Hi there lovelies!
Because this month and well, next month is pretty
much too - all about traveling,
I wanted to share my travel playlist with you. So go on
and enjoy these songs whether
you're on a roadtrip or just flying, going by train or
by bus to somewhere.
I think proper travel playlist is a must have when you're
traveling somewhere. It has to 
be filled with positive and uplifting songs. These all mean
something to me some how and I really do enjoy listening to these.

It's filled with some new songs, old songs and from every
genre I tend to listen to.
Okay, I usually listen to pop/punk but there's also a few
dance songs. I ended up deciding
these songs to this playlist just because they make me feel
awesome, especially when traveling.
Give it a listen and let me know what you think!



  1. Reminds me I have to do my playlist for my trip tomorrow to South America! Great Playlist!

  2. Nice blog..with good content.. All the best..

  3. I always mix different genres too, they have various effects on me. Sometimes I need to calm down and then I like jazz, when I need to get some energy I would listen to love songs or light rock.

  4. There are some songs that come up every now and then that remind me of a certain trip. Music is great and brings back memories.

  5. The Chain smokers and Green Day all the way!!! Ree Love30

  6. Love how varied your music taste is - Great playlist!

    Toni x

  7. Love your playlist! I also have a varied musical taste.

  8. I like your selections! :)
    Thanks for sharing, sometimes I could use some suggestions.


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