Hello everybody! 
How are you today? I'd love to hear what you've been up to these 
past couple of days. 
As I promised several posts back that I'd do a haul post about the stuff I bought 
from Stockholm, so here it comes! I'm so excited. I'm really happy with all my 
purchases and I hope you enjoy these as much as I do too. 

I got this lovely buttoned blouse from Zara and it was on sale. It's original 
price was 19,90€ but I got it for 13,95€. I hardly ever buy anything from Zara, 
I mean not that I wouldn't find anything from there - I'm just living in an illusion 
that almost everything there is 20€ or more. That's why I've been kind of 
avoiding it, because I never pay more than 15€ from a shirt or a blouse. I don't 
know why though, but this also has it's own exceptions. 

Pull&Bear was one of my favourites from the Mall of Scandinavia and I got 
most of my stuff from there. I can't wait to get back there some day soon, because 
they have plenty of stuff that's my style. I absolutely fell in love with that brand, I 
wanted them all but as they say - money is limited, so I couldn't buy everything 
from the store. 
Waiting for this to come to Finland, *wink wink*

Because I decided this trip to focus on clothing, since I don't have anything to 
wear at the moment - or it definitely feels more like it, these are only makeup 
products I bought. I've got that bronzer from H&M Beauty and it's my first ever 
H&M Beauty product so I can't wait to get to use it soon to find out what I 
think about it. 
I also purchased my first ever MakeupStore powder from Arlanda Airport
and now that I'm running out of the one what I'm using now, I'm more than 
excited to try this for the very first time! 

Even though I'm not going to school this year, I found these two super cute 
notebooks from Lagerhaus and I just couldn't leave those there. They were 
super cheap and well, you can't have too many notebooks can you? I think that 
I'll be using these for blogging purposes. 

This was my first ever purchase from Carlings and it was also on -50% sale, 
so totally worth to buy. I can see myself wearing that in Spain with my favourite 
denim shorts, oh my goodness could vacation be here already? 

That cute pineapple candle is from H&M Home and it was just too adorable 
to leave hanging out there. I find it quite funny how I bought something from 
H&M during this trip, like I couldn't find any H&M's from Finland at all. 
I also bought my very first Lush bath bomb and this one is called Intergalactic 
Bath Bomb. It smells absolutely wonderful. 
Now you must be wondering though why I bought one even though we don't 
own a bath tub? We've got one in Spain - thank goodness and even though we've 
been there two times already I've never bought any of these, so no worries - that 
problem will be fixed very soon and I've scheduled so many Lush bath product 
reviews for August that I can't even wait to share those with you. 

My personal favourites, if I'm supposed to pick ones, 
are all those shirts and that bath bomb, what did you like the most? 


  1. That blouse from Zara is SO cute and Intergalatic is the best Lush bath bomb! Great post lovely!

    Ella xx

    1. At the minute I saw that blouse I knew I had to find it in my size hahah :D thank you! x

  2. Oi ton valkosen paidan printti on ihanin!! ♡_♡

    ♡ Sini |

  3. Oi miten kivoja ostoksia kaikki! :)


  4. Tuo Zaran paita on aivan ihana :D ♥

    1. Se oli kyl kaupassa jo semmone, WANT THAT :D

  5. That blouse from Zara though <3
    Definitely a good find! It's adorable xo

  6. Aivan ihania ostoksia kaikki! Kelpaisi ehdottomasti itselle myös :)

  7. Supersuloinen tuo ensimmäinen valkoinen! :)

  8. Ihania juttuja, ja tosi sun näköisiä jotenkin :D

    1. Kuhan on mustaa ja valkosta, vai miten se meni :D:D

  9. Your Zara blouse is really nice. I cannot comment on any of the other things as it doesn't really appeal to me. But that might be because I'm not a female.

    Jay from

    1. Wait what, no powders or cute pineapple candle? :D just kidding, thanks for your lovely comment Jay :-) ahhaha

  10. You got some really great stuff ! I think the same as you when it comes to Zara! Love the pineapple candles though

  11. Fabulous! I just bought the same style of blouse at Zara, but with cocktails all over. :) maybe I'll have to go get this one too! Great post!

  12. That Zara blouse is really cute, I'd love to try something from the H&M beauty range as well.

    1. H&M Beauty range is still so new to me, I think it's been a year now that it's been going on? And I still haven't tried any of those products hahah :D

  13. Totally obsessed with the first white top!! the notebooks and the makeup! <3 loved your Haul, can't wait to see your pics with the clothes!

    Loves from Sun &

    1. Yay I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the post :-)

  14. I love the blouse from Zara! This week I spent a few days in Milan, Italy and I found some great bargains too! For example I found a pair of trousers for just 10 euro at Mango. Now it's the perfect time for shopping :)

    Elena |

    1. WOW, that's not bad at all! I love Mango clothing so much, but usually I end up avoiding it if there's not a sale going on at the moment I see it. :D

  15. Love your pics! You've got a great style.

    -Love from

  16. We have very similar style, I love all your choices honestly. The zara blouse is sooo lit. x

    1. Hahah I can add it to my "white shirt collection" - next to those three other white shirts hahah :D


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