happy 
with it. Made me feel awesome. 


I finally did it! I finally ordered myself a beauty subscription box I've 
been lusting over for ages. Yay, way to go me! I've been seeing these 
posts all over the blogosphere for a while now and always wanted to 
order my own box, now I've finally done that and I couldn't be happier. 
We've got finnish version about this one too, called Livbox and I ordered 
it for a quite a while about a year ago but there was just too many hair 
products for me each month. 
This I've been stalking for almost a year now and I've noticed that when 
compared to our box, it doesn't have too many hair products haha. 
I might get another one next month too! 

August box had a British theme in it, so that basically means that they've 
filled their box with British goodies and I have to be honest here, that 
probably excited me the most. 
First one I picked up from the box was this VANILLA & HONEY LIP BALM 
by BEE GOOD and at a first sight it looks super adorable. I'm not a fan of bees, 
but I love the smell of honey so I'm glad that the real bees weren't included. 
So British bees, thanks for this goodie. I can't wait to try this out properly soon! 

" This lip balm is formulated with
super nourishing British Beeswax 
and hydrating Borange Oil to deeply
condition dry and damaged lips. 
The beautifully scented Vanilla & Honey
fragrance makes it a delight to use
in the summer months, while the
tapered tip makes it incredibly easy
to apply without needing a mirror."

Well, I know I'm going to get this in my purse now when Winter season is 
heading it's way here, because my lips tend to dry during winter! 

Next one that I discovered from the box was this LIP AND EYE ACTIVE LIFT 
by RENU and I was so happy. I don't have any type of an eye cream at the 
moment or who am I kidding, at all - so this sure becomes handy! 

"No matter what age you are, you should
always invest in an eye and lip cream. The
skin around your eyes and lips is thinner
than any other part of your body, so
it can be one of the first to show signs of
ageing. The Renu Lip and Eye Active Lift
contains a blend of Amino Acid, Wild Yam, 
Soya Extract and Active Marine Magnesium,
which help to stimulate Collagen and firm
the skin. The addition of Arnica also helps
to banish dark circles under the eyes and 
keep you looking fresh-faced."

BLOSSOM from the box and I absolutely adore the idea of it. I can't 
wait to get that in use especially at work. I just wish I had this one in 
Spain with me haha! 

"With a total of 11 ingredients in this
spray, it makes a gorgeous all-natural
treat to use when your complexion 
needs a refreshing boost. Infused
with Horsetail Leaf and Gotu Cola
Leaf Extracts, it helps to reduce fine
lines and wrinkles, dark circles and 
transform your skin from dull and 
fatigued, to radiant and bright."

So yes, I know I pointed out early how I'm pretty sick of all the hair products 
already but this one was pretty much the one I was the most excited about. 
This one is called WONDER BALM and it's by PERCY & REED

"If your tresses become unruly in the 
Summer heat, then this miracle balm
is exactly what you need to get them
under control. It acts as a base for 
styling products, smoothes fly-away's,
adds moisture and shine, and makes
your hair styles last longer; with added
manageability, hold and control."

This REN FLASH DEFENCE ANTI-POlLUTION MIST caught my eye too and I'm 
pretty curious about how it works out. 

"This mist is formulated with
Zinc and Manganese Amino 
Acids to protect skin from 
oxidative stress caused by the
harsh environment of cities.
The formula shields your skin
cells from pollutants to combat
fatigue, breakouts and toxins to
help you glow no matter where 
you are in the world."

The last thing I discovered from the box was this CONGESTED SKIN SERUM 
by BALANCE ME and from the outside it looks super interesting and I can't 
wait to get to try it out so I'll find out what it actually does. 

"Formulated with antibacterial May
Chang, calming Lavender and purifying
Eucalyptus, this spot treatment works
to banish blemishes naturally without
the use of harsh chemicals. Skin is left
feeling soothed and relieved without
signs of irritation. It is also non-greasy;
making it suitable for all skin-types,
including oily and sensitive."

So there it was, Lookfantastic Beauty box of August. 
What do you think of it? 


Hi there lovelies!  How are you doing today? 
I'm super fine, even though I miss Spain so much at the moment while 
going back there through these bath bomb reviews. 
Today I'm going to review this beautiful LUSH INTERGALACTIC BATH 
BOMB for you. From the outside it looks so pretty and blue! I don't know 
why but I've always had a thing with a blue colour. It just looks so pretty 
in my eyes and this one looks so pretty that I wasn't feeling like destroying 
it in a bath tub in the first place. 
The smell of this beauty is also wonderful. I don't know really what can 
I pick from it just smelling it but it kind of smells like a bubblegum I used 
to chew when I was little. So trip down via memory lane huh? 

"Ever wondered what bathing in deep space would
be like? Invite the cosmos into your bathroom with
this sexy, interstellar bomb and become the guardian
of your own galaxy. An awesome mix of refreshing
peppermint and neon colour sends your mood
rocketing, while popping candy takes you on a trip
around the Milky Way. Constellations swirl and pop, 
creating vibrant lustre vortexes in the night sky.
Before you leap too far, rogue layers of vetivert and 
cedar wood take hold, evoking the warmth of human 
contact far from home and a hint of 80s aftershave. 
Return from your intergalactic brief encounter as
the grounding scent brings you gently back from orbit."

You might remember this bath bomb from my Stockholm Haul I posted here 
few months ago and I told you there that it smells so wonderful. But then again, 
is there a bath bomb that doesn't smell wonderful? 


My bathing experience with this one was amazing. This is one of my favourites 
from all of the bath bombs I purchased and when it blew up in the water it coloured 
the water in beautiful blue. Also that glitter was amazing extra! It had so much 
glitter, had a sick job to clean it all up afterwards but it was totally worth the 
clean haha! 


Hello everybody!

I must admit that this post is going to be a bit different than my usual
blog posts are, because this one includes outfit pictures. Now you all
must be like 'whaat' but I decided that different is good. I've never been
comfortable on this side of the camera, but the experience was so refreshing.
Today's post, along the outfit pictures, is going to be about six blog
posts I've absolutely loved this month, so let's get on to it !


"Sundays are great days for relaxing, 
taking stock of the week and preparing for 
the next one; even if you work from home 
and have no real concept of the days (like me). 
It's something that will likely always feel that 
way for me, since Sunday was always chilled 
out day at home growing up."

Jemma's blog is kind of different compared to the ones I usually follow, 
but I've got so much inspiration and good vibes out of it so it's just simply 
amazing. I agree with her, that Sundays definitely are great days for 
relaxing and I usually don't even do anything on Sundays haha. Except a 
little blogging but it doesn't feel like work haha! 


"Hardly 3 hours later I looked in the mirror 
and was pretty grossed out by what I saw. 
The entire lipstick had rubbed away, leaving 
only an outline around the edge of my lips. 
Not pretty. I immediately tweeted Lime Crime 
and was impressed when they replied only 4 
minutes later with an email address to contact."

I love reading customer care experiences (my favourite thing to do at work 
when there's not as busy as usual), and when blogger tells about her customer 
care experience with the brand I'm interested in but never actually ordered 
anything - I read it as carefully as I can. I mean, for the future if I happen to 
order something. This review was so good and I'm so glad that she had a 
good experience. 


"I personally am a big fan of the book How to be 
parisian, written by Caroline de Maigret. I love the 
philosophy of the french style and life and was 
inspired by the book so I translated it to my outfit. 
One of the things which was really important for 
my Paris wardrobe was to keep the looks clean
 and fresh."

Pictures on this one are so good! I hardly never am a fan of outfit posts, but 
this one truly is a lovely one. 


"Last month, I can’t believe it is already so far in 
the past, my love and I went to the Andalusia region 
in Spain for a well deserved holiday. A roadtrip 
through Andalusia. Although we did go on some 
short trips, it had been 4 years since we went on 
holiday together. Which I think is pretty long, right?
 And so we went on a roadtrip, a roadtrip through 

Well how convenient is this? We just returned home from Spain an I see 
this on my feed. So lovely, I can't wait for more of her posts about their
 roadtrip. Kind of encourages me to suggest this for our next trip to Spain. 
A roadtrip through the coast - so amazing! 

"WHEN MARK MAKE'S DINNER..." by Colleen.

"Oh, and by we, I really mean Mark. He did everything."

This was so wonderful read too! I smiled through the whole post as I was
reading it, it's so cool that the other half cooks too. Wondering if that's going
to happen in our house some day too?

"2 YEARS & 24 REASONS HE'S THE ONE" by Nadia.

"Two years ago we said our "I do's" forever. These 
two years (as well as the last five - since the day we 
met) have been the most magical, blissful and perfect. 
If you asked me to list top 5 most important days in my 
life, August 12th 2014 wouldn't only top it all. It's off the 
charts. It is its own chart, list and level. Plus, he is THE 
ONE. How do I know? If you're ready for more cheese, 
stick with me and read on."

I might have shed a few tears reading this one, carry on. 

top - Noisy May (gifted)
jeans - Dr. Denim
shoes - Suite Blanco
jacket - Vila

*this post has been created together with which means that they gifted me a part of my outfit*

ps. let's all be proud of my boo who took the pictures! 


Hi there lovelies!

Today I wanted to share with you something that is kind of close to my
heart, daily blogging with a full time job. I wake up every morning at 4AM,
publish a new post - if it's anywhere near finished and prepared to be
published, take a sip of my coffee and go to work.
At work I usually spend my breaks with thinking about blogging. So, what are
my favourite tips to handle the situation?



This is super important for me. When we went to Spain, I planned my posts
to be simple to write and photoshoot - so first of all, it wouldn't take my
energy on the vacation.
Usually I spend my day offs and weekends shooting pictures for my blogposts
and writing them. Sometimes I even write one night before it's published, but
that's in extreme situations.
That's the reason why every single one of my posts about gigs comes out 1-3 days
after I actually were there. I do write in advance, and it's so wonderful feeling when
you have posts and pictures in stock.


I did this when I started daily blogging, was studying for entrance exams and
went to work every single day. So that schedule I had was so insane I just did
not have the time to write the posts. To keep the daily blogging game going on
whole month, I had to take guest bloggers to write for me. I know another busy
months will be February and March in 2017 - so if you think you've got the right
post for me, just send it to my way ( ! So yes, I'm on a
search for guest bloggers again, but I'm starting actively find them in January.


I've got posts planned for 6 months advance now. I know, things can change - but
at least I have a clear thing inside of my head and if I'm about to change the schedule
I just simply move posts around. Or if something special happens in my life and I feel
a need to write about it, I just casually move the post I've planned to somewhere else.


So, for your posts to get publicity - twitter is the right platform for that. I mean,
nobody enjoys when you're using FB like Twitter so yes, tweet scheduling is the
key word here.
Being at work, or if you just want the day off from everything you can still keep
your blog going on strong. Just schedule your promotional tweets.
I use Tweetdeck to do that, but if I don't have access to my laptop or computer I
use Buffer instead. You should actually check those up, my views got super high
after I started scheduling tweets.


It's okay to have a break. Take a day off, sometimes it does wonders. It let's you
breath. During your day off just don't even think about your blog and the next day
it feels so much better.
I've got a loads of days offline - you haven't noticed huh? Yes, because I schedule



Hi there lovelies!

Last week was the most horrendous week I've ever went through so far.
You see, I've been working in the same place for two years now and earlier
this year they announced that they're going to let people go for saving
reasons. They did not give us any dates before two weeks ago, and last
week was the week when I had to watch so many great people to lose
their jobs or find out that their contracts won't be continued.

Last two years I've been working with an amazing bunch of people, got to
know to so many new amazing people, had wonderful new people in my life
who I'm lucky to call my friends and now we found out that they're shutting
down our little department that is focusing to get the products out of the
storage for our customers, to be sold and the most importantly - we were the
ones who kept those shelves full. We were like little elves who got there early
in the morning, filled everything up and went back under the ground when
store opened it's doors. There's no one to do that anymore and we've got only
two weeks left our current tasks and then our group will completely disappear.
Like I said, so many of us lost their jobs, there are contracts that aren't going to
be continued and then there were the rest of us who are going to have new
contracts - with same hours and same salary, but in a different task with
different work times.

I found out that I'm going to be a salesperson. Salesperson. After these two
years being 40 meters under the ground without any contact to our customers,
it's a pretty fucking huge change. For me as being a little introvert, it makes me
so uncomfortable. I'm getting used to new things pretty quickly though, but this
one might be a tricky one for starters.
I've done that few weeks before and it wasn't for me, it sure as hell wasn't.
Although, there's no sense for me to try to find a new job before I'm going to the
maternity leave - so what the hell, it's only couple of months. Even though I'm so
uncomfortable and a bit scared of this new task of mine, I'm so freaking relieved
that I know I'll have a steady monthly income. I've got my monthly money that I
can pay my part of the rent and bills with, I know I'll have food in the fridge,
roof on top of our head and electricity in our apartment.

Well, at least I can sleep a little longer during mornings if there's anything
positive here. I know that after my maternity leave I'm going to try to get in
the school and if I don't get in, I'll find a job from some place else. I think then
would be my time to end that little journey of mine in one of the greatest places
I've worked in.

This was the place where I wanted to wake every morning up to, a place where
I felt comfortable and could be honestly myself, even though it would've been
a coffee break hanging out in the balcony with a lovely view, having cigarette
and talking shit - going way pass the time we were supposed to be there, but it
didn't matter because usually our boss was one of us hanging there with us for
no reason.
There's been so chill, nobody's been nagging about anything - because they
knew we would do our job before end of the day even though breaks could've
been taking too long sometimes.
It won't be the same anymore, I know that there will be more strict rules in my
new team I'm heading to and waking up every morning won't ever be the same
That kind of makes me unhappy. It makes plenty of us unhappy. We were
placed again against our own will and that's a huge pile of cake to get used to.

Most of all I feel so bad because of my co-workers who lost their jobs. I feel like
I should've been one of them, because I'm going to leave soon anyways. Although,
I have to be little selfish here now and say that finding a new job being pregnant
is pretty hard or finding a job in general nowadays, even though I wasn't.
Our lovely team was torn to pieces and I hate it. 
That's how I feel right now.

So what's next?
I'm going to be one of those people who enjoy a little less everyday waking up,
getting out of bed, making coffee and breakfast, go to my shitty job and get home.
That'll go on for two and a half months, because I decided that I'm going to go for
a maternity leave early, which is two months before the due date.
Thanks to this new task of mine, it includes constant standing, walking around in
a hurry and when it's together with pregnancy and rheumatoid arthritis, I can't see
a problem getting away early.
There's also no problem for me to hang out at home, focus on my blog more
when the alternative scenario is what it is. Then I'm going to stay home until
Dino is two-years-old or so and start to find a new job. If I can't find one, I'll
get back there - but I'm pretty sure that I'll get in to school or find another job
so I don't have to go back. I truly hope so.

Have you ever had to go through co-operation negotitations at your workplace?



Hi guys! It's time for another bubble bar review. This is also last one of these 
bubble bars because I only bought two. 
From the outside this bubble bar looks so beautiful! It's blue and I love 
everything blue at the moment so badly. I don't know why, but that's the 
way it is so bare with me. 
The smell on the other hand. After smelling it for the first time my nose 
picked something stuffy. I'm not even sure do I enjoy of it that much as I 
do enjoy the looks of this bubble bar. 
It smells weird. 

"A double-sized bubble bar scented for 
when you need to get away from it all, 
this bubble bar will help you float off. 
Patchouli and frankincense give it an 
exotic, hypnotic fragrance that helps 
you relax. This melts into your bathwater, 
turning the water sky-blue, dotted with 
foam clouds. Patchouli is used as a relaxant 
by aromatherapists, while frankincense and 
cinnamon leaf oil add spicy, deep tones to 
the calming scent."

I think it must have been that cinnamon that made it smell a bit stuffy and as
much as I love cinnamon I want to keep it in the buns and not take it to
the bath with me.


I really did enjoy my bath despite the smell of it. I was having so 
much fun! All those bubbles overwhelmed me and I felt like I was 
that 4-year-old in our childhood apartment having a bath after I used 
all my moms soaps to get plenty of bubbles for my bath. 
It was so nostalgic. So much fun. So much bubbles! 

Have you tried Lush bubble bars before? 
I hope I was, especially when I was 4 and I think my mom hopes 
so too haha! 


Hi there lovelies
Now that this becoming a mother thing is a real deal - why did I just
said that? It has been a real deal from the very beginning, but now that
the risk of miscarriage is a way more lower, having a baby feels a bit
more real.
We had our first maternity clinic appointment in July when I was on my
pregnancy week 8 + 5 days. I was a bit nervous at first but nurse seemed
a really nice person so talking to her wasn't that hard after all. I'm a bit
awkward when it comes to first meetings with a new person who has to
know every single little detail about you and your health record so that
was a bit stressful event for me.
She wasn't going to be our own nurse during the pregnancy because we
had to book appointment to different health center we usually do.
Our second appointment was with our own nurse in our own health center.


Hi there lovelies!
I did not buy that much stuff from Spain that I could do a proper
haul post, but there's also another thing I love about going there and
access to Primark.
I mean, Primark is like a heaven on Earth - if you go there first thing in
the morning when it opens and all the local people are at work so it won't
be as packed as it usually is.
We don't have Primark in Finland, I don't know why - but I'm quite
sure that it's because of the ridiculous taxes so they couldn't keep
their prices as low as they are.
I mean, 1.50€ t-shirt would probably cost 3€ here, or even more.

You might know that I've got a thing with pineapples, I'd actually be a bit
surprised if you didn't know it already - I just wasn't able to leave this
adorable thing hanging there in the claws of crazy shoppers. This was 12€
and it's a find. It's definitely a find. Although, it was so high on that shelf so
I had to ask J to get it for me (I'm so tall and all you know).
It's just freaking adorable!
I mean, who wouldn't love it.
I'm so happy that it got in to my sight.



Hi there lovelies! 

It's time for another dream house inspiration posts in this little 
series I created few months back, although this one is so badly 
late and I feel a bit down because of it - so I'm going to spoil 
you with two posts under the home tag this weekend so bare 
with me. 
For me bathroom could be my favourite place in my dream house. 
I've only got a few must have things in my dream bathroom; bath 
tub and it has to be mainly white with grey or black details. I don't 
know why, but I feel like bathroom should be clean and look like it 
and when I think of white as a color, it kind of brings up clean vibes 
in me if you know what I mean. 
Okay now I sound like I'm total cleaning maniac, which I'm not 
by the way - but I believe that if I would really enjoy hanging in 
our bathroom now, it would be much cleaner at the moment. 

Which one of these is your favourite?