Hi there lovelies!
Now that I had to turn my plans around and end up with no posts
about our road trip to Kuusamo that never happened, I have been
really struggling with choosing the posts I want to publish. I wanted
to create something fresh to you instead so here I am, laptop on my
lap with a cup of coffee - my husband playing something random
game where he's supposed to hack something and avoid being kidnapped.
Here I am, almost alone - focusing on writing this post.
I could've had published something I've already written earlier - but the
perfectionist as I am, I just can't do it. I have already scheduled exact
dates for those posts and I don't feel like I'd like to change them.
Why to avoid the problem when you can solve it straight away?

photo credit: Svante Gullichsen

We've never been an average couple. Actually I think most of people 
think like that about their relationships but trust me when I say that 
we aren't. We're super weird. And that's the way he proposed me. 
I honestly can't remember the date and I don't think he will either but 
I had just spent a weekend alone at home whilst he was visiting his 
relatives on the other side of the country. I wasn't able to join in because 
I had work, like I usually do on Saturdays so I stayed home going to bed 
early and watching Netflix. 
When J finally arrived home, he sent me a snap via Snapchat asking will 
I be his bro for life and then got in from our front door. 
I sent him a snap back saying "hell yea" and then he popped the ring 
out of his pocket.
It wasn't anything big or massive but that was perfect for me. 

That's how he proposed me. 


  1. Aww, niin ihanaa <3 Onnea teille vielä :) <3

  2. That sounds so cute! I'm glad it was special to you even if it wasn't the traditional way :)
    Ambar | Her Little Loves

    1. If it were a traditional way when it comes to him, I'd be very disappointed haha :D

  3. such a cute post! <3 congrats girl x

  4. Toi tapa kuulostaa kyllä ihanalta ja tästä tuli tosi iloinen mieli :D


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