Hello everybody!
I said I'll be back with a few reviews didn't I? Well, here I am.
For starters, these are my first ever NYX products and I'm glad
that I chose these ones to be the first ones. I'm really happy with
my purchases. And why so?

Oh and please excuse my face, I'm suffering about this thing called late 
teenage syndrome and my face is filled with spots! That's kind of amazing when 
you think that you've always wanted to have ones but never really got them. Now 
I do and it's super fun and refreshing. That wasn't even sarcasm. I really am happy 
about these few pimples. Even though, I'm not sure will they show in these pictures. 
Yea, back to the review. 

The packaging with this lip cream is basic lip cream packaging so I really don't 
have anything to say about that. I mean, it's useful and not so unique when it comes 
to lip product packagings. What's inside, that matters and in multiple occasions. 
First I wanted to review this shade called Abu Dhabi. I wasn't at first 
completely sure if it was going to fit to my 
skin tone but I'm really glad I took the risk and went for it. 
This has become one of my everyday lip products. I mean, it's slightly nude so no 
one will even notice that you've got something in your lips so that's really great when it 
comes to me who really doesn't want to bring a lots of attention to herself, 
(& yet I still have a blog). 
I love the shade of this and the product itself, it's mixture is kind of creamy - 
but if it wouldn't be creamy then it wasn't being called lip cream right? 

There's a one minus though that I have to admit. Even though the product itself is 
quite good, it's not so long lasting. I mean, maybe if it was a different colour it 
would last longer visible but I'm not used to carry around a lipstick or lip cream 
in this matter, so I might have to get used to that. 

Have you tried this? 
And oh, how was your weekend? I hope it was amazing! 


  1. Mulla ei kestänyt aluks kauaa myöskään, mutta sit tajusin antaa sen "kuivua" niinku maali konsanaan ja sit rupes kestämään pidempäänkin :D ! Kosteutan vaan huulet hyvin vähän aikasemmin ja sit annan sen kuivua :-) toki ruokailun jälkeen (riippuu mitä syö) pitää laittaa lisää. Mut ihana sävy toi Abu Dhabi! x Dora Marie //

    1. Perus maali :D joo pitää kokeilla jahka kottiudun ! :)

  2. Mulla on myös tää sama ja tykkään sävystä tosi paljon :D. Oon kans huomannut, ettei toi kestä koko päivää ja sitä pitää vähän lisäillä aina.

  3. I've been tempted to try these but I'm usually a matte girl, I like long lasting products. thanks for the review and the colour looks great on you :)

    1. Thanks :-) It's matte though but not so long lasting.

  4. It looks really nice on you.

  5. I'm in love with that shade! It looks good on you!

    Sempiternal Adventures

  6. I absolutely love these NYX lippies!! I was just thinking the other day that I have to go grab more.

    1. Hahah I wish I could too but I'm in the shopping ban at the moment :D

  7. Haven't tried the NYX lipsticks but i seem to be seeing them everywhere atm! xo

    1. Hahaha you should definitely try those, it's a sign :DD

  8. That nude colour is gorgeous on you �� Ree Love30

  9. I love NYX products!! I also have that lipstick!! love love love! :)

  10. That color looks amazing on you! Have a great week xx

    Edye | Http://

    1. Thank you Edye, right back at ya :-)


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