Hello everybody! 
How are you all doing? I'm fine and today I wanted to share my Sunday 
(o3o716) brunch with you guys. I was at Kiila Food & Bar restaurant about a 
week ago with few of my work buddies before we had to catch a flight to Stockholm. 
It was lovely brunch we had and it was great to change gossips and hang 
out for a while with good food and in a good company. 
It has been a while since we last went to have a brunch with girls and it was 
so wonderful, I truly hope we could do this more often. 
I'm a bit picky when it comes to eating but I'm glad that I found something 
from the buffet for me to eat. The brunch is kind of pricey, 22.50€, but totally 
worth it because location is wonderful and food is really good. 


  1. great post :) have a nice day :)


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